September 26, 2017
By Marc Weisman

When Denver Broncos unapologetic Christian QB Tim Tebow takes a knee to thank G-d for his successful plays, he is mercilessly mocked by the left and the mainstream media. When Colin Kaepernick takes a knee to protest what he imagines as American institutional racism, he is ebulliently admired by the left and mainstream media as a heroic champion for "social justice." Why? The answers are simple and obvious but also enlightening.

Tim Tebow is a white, straight-laced, religious, pro-life, and pro-abstinence athlete. He celebrates America. In other words, he is a poster child for all that is wrong in America today – according to the left, that is.

Colin Kaepernick (also religious) is black, was orphaned by his destitute mother, is heavily tattooed, and harbors reproachful views of America, which he sees as "oppressing black people and people of color." He too is a poster child, in this case for all that is right in America – again, according to the left.

Never mind that according to the NYT, only two of the last 15 high-profile police killing cases where the left and the press rushed to a guilty judgment actually resulted in guilty pleas or convictions.

Never mind that the clear majority of these "brave social warriors" protesting America have somehow, despite rampant racism, made it big in this evil land of America. They are all multimillionaires.

Never mind that despite 87% of America being non-black, we elected a black president – twice.

Never mind that there is no safer haven or greater land of opportunity for minorities than America.

Americans celebrate the fact that we have the right to peacefully protest – a right safeguarded by the very men and women in uniform being disrespected by the misguided defiance of these players and the cowardly NFL owners. Many if not most of these owners (wealthy and white) probably feel exactly as Donald Trump does but fear the intolerant backlash from the left if they were to reveal their support for the flag and all that it represents.

Here is the thing that is lost in all this posturing: having the right doesn't make it right. Our children are watching all of this. How many of them will take away a militant and negative view of this greatest nation the world has ever seen?

This is the true tragedy if you love this country, but for the left, this is a perfect opportunity to sow a negative view of America for the next generation of so-called "community organizers."