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Thread: Mexican Leaders Worried as Trump Presidency is More Likely (ALIPAC)

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    Mexican Leaders Worried as Trump Presidency is More Likely (ALIPAC)

    Mexican Leaders Worried as Trump Presidency is More Likely

    Posted May 16th, 2016 @ 4:15am by iHeartMedia’s Dale Forbis

    The idea that Donald Trump could be the next U.S. president is stirring up Mexican leaders. Mexicans working here -- legally and illegally -- send 20 billion dollars home each year.

    The president of Americans for Legal Immigration, William Gheen, says nobody south of the border wants the money flow stopped or slowed down.

    “They're making money off the illegal immigrants that are coming in and there are a lot of different ways that Donald Trump can make them pay for the wall,” Gheen says, “without harming U.S. citizens, and they are really flipping out.”

    Trump has promised to block remittances from Mexicans in the U.S. Banks and other financial institutions could be expected to fight that.
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    Oh yes, a Trump Presidency is becoming more likely every single day. Get your wallets out Mexico, cuz you're paying for that wall and a soon after a whole lot more associated with the outrageous costs and burdens your law-breakers have imposed on the American Worker, American Citizens and American Taxpayers.
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    Mexico has been a very bad neighbor. They ship their problems from people living in poverty north to the US. Mexico is relieved of the burden of providing welfare, social services, medicine, education etc. for its own citizens and sticking the US with the burden and the exorbitant costs of providing for them, often at the cost of depriving US citizens of government aid. We suffer not just financially but our citizens are victims of aliens’ criminal violence and social instability not to mention the multi billions of dollars sucked out of our economy and sent overseas.

    Mexico has been screwing over us for a long time; they owe us big time. They need us; we don’t need their sorry ass excuse for a society, a dysfunctional hell hole. I propose that not only do they pay for the wall but that we slap them with a bill for reparations for the cost to theAmerican taxpayers to educate, provide health care, arrest, try and incarcerate their criminals and for wages US citizens never received because Mexicans displaced them in the job market.

    The former Mexican president, Vicente Fox has publicly given the middle finger to Donald Trump and thus he insults Americans who support Trump and displays contempt for our beloved, kind and generous country. So Vicente Fox you ignorant, crud, vulgar little twerp, you ought to be grateful we don’t fly over and bomb your sorry ass capitol city. But we will let you off easy with multi billions of dollars in reparations.
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    Time for Mexico to get their feces together. Get our troops on the border. "Operation Return to Sender".

    No papers, no entry!

    They came through Mexico and they can go right back through Mexico. No aid, no the Wall!
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    I like your "Operation Return to Sender." It is a great title for a policy of deportation. Patriots should use it often until everyone becomes familiar with it and knows what it means. RETURN TO SENDER--yah, cool.
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