Watch: Migrants Run Through Texas Neighborhood to Escape Border Patrol

by RANDY CLARK 21 Jan 2022

EAGLE PASS, Texas — As the news of large migrant groups crossing and surrendering to Border Patrol become the norm, some still hope to evade arrest. A video shared on social media this week provides a local example how this unfolds within border communities.

The video was posted to Twitter by Anna Giaritelli and included in her
reporting on the border situation in the West Texas town. Although large migrant groups garner significant media attention, they do not account for the bulk of arrests in the sector.

Anna Giaritelli

Video taken by a resident of Eagle Pass, Texas, appears to show unauthorized immigrants running through a neighborhood from the border in an attempt to evade law enforcement Local police officer told me this morning this is normalSTORY:

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3:52 PM · Jan 20, 2022

The constant flow of migrants in the city has pushed the Border Patrol’s Del Rio Sector to the top of the list nationwide for arrests.

According to Border Patrol in Del Rio, the large groups crossing daily only account for 15 percent of the sector’s total apprehensions on some days.
The large groups are taxing the agency’s resources and make regular patrolling near impossible. Processing, transporting, and providing humanitarian care for migrants keep most agents indoors.

This burden has created an advantage for migrants who otherwise will not find relief under the current administration’s immigration posture. Mostly single adult migrants and those with previous criminal or immigration records generally choose to cross in smaller groups and move away from the border as quickly as possible.

As reported by Breitbart Texas, residents and ranch owners in the area find this demographic of migrants the most troubling. One resident of Eagle Pass has become increasing frustrated with nightly incursions onto her property. Dora, who lives on the outskirts of the city, says the problem began shortly after January 2021. “We rarely saw anyone walking through the property in years past, now there are few days or nights when we don’t,” she said.

Dora’s family installed game cameras as part of a security system to monitor migrant activity on her family’s property. She posts the photos on her social media account, hoping someone can help bring attention to the problem.

Watch: Migrants Run Through Texas Neighborhood to Escape Border Patrol (