Shocking report: Immigrant welfare use is WAY worse than you thought

Written by Earl Hall on
September 11, 2015

As we open the floodgates to immigrants (legal or not) along with tens of thousands of refugees, that big sucking sound you hear is taxpayer money going to fund entitlement programs like welfare and food stamps.

Breitbart reports an astonishing 62 percent of illegal immigrant-headed households participated in at least one welfare program in 2012, compared to 30 percent of native-headed households.

While there are restrictions on immigrant welfare use, the report highlights that such bars have not been particularly effective due to a wealth of exceptions.

“[T]hese restrictions do not prevent immigrant households from making extensive use of welfare programs because restrictions often apply to only a modest share of legal immigrants at any one time, some programs are not restricted, there are numerous exceptions and exemptions, and some provisions are entirely unenforced. Equally important, immigrants, including those illegally in the country, can receive welfare on behalf of their U.S.-born children,” the report explains.

Notably,immigrants admitted to the U.S. as refugees are immediately eligible for welfare, Steven Camarota, the author of the report and CIS’ research director, explained in an interview with Breitbart News.

“A person may work, but also create very significant costs for the welfare system. However, those costs are diffuse, borne by all taxpayers, while employers get the workers they want and the immigrants improve their lives by coming to the United States,” the report reads. “Focusing only on the desire of employers to bring in additional workers or the desire of immigrants to come to America misses the potentially enormous impact immigrant workers can have on American taxpayers.”

“When welfare is taken into consideration, allowing immigrant workers into the country to perform low-wage jobs is clearly problematic,” it continues. “It would, at least from the point of view of avoiding welfare expenditures, make more sense to hire from the enormous pool of less-educated natives not working rather than adding less-educated individuals through our immigration system.”

Is it any surprise that immigrants tend to prefer big government policies? If that’s the case, as conservatives how can we possibly justify any sort of amnesty program for the illegals already here? We are simply killing our own ability to slow the tsunami of the welfare state.

But immigration aside, there are other factors at work.

A few days ago I read a very pro-Obama article published by Politcus USAcrowing that “Obama Shatters Republican Fantasies By Posting Lower Unemployment Numbers Than Reagan.”

Excuse me? How can this be true? We have the lowest workforce participation rate in DECADES. Unemployment only appears to go down because more and more Americans simply stop looking for jobs.

Oh, and by the way, under Obama, a record 47 million Americans receive food stamps, about 13 million more than when he took office.

Politicus tries to explain away the workforce participation rate by saying it’s just more and more baby boomers retiring. While that is a factor, it’s certainly not the whole enchildada.

US News reports that about half the drop in labor force participation is attributable to baby boomers retiring, but there are two other disturbing factors.

The second factor is education – people getting more education and staying in school longer. If you get an MBA, you’re out of the labor force for three years. If you get a Ph.D., you’re out of the labor force for 5 years, maybe 7 years.”

Indeed, For young college graduates, the unemployment rate is currently 7.2 percent (compared with 5.5 percent in 2007), and the underemployment rate is 14.9 percent (compared with 9.6 percent in 2007).

Have you noticed how Obama and liberals keep harping on about FREE college education for everyone? Sure, keep kids in school, fill their heads with mush and make sure they’re beholden to the government for years to come when they can’t get a job.

But don’t worry if you do get a job and your unemployment runs out. You can simply switch to permanent disability.

U.S. News says “social security disability insurance applications that more than doubled between 2000 and their 2010 peak of more than 2.9 million. “There was a big upsurge in workers shifting over to disability insurance during the last recession. It’s slowed recently. But once you get on disability insurance, you could be out of the labor force for years, because it replaces a pretty significant chunk of your old pay.”

Disability insurance awards have moved hand-in-hand with the unemployment rate in the last few decades, as those who are out of work are more predisposed to seek some sort of governmental assistance.

Gee, ya think?

It might have been Milton Friedman who once said, if you pay people not to work, you’ll get a lot of folks applying for the job.
We certainly do – and we’re getting millions of applicants from all over the globe.