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Thread: Barack Obama's citizenship questioned

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    tracking the usurper-in-chief and on his trail
    Quote Originally Posted by MinutemanCDC_SC in the previous post
    A U.S. House investigation is more likely to compel Mr. Obama's resignation than a trial of impeachment is to lead to a conviction and his removal from office.
    With the reelection of Rep. John "Go along to get along" Boehner as Speaker of the House, a House investigation remains off the table and not an option.
    One man's terrorist is another man's undocumented worker.

    Unless we enforce laws against illegal aliens today,
    tomorrow WE may wake up as illegals.

    The last word: illegal aliens are ILLEGAL!

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    tracking the usurper-in-chief and on his trail
    MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH in the Case of [Barack Obama's] Muslim Brother Malik
    Walid Shoebat January 6, 2015

    By Ben Barrack on January 5, 2015

    There has been a major breakthrough in the case of Malik Obama. It may also help to explain why members of Congress, mainstream media, and shockingly, even the attorneys for Tea Party groups targeted by the IRS have chosen to ignore the earth-shattering scandal involving the President’s eldest brother. This new discovery reveals a mosaic of intrigue that has never before been presented. It’s a scandal with everything… and more.

    Obama in New York during his [purported] Columbia days.
    [ED.: Photoshopped juxtaposition]

    What you are about to read consists of previously reported data points but now also includes a key figure that eliminates much speculation when viewed in the context of these data points – the Executive Director in whose home was formed the Foundation headed by Barack Obama’s Muslim brother, Malik.

    BHOF Executive Director Ray Baysden.

    The trail leads back to Barack Obama’s [ED.: supposed or purported] time at Columbia University and the Executive Director of the Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF), Alton Ray Baysden, a registered Republican with a 35-year career with the U.S. State Department and Intelligence Community, as has reported. Baysden’s field of operation included diplomatic security; he also worked in Karachi, Pakistan at a time when Barack was doing work for an employer that helped American businesses operate abroad. That employer also had a history of putting CIA operatives on their payroll, according to the New York Times.

    Malik Obama and Barack Obama in Oval Office.

    Before going back that far, take a look at a series of events that transpired over a five-week period in the spring of 2008, as Barack Obama was campaigning for President:

    Friday, March 21st [in 2008]:
    The Washington Post reports that three State Department contract employees breached the passport files of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain. Two of those employees are fired.

    Sunday, April 6th:
    At a fundraiser in San Francisco, Barack admits to traveling to Pakistan while in college. Stealing the headline, however, was the infamous Obama quote about conservatives who “cling to guns or religion”, leaving open the possibility that the latter quote was intentionally delivered to allow that Pakistan trip to fly under the radar or at least to take a back seat in the shock value department.

    Monday, April 7th: A man named A. Ray Baysden issues his only ever book review on Amazon. It is for a book entitled Immigration Chaos, written by immigration hawk Neville Cramer and Baysden gives it five stars. The contents of the book include revealing the corruption taking place at DHS. Again, why would such a person sign on with the Muslim brother of a pro-amnesty Presidential candidate in the same month?

    Tuesday, April 8th:
    After reaching out to the Obama campaign for clarity on the surprise admission by Obama that he visited Pakistan [ED.: while purportedly] in college, ABC News reports the campaign said Obama traveled to Karachi, Pakistan for three weeks in 1981, the year he [ED.: purportedly] began attending Columbia University.

    Thursday, April 17th:
    Lt. [ED.: "Lieutenant" was his given name, not a military or police rank] Quarles Harris Jr., who is said to be a key witness in the case of the passport file breach at the State Department from weeks and months earlier is shot dead. Harris is found in his car outside a Washington, DC church and was said to have been cooperating with the investigation.

    [(Civilian) Lieutenant Quarles] Harris: Murdered on 4/17/08

    Wednesday, April 30th: The date on the BHOF 501(c)(3) approval letter showing the retroactive date the foundation became tax-exempt. Baysden is identified as the Executive Director. It is not known if this is the date of the meeting in Baysden’s home, only that it’s the date of exemption. The actual meeting may have taken place earlier in the month.

    In 1984, Baysden was stationed in Karachi, Pakistan (his bio has a gap between 1980-88 so his time there could have spanned several years). Below are screenshots, presented by last year, that include the cover of a State Department directory for Key Officers of Foreign Posts, dated January, 1984. Alton R. Baysden is listed on page 55 as being stationed in Karachi, Pakistan. Note that the cover states it’s a “Guide for Business Representatives”. The relevance of this will be made known shortly:

    Columbia University copy of State Dept. Manual.

    Baysden [was] stationed in Karachi, Pakistan in 1984.


    Upon graduating from Columbia in 1983, Obama took a job with Business International Corp. (BI) in Manhattan and worked as junior editor until late 1984, the same year Baysden was stationed in Karachi. The stated purpose of BI was to assist American companies operating abroad.

    According to a New York Times article published in 2007, while at BI, Obama also wrote for a weekly newsletter known as the Business International Money Report. Though it might be a stretch to identify the future president of the United States as a journalist in 1984, it could be argued that he technically qualified, which may take on added significance in light of BI’s connection to the CIA.

    That leads to an extremely revealing 1977 New York Times article by John M. Crewdson entitled, “C.I.A. Established Many Links To Journalists in U.S. and Abroad”. Here is a screenshot of three paragraphs from the article. The crux of the article is that news organizations – both large and small – sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly, hired CIA operatives who were actually doing double duty. One of those “news organizations” was the one Barack worked for after leaving Columbia:

    Relevant excerpts transcribed:
    …The Times found that at least 22 American news organizations had employed… American journalists who were also working for the C.I.A. In a few instances the organizations were aware of the C.I.A. connection, but most of them appear not to have been.

    Crewdson reports that “…some of the most influential in the nation” were players, to include “ABC and CBS News… Time, Life and Newsweek magazines… The New York Times… The Associated Press… The Christian Science Monitor, The Wall Street Journal…”

    Then comes the bombshell…
    Among the lesser known organizations were the College Press Service, Business International, the McLendon Broadcasting Organization, Film Daily and a defunct underground newspaper published in Washington, The Quicksilver Times.

    Seven years later, Barack Obama would find work with that organization in bold. Does this prove that Obama was doing intelligence work simply because he worked for BI?

    Alone, no but it becomes a different story entirely with Baysden’s connection to Malik.

    In the 2007 New York Times article, one of Obama’s co-workers at BI – Dan Armstrong – said that at the time he and Barack worked at BI, the company had a total of 250 employees world wide. The odds of someone like Obama doing double duty with the CIA while at BI would seem to be higher than if he had been working at a major media organization with thousands of employees as opposed to one with less than 300; that doesn’t even factor in all of his CIA connections as POTUS.

    Armstrong was asked about Obama’s account of his time at BI as it was described in Barack’s 1995 Book Dreams From My Father. Armstrong charged that Obama’s description of his time at BI was an “exaggeration” in order to “make it a good story”. One of the lines from Dreams was as follows:
    “Like a spy behind enemy lines, I arrived every day at my mid-Manhattan office.”

    The irony is that contrary to Armstrong’s claim that Barack exaggerated his time at BI, there is a possibility that he may have understated it.


    Obama would become President of the United States 25 years later and “the media” showed no interest in vetting him. Just how many secrets does he hold and how much dirt does he have on how many very powerful people? The insanely favorable treatment he has received from media outlets and even his opponents has been breathtaking to behold. The simple explanation is that such individuals and entities are afraid of the race card. If that’s a factor, it’s a small one but makes a workable excuse.

    Former Business International employee Obama and Greek Columns at 2008 Convention.

    To be fair, Crewdson reported that the CIA program he was writing about in 1977 had ended years earlier. Does anyone really believe such an operation was just ended, never to return? Having you believe that is part of the CIA instruction manual. Besides, there is overwhelming consensus that never in the history of the United States has there been a more complicit and fawning media when it comes to the Barack Obama candidacy and presidency; vetting did not take place relative to the candidate who deserved it most.

    There has got to be a reason that transcends race and Republicans being afraid to challenge him because of it.

    It’s time to put an end to this case being about circumstantial evidence exclusively but it requires members of Congress, the media (conservative media included) and attorneys for Tea Party groups to take the baton and do so. To this point, they have all failed the American people. The fact remains that no matter how much of the aforementioned evidence is coincidental or circumstantial, the introduction of Baysden into this whole mess all but closes the loop.

    In 1984, the U.S. was aiding the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mujahideen in its fight with the Soviet Union from Karachi, Pakistan. As such, the man named Baysden listed in that manual had to be part of this effort. Barack Obama made at least one three-week trip to Pakistan with his Pakistani ‘friends’ during this period. If he had the charisma to one day be elected POTUS, he certainly had enough to qualify for an intelligence asset gig in the 1980’s. A man who would one day become a very close adviser to Barack Obama – [ED.: Columbia Univ. faculty member and head of the Columbia Univ. Institute on Communist Affairs] Zbigniew Brzezinski – visited Pakistan in 1979 when he was Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser and gave the Taliban a pep talk, as reported:

    In addition to working for an organization with a history that included hiring CIA operatives performing double duty, Barack Obama’s entire family in Kogelo is Sunni Muslim (except for him, of course), making him a perfect fit as an operative from the city where Baysden was working – Karachi. In fact, Barack is said to have recited the Islamic call to prayer with at “first-rate accent” by none other than a fawning New York Times writer in Nicholas Kristof. During the 2008 Presidential campaign, George Stephanopolous was very quick to come to Obama’s rescue when the presidential candidate inadvertently referred to his “Muslim faith” before Steph threw him a lifeline:

    Everyone came to Barack’s rescue during his 2008 campaign, including his Republican opponent John McCain, who inexplicably refused to go after Obama’s weakest spots, to include Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers. Then of course, there was this infamous and disgraceful town hall appearance about one month before the election in which McCain was booed by his own supporters for defending Obama. In so doing, McCain defied the cardinal rule when on the campaign trail to just keep throwing red meat; he did the opposite. In so doing, the people who were readiest to put their differences with McCain aside and rally to his candidacy actually booed him; it was unprecedented:

    [Continued . . .]
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    One man's terrorist is another man's undocumented worker.

    Unless we enforce laws against illegal aliens today,
    tomorrow WE may wake up as illegals.

    The last word: illegal aliens are ILLEGAL!

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    tracking the usurper-in-chief and on his trail
    In 2013, McCain’s 2008 running mate Sarah Palin revealed that she was forbidden to discuss Obama’s connections to Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers during the campaign:

    Shockingly, 2012 was not really any different. Republican nominee Mitt Romney showed no interest in fighting back against libelous and slanderous charges levied against him by the Obama campaign. At one point, he was accused of murder. The brazen unwillingness on the part of Romney to show any self-respect led to voters showing him the ultimate in disrespect; millions chose not to vote.

    The media assumed its role as Obama’s propaganda arm as well. In the second presidential debate, CNN’s Candy Crowley infamously came to Obama’s rescue when the subject turned to the Benghazi attacks. On top of that, Romney was ill-equipped to respond despite Benghazi being his biggest opportunity to make Obama a one-term president:

    In the third debate, as more had been learned about what happened in Benghazi, viewers anticipated Romney drilling Obama on the subject. Since debate number two, he had plenty of time to read up on the details of the scandal. The video of the debate below is cued up to start with moderator Bob Schieffer asking the very first question, which involved Benghazi. Instead of hitting Obama where he was weakest, Romney took a dive and the subject never came up again:


    If members of Congress were really interested in getting to the truth about the IRS scandal, Lois Lerner’s involvement in granting Malik’s Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF) expeditious and illegally retroactive tax-exempt status would have been introduced; she would have been asked about that in one of the two House Oversight Committee hearings she appeared before. Had she been publicly asked about Malik’s ties to a State Sponsor of Terrorism in Sudan, Lerner could have been exposed as an accessory to terrorism in addition to helping the President’s brother commit fraud; she would have transformed into a canary before America’s eyes.

    To this day, Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) refuses to acknowledge this gargantuan issue after declaring the claims as being “spot-on” during a radio town hall in 2013, as reported. Perhaps worse, when IRS Commissioner John Koskinen appeared before Kelly at a House Ways and Means Committee hearing a year later, Kelly physically embraced the Commissioner and didn’t raise the issue once in the five minutes he was given, as reported.

    Kelly is the only known member of Congress to not only acknowledge the scandal – as well as its legitimacy – publicly and proceed do nothing. He is certainly not the only member of Congress who knows about it; that’s a fact. [ED.: also, well in advance of the January 8, 2009, confirmation of the Electoral College votes by the Joint Session of Congress, every member of Congress received, by Certified Mail, a brochure of incriminating information about Mr. Obama's Constitutional ineligibility to the Office of President.]

    Perhaps even more vexing has been the refusal of True The Vote’s attorney Cleta Mitchell to introduce the scandal in one of the several congressional hearings she has attended. Contrasting the egregious treatment her client Catherine Engelbrecht received from the IRS with the illegally favorable treatment received by BHOF is a contrast made to order. Engelbrecht, a conservative member of the Tea Party is a law-abiding citizen who was run through the wringer by the IRS when she tried to get tax-exempt status. The president’s brother, who has been connected to the financing of terrorism and a State Sponsor of Terrorism, saw his 501(c)(3) status expedited by Lerner.

    True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht (L) and her Attorney Cleta Mitchell (R)

    Yet, Mitchell ignored it all despite knowing the details, even after her client was a victim of further injustice when a judge ruled she couldn’t have a forensics expert help find Lerner’s emails. Why?


    The BHOF was founded in the home of a man named Ray Baysden in April of 2008 but never filed for its tax-exempt status, as reported. When the heat was put on BHOF in May of 2011, courtesy of a formal complaint by the watchdog group National Legal and Policy Center that was reported by the New York Post, the powers that be kicked into gear. Making the BHOF legal became a top priority from the top down.

    Paperwork that should have been filed three years earlier but wasn’t, was finally filed. BHOF had been accepting tax-deductible donations without being tax-exempt, a crime if done so more than 27 months without that status.

    BHOF received its 501(c)(3) approval letter, replete with Lerner’s signature and a date stamp of June 26, 2011 – a SUNDAY! Lerner had backdated the approval by a whopping 38 months and in record time!

    Malik Obama’s Foundation [was] granted 501(c)(3) status on a Sunday.

    As if the crime of fraud is not bad enough, Lerner should have been put on the hook for being an accessory to terror funding as Malik has deep ties to terrorists, terror groups and even one State Sponsor of Terrorism, as has reported. The most explosive scandal in the history of the United States is being universally ignored and the reason why is clear.

    A whole lot of people have had their dirty hands tied behind their backs. They’ve also been gagged by a President who knows all their secrets and knows how to make them dance. In return, he’s been protected and just continues living like a king.

    Can you think of a better reason why all this is getting ignored?
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    One man's terrorist is another man's undocumented worker.

    Unless we enforce laws against illegal aliens today,
    tomorrow WE may wake up as illegals.

    The last word: illegal aliens are ILLEGAL!

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    tracking the usurper-in-chief and on his trail
    Executive Director in Obamas’ Lois Lerner Approved Terrorist Empire REVEALED as a U.S. Intelligence Agent

    By Shoebat Foundation on June 24, 2014

    By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack

    In a stunning discovery, the Executive Director listed on the [IRS Form] 990-EZ for the Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF), which was approved by the IRS’s Lois Lerner, is Ray Baysden, a former U.S. intelligence agent.

    Baysden, who knows the Obama family, is a former State Department employee who was stationed in Karachi, Pakistan at a time when President Barack Obama is said to have visited Karachi, in the 1980’s. He is also a registered Republican who has worked within the Intelligence Community (IC). BHOF was founded and is run by Malik Obama, the brother of the President. Malik is also steeped in terrorist connections, as has long chronicled.

    The evidence is bolstered by a screen shot of BHOF’s 990-EZ, received by the IRS office in Ogden, UT on July 5, 2011, more than three years after BHOF was founded. It lists Baysden and Gwendolyn Anderson as Executive Director and Director respectively:

    BHOF Executive Director Ray Baysden
    and Director Gwendolyn Anderson.

    According to a bio of Baysden, he has spent many years in the State Department and Intelligence Community:

    For the past 35 years, Ray Baysden has distinguished himself as a trusted professional in diplomatic security and international crisis management. He has worked with the United States Army, the U.S. Intelligence Community, and a number of other national and international organizations, including the United Nations (UN).

    The bio also states that Baysden is a member of the U.S. State Department Diplomatic Security Special Agents Association. Potentially further complicating matters is the fact that Baysden is a registered Republican.

    As has revealed [here and here], the Islamic Dawa Organization (IDO) Malik Obama helps lead as Executive Director, is a member organization of “The Union of Good” (UG), which the U.S. Treasury designated as “Terrorist”.

    The official website for UG still shows the IDO of Malik and his boss Suar al-Dahab as being an official member organization in the coalition. UG is an umbrella organization that represents over 50 Islamic fundraising groups worldwide and was designated by the U.S. Department of Treasury as a terrorist entity under Executive Order 13224.

    It’s difficult to say why members of Congress, as well as the attorney for one of the conservative groups that was targeted by the IRS – Cleta Mitchell (we went into great detail about this case with her assistant) – are choosing to ignore the biggest and most glaring aspect to the IRS scandal. Subpoenaing the testimony of Baysden and Anderson might be a good place to start getting answers, even if they don’t give any.

    Simply introducing the scandal and asking both individuals questions about their involvement would generate far more public interest than IRS hearings to date.

    Should Baysden and Anderson follow the course of Lois Lerner and invoke their fifth amendment rights, it would say quite a bit. If there was no knowledge on their part about what Malik was truly up to, wouldn’t they want to come forward to clear their names?

    Alton Ray Baysden, Executive Director

    It is at best curious why Baysden would choose to be the Executive Director of BHOF and to be part of an entity engaged in fraudulent behavior, to some extent by his own admission. Now that Malik Obama’s terrorism ties have been revealed, Baysden’s silence is even more curious.

    Alton Ray Baysden

    The bio ends with the following sentence:

    Ray Baysden holds membership in the U.S. State Department Diplomatic Security Special Agents Association, and has served as Counselor to a number of United States Embassies, including Haiti, Pakistan, and the Ivory Coast.

    Based on the 1984 Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts Manual (copy below stamped as being property of Columbia University), Baysden was stationed in Karachi, Pakistan that year (page 55):

    Columbia University copy of State Dept. Manual.

    Baysden [was] stationed in Karachi, Pakistan, in 1984.

    The potential significance of this point in time in Baysden’s career may involve Barack Obama’s visits to Karachi with his Pakistani roommate, Sohail Siddiqui and two other Pakistanis. Here are some relevant excerpts from a 2008 Associated Press article…

    Obama spent the six years between 1979 and 1985 at Occidental College in Los Angeles and then in New York at Columbia University and in the workplace. His memoir, “Dreams from My Father,” talks about this time, but not in great detail…


    Not everyone who knew Obama in those years is eager to talk.

    Some explained that they feared inadvertently hurting Obama’s campaign. Among his friends were Siddiqi and two other Pakistanis, all of them from Karachi; several of those interviewed said the Pakistanis were reluctant to talk for fear of stoking rumors that Obama is a Muslim… As a freshman, he quickly became friends with Mohammed Hasan Chandoo and Wahid Hamid, two wealthy Pakistanis… In 1981, Obama transferred from Occidental to Columbia. In between, he traveled to Pakistan — a trip that enhanced his foreign policy qualifications, he maintained in a private speech at a San Francisco fundraiser last month. Obama spent “about three weeks” in Pakistan, traveling with Hamid and staying in Karachi with Chandoo’s family, said Bill Burton, Obama’s press secretary.

    So why would a former State Department and Intelligence Community professional, who is a Republican, become the Executive Director for an allegedly fraudulent foundation whose founder has ties to terrorism?

    Barack Obama with his Pakistani roommate [Sohail Siddiqi]
    at Columbia (1981-[1983]).
    [ED.: while Barack Obama was purportedly at Columbia Univ.. Note that the face on the left is too small, out of proportion with the rest of the body. More Photoshopped "evidence" of something that never happened?]

    Did Barack Obama ever meet Baysden while the two were in Karachi, Pakistan? If so, what was the nature of their relationship?

    Another figure worth introducing is a man named Neville Cramer, author of a 2007 book entitled, “Immigration Chaos”. Cramer, an apparent hawk on illegal immigration, has a storied career as posted on his website, which states that:

    “At the time of his retirement in 2002, he was one of the most experienced INS Special Agents in the U.S. Department of Justice.”

    At about the same time that Baysden was helping Malik found the BHOF (April of 2008 ), Baysden gave a five-star review of Cramer’s anti-illegal immigration book:

    Baysden’s review of Neville Cramer’s 2007 book.

    As to soliciting donations under the guise of them being tax deductible when they’re really not, such activity would constitute “common law fraud and potentially even federal mail fraud,” according to the Chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center. Former IRS official and charity expert Marcus Owens agrees, saying:

    “If they haven’t applied for exemption, they can’t promise their donors that contributions are deductible.”

    In a quote attributed to Baysden last year, an interesting fact emerged:

    Alton Ray Baysden, a former State Department employee at whose Virginia home the charity was founded in 2008, admitted the organization has not even applied for tax-exempt status.

    “We haven’t been able to find someone with the expertise to do this,” he told The Post.
    “We are informally scouting for an executive director, someone who knows how to register the charity.”

    Unfortunately for Baysden and Anderson, the BHOF wasn’t just about expeditious and retroactive tax exempt status; it was also about financing terrorism, as has demonstrated time and again.

    It is also a stretch to consider the possibility that the President or his brother did NOT know about Baysden’s history by 2011, when the tax exempt status for BHOF was processed so expeditiously that influence had to have come from the White House.

    There are no fewer than three possibilities that could explain Baysden’s decision to serve as Executive Director for BHOF. They include but are not limited to:
    1.) Ideological alliance with the founder of BHOF – Malik Obama – or President Obama;
    2.) An intelligence operation; or
    3.) Blackmail.

    Based on what has been learned about Baysden above, option 1 is not likely.

    Gwendolyn Anderson, Director

    Information about BHOF’s Director is a bit more difficult to come by. However, there is sufficient evidence that Ms. Anderson has also gone by the names “Gwendolyn Andersen” (with an “e” instead of an “o”) and “Gwendolyn Bonebrake”.

    On the Linkedin profile of Gwendolyn Andersen, which matches almost exactly the work history of Gwendolyn Anderson. It states in part:

    More than twenty years of experience in renewable and conventional energy, energy efficiency, and climate change.

    Currently, this individual works as a Senior Clean Energy Economist for Abt Associates. A quick look at the Abt website reveals a company that is rife with government clients, to include DHS, HHS, HUD, DOJ, VA, Treasury, and many more.

    Anderson’s career includes work with several renewable energy companies like American Renewable Fuel Institute, International Resources Group, Center for Glabal Change at the University of Maryland.

    One company Anderson worked for – the Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment – includes the following in its Mission statement:

    Our mission is to provide nonpartisan, policy neutral forums on energy and environmental issues and to foster the professional development of our members.

    To the extent that WCEE is nonpartisan is undetermined, but as the name indicates, gender equality may be an issue.

    Another company Anderson has a history with is Chemonics, a company that does business internationally, though the exact business it does is not easily gleaned from reading the website, which states:

    From our founding in 1975, we have worked in more than 150 countries to help our clients, partners, and beneficiaries face difficult challenges, from political instability to limited healthcare to a lack of market infrastructure. We have helped them overcome those challenges by working together to find and implement innovative projects that achieve development impact.

    Unlike Baysden, the ideological background of Anderson appears to more closely align with that of President Obama.

    In any event, both Baysden and Anderson / Andersen / Bonebrake should be persons of interest for any and all Congressional committees – to include House Oversight and House Ways and Means Committees. Either both Baysden and Anderson should be interested in clearing their names relative to being part of a foundation that allegedly committed fraud and is tied to terrorism; OR they should both be compelled to testify about what they know and why they haven’t come forward already.

    Congress Suppressing Biggest Scandal in U.S. History
    [ED.: bigger somehow than the failure to guard the Presidnecy from a known fraudulent impostor who was born a British Protected citizen, self-advertised as being born in Kenya to a Kenyan father of record? Th
    e oath-shattering failure by all of the authorities - the mainstream media, who have implicitly an unstated obligation and an understood responsibility to alert the slumbering and the naive; the Democratic and Republican National and State Conventions; the U.S. Electoral College corporately and each Elector individually; the Governor and Attorney General (or Lt. Governor) of each of the 50 states; the U.S. Congress corporately and the President of the Senate and each Senator and Representative individually; the previous President of the U.S. and the relevant cabinet members; the U.S. Supreme Court corporately and each Supreme Court Justice individually; and every Federal or State Judge who had been given the opportunity to rule on Mr. Obama's Constitutional ineligibility to the Office of President, not being a "natural born Citizen" as required by the Constitution of the U.S., Art. ii, § 1, ¶ 5, that is, "one born in the country of parents who were citizens," as interpreted by the unanimous U.S. Supreme Court in Minor v. Happersett 88 U.S. 162 (1875)? Bigger than that scandal? I suppose it's all in whose ox has been gored.]

    When news first broke that Malik’s BHOF was a “questionable charity” that didn’t file its necessary paperwork at the time it was founded in 2008, no one truly knew how bad it was. As has clearly demonstrated, the brother of the President of the United States works for a State Sponsor of Terrorism in Sudan and for its President – Omar al-Bashir – who is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity.

    At least 11 Members of Congress know this and two have expressed agreement with the findings (see below).

    Some time in early May of 2011, some very powerful wheels were put in motion to get BHOF it’s 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. On June 26th – a Sunday – that status was granted with a letter bearing Lois Lerner’s signature.

    Malik Obama’s Foundation [was] granted 501(c)(3) status on a Sunday.

    In a 2013 interview with the Daily Mail, Malik admitted that his foundation was funded by nation states that are known hotbeds for terrorism:

    …there have been questions about where the money has gone. A probe was launched over cash owed to the US taxman from his fund-raising activities. Much of the money raised had come from Malik’s Muslim connections in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Sudan and Yemen.

    ‘These people were happy that my brother is the President of the United States,’ he says. ‘So they invited me to conferences. I saw it as a chance to use my name in a good cause.’

    One such gathering appears to have been in Khartoum, Sudan at the 2010 Annual Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO) conference, attended by Malik and presided over by al-Bashir and another known terrorist named Suar al-Dahab. It is worth noting that this would have been at a time when BHOF was allegedly committing fraud by declaring itself tax exempt when it was not:

    President Omar Al-Bashir and Suar al-Dahab preside
    over 2010 IDO Conference attended by Malik Obama.

    Malik Obama speaks at 2010 IDO Conference (al-Dahab in background).

    Does brother Barack know about Malik’s unfortunate tax problems which Lerner expeditiously and illegally processed? According to one report published at the time BHOF’s legitimacy was formally questioned, there was no response from the White House:

    When asked about why it wasn’t a registered charity, Malik, an accountant by trade, said that he was “in process” of changing that. The White House did not return a message seeking comment.

    It can be concluded therefore that brother Barack either did know or chose not to know.

    How about Malik’s acceptance of funds from places like Sudan, which was clearly a country more troubling than the others because of its “State Sponsor of Terrorism” status? It is noteworthy that Barack Obama has been working to have Sudan removed from that list as has reported.

    Two U.S. Congressmen – Reps. Mike Kelly (R-PA) and Louie Gohmert (R-TX) – have said our findings against Lois Lerner and Malik Obama are “spot on” and “all true” respectively. Earlier this year, they and ten other members of Congress received all the information necessary to be brought up to speed. Five of those members – Trey Gowdy (R-SC), Darrell Issa (R-CA), Jim Jordan (R-OH), Dave Camp (R-MI), and Kelly – all had the opportunity to bring this scandal up during the testimony of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen at a House Ways and Means Committee hearing on June 20th and then at a House Oversight Committee hearing on June 23rd.

    None did so.

    Alana Cook contributed to this report.
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    One man's terrorist is another man's undocumented worker.

    Unless we enforce laws against illegal aliens today,
    tomorrow WE may wake up as illegals.

    The last word: illegal aliens are ILLEGAL!

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    tracking the usurper-in-chief and on his trail
    WHY THE HOUSE CAN'T IMPEACH [anti-president / pseudo-president / absent-unpresident] OBAMA

    by Serevando Gonzalez
    December 10, 2013

    ... Finally, there is no factual evidence that Obama took the presidential Oath of Office in the way prescribed by the Constitution. As witnessed by millions of Americans, Mr. Obama failed to repeat faithfully, as required by law, the wording of the oath. After ignoring the issue for a whole day, and faced with growing concerns over whether the President had been sworn properly according to the law, he decided to try it for a second time. And here comes the strangest thing.

    Despite his promises of transparency, Mr. Obama allegedly took the oath for a second time at the White House's Map Room, at 7:35 p.m. And I said allegedly, because the ceremony not only was not announced until it was completed, but also no sound or film record of it exists. And there is no record because the President and his staff, on purpose, left the accredited White House press and impartial witnesses out.

    The only official record made public is a still photo of the ceremony that allegedly took place, taken by the White House's official photographer. But it is obvious that a still photo cannot be used in a court of law as factual evidence to prove the occurrence of an event of which, for lack of appropriate impartial witnesses, only a sound recording, or, even better, a film or video recording, can fully certify.

    So, while about two million people in Washington, D.C., watched the first swearing-in, which was invalid because it violated the rules clearly established by the Constitution, the second one, which was supposed to be the real thing, was hidden from the American people following direct orders from the Transparency Man in the White House.

    Four years later he repeated the charade when he faked taking the oath of office for a fourth time when he allegedly had taken it officially the previous day — again, with no witnesses preseent.

    Therefore, we have to take as legal proof the word of a politician — the Alleged President — who, like all politicians, is as a professional liar, and the word of the other people present, all of them employees or close relatives of the Alleged President and, therefore, whose word cannot be taken for granted because of an obvious conflict of interests.

    So, there is strong evidence pointing to the fact that this man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama is actually an impostor. Therefore, he could never be impeached, because impeachment is a fundamental constitutional power belonging to Congress for removing Presidents, judges, and other federal officers who commit "Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors." Given the fact, however, that Mr. Obama is not the legal President of the United States, he cannot be impeached. He can be, though, criminally charged and prosecuted.

    Now, if he is an impostor, he can't be impeached but he can be prosecuted for willingly impersonating the highest official in this nation, can't he? Well, he can't, and this is why he was so careful in never legally taking the oath of office as specified in the Constitution.

    The bottom line is that we cannot blame Obama for this dangerous travesty. He is a criminal and behaves accordingly. We can blame the Congress, the Supreme Court, the Department of Justice and the sycophantic mainstream press for having relinquished their obligations to uphold the Constitution and address the legitimacy of the man currently residing in the White House.
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    One man's terrorist is another man's undocumented worker.

    Unless we enforce laws against illegal aliens today,
    tomorrow WE may wake up as illegals.

    The last word: illegal aliens are ILLEGAL!

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    tracking the usurper-in-chief and on his trail
    On Jan. 13, 2015, the U.S. Justice Foundation petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court for a Writ of Certiorari on behalf of JOHN ALBERT DUMMETT, JR. AND EDWARD C. NOONAN v. ALEJANDRO PADILLA, AS CALIFORNIA SECRETARY OF STATE, ET AL. The original petition was on behalf of JOHN ALBERT DUMMETT, JR., EDWARD C. NOONAN, PAMELA BARNETT, ET AL. v. DEBRA BOWEN, AS CALIFORNIA SECRETARY OF STATE, ET AL.

    Quote Originally Posted by B. Christopher Agee for Western Journalism
    The petition wants to ensure the proper entity is tasked with verifying a candidate's qualifications.

    B. Christopher AgeeJanuary 14, 2015

    On behalf of former presidential candidates John Dummett and Ed Noonan, the U.S. Justice Foundation recently submitted a petition for certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court to determine what safeguards are constitutionally mandated in ensuring a candidate is qualified to run. The action is in response to two previous court rulings suggesting California’s secretary of state does not have a responsibility to verify a presidential candidate’s status as a natural born citizen.

    The USJF petition cites the U.S. Constitution, specifically Article II, Section 2, which says state legislatures are tasked with determining eligibility. Given the nation’s current electoral process, the court document holds these lawmakers must provide voters with a choice between candidates who meet constitutional requirements for the position they seek.

    The petition chronicles the court history of the issue, including appeals court decisions the petitioners conclude were based on faulty logic. The appeal provides three reasons that, through the role of California’s chief elections officer, the secretary of state should be tasked with verifying a presidential candidate’s eligibility.

    First, USJF argues that no sufficient pathway to challenging a candidate’s qualification exists on the federal level. The petition describes the arduous process needed to complete such a challenge through the U.S. Congress, concluding that since the remedy is “so limited in its scope, the question of whether a candidate for President is eligible for the office cannot be effectively address, much less resolved, under current constitutional or statutory law.”

    That argument leads to the second point, namely that both the Electoral College and U.S. Congress lack any authority to determine a presidential candidate’s eligibility.

    Finally, the petitioners contend that current statutes compelling the California secretary of state to place major political parties’ nominees on the state’s ballot is in direct conflict with the duty to comply with existing election laws.

    In its conclusion, the petition asserts that the appellants represented “have demonstrated that questions of eligibility are not properly before any entity other than the court or the chief elections officer of the State of California” and “that the Secretary of State has a ministerial duty to verify a candidates [sic] eligibility.”
    The USJF petition to the U.S. Supreme Court for a Writ of Certiorari is here (37 pages):
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    One man's terrorist is another man's undocumented worker.

    Unless we enforce laws against illegal aliens today,
    tomorrow WE may wake up as illegals.

    The last word: illegal aliens are ILLEGAL!

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    tracking the usurper-in-chief and on his trail

    Obama To Media:
    Don’t Report Against Muslim Jihadis

    by Gina Miller

    Listen to the audio version of this article
    Use Left/Right arrow keys to advance one second,
    arrows to advance ten seconds.

    There is truly no end to the string of outrages perpetrated on our nation by Barack Obama (or whatever his name is). The laundry list seems interminable, and today we can honestly regard anyone—anyone—who supports this man and his administration as being dangerously deceived. There is simply no defense of this lawless "president," who is a clear and present danger to our freedoms, our economy, our healthcare system, our property rights, the freedom of the Internet, our military and national defense—every aspect of our constitutional Republic.

    Many of us have long observed that Obama has traitorously aided and abetted our Muslim enemies, giving them weapons, billions of taxpayer dollars and their formerly-imprisoned "soldiers of Allah," to continue the spread of their cancerous caliphate across the Middle East and elsewhere. If we didn't know any better, we would believe his sympathies lie on the side of the barbaric Islamists. In truth, we don't know any better. The only rational conclusion is that this man is an enemy of the United States.

    Therefore, it was no surprise, but no less outrageous, when the Daily Caller reported on Tuesday that the White House Minister of Press Propaganda, Josh Earnest, reported that Obama wants to squash freedom of the press. Well, that's not exactly how he put it. From the Daily Caller piece:

    President Barack Obama
    has a moral responsibility to push back on the nation's journalism community when it is planning to publish anti-jihadi articles that might cause a jihadi attack against the nation's defense forces, the White House's press secretary said Jan. 12.

    "The president … will not now be shy about expressing a view or taking the steps that are necessary to try to advocate for the safety and security of our men and women in uniform" whenever journalists' work may provoke jihadist attacks, spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters at the White House's daily briefing.

    Isn't this always the case? Our freedoms are so often stolen by facetious claims of "safety." It's why we stupidly stand without shoes in airport "security" lines, and like sheep, allow junior power-trippers of the TSA to grope our bodies before boarding a plane. "Safety."

    So, Obama, who believes the Muslim "call to prayer" is one of the "prettiest sounds on Earth," wants to protect from offense the delicate sensibilities of his jihadi brethren by preventing the media from reporting the truth about Muslim jihad. Excuse me, but that's not the American way, Mr. Quisling! Aside from the fact that one of our most sacred, God-given freedoms is freedom of speech, which includes freedom of the press, Americans do not bow to 7th century throwback Muslim bullies. But I don't believe we are being ruled by an American—at least not in the theoretical sense of the word. Whatever Obama is, regardless of where this mystery man was or wasn't born, he is not behaving like an American, much less an American President. He is behaving as a despotic, anti-American enemy within our nation.

    As with everything this man and his fellow travelers do, the ostensible reason is not the reason. Spokesmouth Earnest claims Obama's desire to squelch media expression is for the "safety" of our military troops. That's a lie. Since when does Obama give a rip about the military, much less its safety? Besides the fact that, if left to its own power, free from insane bureaucratic rules of engagement, the military can take care of itself, the past has shown us that caving to bully Muslims will never appease them. It only makes us appear weak and ripe for attacking. No. I'm certain that the real reason for this lunatic anti-American proclamation is that Obama agrees with one goal of the Islamists: to silence all criticism of Islam. He is just as offended by it as the most retrograde Muslim brute. After all, he claimed the future must not belong to those who "slander" the "prophet" of Islam, right? And, in this case, "slander" means "tell the truth about."

    I'm losing what little optimism I might have had about our chances of undoing Obama's "fundamental transformation" of the United States. This man and his criminal cabal have their evil machine set on "full demolition," and with a craven, corrupt Congress too scared of its own shadow to oppose him, and with a detestably compliant media—no longer a "free press," by the way—from where can there possibly emerge a force to stop or reverse this dreadful course of tyranny on which we're locked?
    [ED.: From on highpray. This is NOT a cop-out. The Creator, the Alpha and the Omega, the Origin of all things, is the necessary starting point.]
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    One man's terrorist is another man's undocumented worker.

    Unless we enforce laws against illegal aliens today,
    tomorrow WE may wake up as illegals.

    The last word: illegal aliens are ILLEGAL!

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    tracking the usurper-in-chief and on his trail
    Final Email from the Terry Lakin Action Fund

    Mary Miltenberger and Tracy Fair need $550 outstanding
    of $2200 total
    in order to file with the U.S. Supreme Court before Feb. 18, 2015.

    January 20, 2015

    Thank you to the many who have followed Terry's story. Terry and his family have relocated and they are rebuilding their life day-by-day. However, be assured, Terry has not wavered in his commitment to the bold action he took in defense of our Constitution. He is so appreciative of the many who have continued to aggressively pursue the issue of Constitutional eligibility.

    We now have a case from Maryland with some merit. Tracy Fair has worked systematically and diligently to prepare a case that she may take all the way to the Supreme Court. It may seem hopeless. However, as long as some court is willing to listen, as long as someone is willing to work, as long as we have the freedom to pursue justice, we must keep trying.

    Please review Tracy's hard work. She has systematically built her case.

    And she has found a way to move this case forward for less than $3000. Not hundreds of thousands, but just $2200[, and only $550 of that remains to be donated]. Follow this link to help her:

    There are more than 4000 people on Terry's list. We are asking every one of you to make a generous donation to Tracy's work. We've spoken with her and she is exactly like so many others. Modest, hardworking, and diligent. Much like Charles Kerchner, Miki Booth, Terry Lakin, Mike Zullo, myself, and many others, she has extended herself and her resources to the limits.

    Tracy needs our help. Please consider making a contribution right now.

    Someday, somehow, the truth will be told. Maybe it will be Tracy's case. Maybe it is the next case. But Tracy is ready now. Let's help her today.

    And so we sign off and thank you all for your interest in Terry and the issue of Constitutional eligibility. If you haven't read Terry's book, "Officers Oath," yet, please do so. You can read about it at

    Please keep fighting for the Truth. The Truth Matters. The Constitution Matters.

    May God Bless the United States of America.

    On behalf of and in support of Terry Lakin and his family,

    The Terry Lakin Action Fund
    Quote Originally Posted by Tracy Fair

    Mary Miltenberger and I (Tracy Fair) filed our Obama eligibility case back in January of 2012, which was dismissed in August of 2012 for laches (untimely filing). I appealed that decision the following September to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, as I have court filed evidence which proves beyond doubt that our case was timely filed. In September of 2013 ( a full year later), a three judge panel held a private hearing and on April 9, 2014 (a full 7 months later) I received notice that they denied our appeal, affirming the decision of the lower court to dismiss for laches.

    We then filed a motion to reconsider on May 7, 2014 and you guessed it, DENIED. On May 29, 2014, we appealed that decision by filing a Petition for Writ of Certiorari with the Maryland Court of Appeals, in which I just found out this past August 28th, that too was denied, stating “review of petition was not desirable or in the public interest”. A motion to reconsider was filed on Monday, September 29, 2014.

    My Appeals Court petition was denied on November 20, 2014. I have 90 days (Feb. 18th) to file with the United States Supreme Court. However, we are short on funds to continue the effort to expose the Obama fraud.

    [ED.: remember that the U.S. Supreme Court accepts about 1% of cases submitted to it (other than disputes between states), most often cases which are significant to the interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, and especially if such would be the U.S. Supreme Court's first or original
    interpretation of a Constitutional issue.]

    Denied Nov. 20, 2014

    MD Court of Appeals Denies Obama Eligibility Petition, stating,
    “[I]t has not been shown that review is desirable or in the public interest.”

    Fair v. Obama: Court's Decision denying Petition for Writ of Certiorari

    Decided April 7, 2014

    FAIR v. OBAMA: (Walker): Appellate Decision

    Private hearing with 3 judge panel was heard in September 2013

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    One man's terrorist is another man's undocumented worker.

    Unless we enforce laws against illegal aliens today,
    tomorrow WE may wake up as illegals.

    The last word: illegal aliens are ILLEGAL!

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    tracking the usurper-in-chief and on his trail
    [ED.: off-topic but closely related. I will remove it upon request by other than an Obot.]

    Officers O-5 and above RELIEVED OF DUTY under
    [Enemy Combatant-in-Chief] OBAMA prior to 2014

    Commanding Generals fired:
    • General John R. Allen – U.S. Marines Commander International Security Assistance Force [ISAF] (Nov 2012)
    • Major General Ralph Baker (2 Star) – U.S. Army Commander of the Combined Joint Task Force Horn in Africa (April 2013)
    • Major General Michael Carey (2 Star) – U.S. Air Force Commander of the 20th US Air Force in charge of 9,600 people and 450 Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (Oct 2013)
    • Colonel James Christmas – U.S. Marines Commander 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit
    • Major General Peter Fuller-U.S. Army Commander in Afghanistan (May 2011)
    • Major General Charles M.M. Gurganus – U.S. Marine Corps Regional Commander of SW and I Marine Expeditionary Force in Afghanistan (Oct 2013)
    • General Carter F. Ham – U.S. Army African Command (Oct 2013)
    • Lieutenant General David H. Huntoon (3 Star), Jr. – U.S. Army 58th Superintendent of the US Military Academy at West Point , NY (2013)
    • Command Sergeant Major Don B Jordan – U.S. Army 143rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command (suspended Oct 2013)

    • General James Mattis – U.S. Marines Chief of CentCom (May 2013)
    • Colonel Daren Margolin – U.S. Marine in charge of Quantico ‘s Security Battalion (Oct 2013)
    • General Stanley McChrystal – U.S. Army Commander Afghanistan (June 2010)
    • General David D. McKiernan – U.S. Army Commander Afghanistan (2009)
    • General David Petraeus – Director of CIA from September 2011 to November 2012
    • Brigadier General Bryan Roberts – U.S. Army Commander 2nd Brigade (May 2013)
    • Major General Gregg A. Sturdevant – U.S. Marine Corps Director of Strategic Planning and Policy for the U.S. Pacific Command
    • Colonel Eric Tilley – U.S. Army Commander of Garrison Japan (Nov 2013)
    • Brigadier General Bryan Wampler – U.S. Army Commanding General of 143rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command of the 1st Theater Sustainment Command [TSC] (suspended Oct 2013)

    Commanding Admirals fired:
    • Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette – U.S. Navy Commander John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group Three (Oct 2012)
    •Vice Admiral Tim Giardina(3 Star, demoted to 2 Star) – U.S. Navy Deputy Commander of the US Strategic Command, Commander of the Submarine Group Trident, Submarine Group 9 and Submarine Group 10 (Oct 2013)

    Naval Officers fired: (All in 2011)
    • Captain David Geisler – U.S. Navy Commander Task Force 53 in Bahrain (Oct 2011)
    • Commander Laredo Bell – U.S. Navy Commander Naval Support Activity Saratoga Springs , NY (Aug 2011)
    • Lieutenant Commander Kurt Boenisch – Executive Officer amphibious transport dock Ponce (Apr 2011)
    • Commander Nathan Borchers – U.S. Navy Commander destroyer Stout (Mar 2011)
    • Commander Robert Brown – U.S. Navy Commander Beachmaster Unit 2 Fort Story , VA (Aug 2011)
    • Commander Andrew Crowe – Executive Officer Navy Region Center Singapore (Apr 2011)
    • Captain Robert Gamberg – Executive Officer carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower (Jun 2011)
    • Captain Rex Guinn – U.S. Navy Commander Navy Legal Service office Japan (Feb 2011)
    • Commander Kevin Harms – U.S. Navy Commander Strike Fighter Squadron 137 aboard the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln (Mar 2011)
    • Lieutenant Commander Martin Holguin – U.S. Navy Commander mine countermeasures Fearless (Oct 2011)
    • Captain Owen Honors – U.S. Navy Commander aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (Jan 2011)
    • Captain Donald Hornbeck – U.S. Navy Commander Destroyer Squadron 1 San Diego (Apr 2011)
    • Rear Admiral Ron Horton – U.S. Navy Commander Logistics Group, Western Pacific (Mar 2011)
    • Commander Etta Jones – U.S. Navy Commander amphibious transport dock Ponce (Apr 2011)
    • Commander Ralph Jones – Executive Officer amphibious transport dock Green Bay (Jul 2011)
    • Commander Jonathan Jackson – U.S. Navy Commander Electronic Attack Squadron 134, deployed aboard carrier Carl Vinson (Dec 2011)
    • Captain Eric Merrill – U.S. Navy Commander submarine Emory S. Land (Jul 2011)
    • Captain William Mosk -U.S. Navy Commander Naval Station Rota , U.S. Navy Commander Naval Activities Spain (Apr 2011)
    • Commander Timothy Murphy – U.S. Navy Commander Electronic Attack Squadron 129 at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, WA (Apr 2011)
    • Commander Joseph Nosse – U.S. Navy Commander ballistic-missile submarine Kentucky (Oct 2011)
    • Commander Mark Olson – U.S. Navy Commander destroyer The Sullivans FL (Sep 2011)
    • Commander John Pethel – Executive Officer amphibious transport dock New York (Dec 2011)
    • Commander Karl Pugh – U.S. Navy Commander Electronic Attack Squadron 141 Whidbey Island, WA (Jul 2011)
    • Commander Jason Strength – U.S. Navy Commander of Navy Recruiting District Nashville, TN (Jul 2011)
    • Captain Greg Thomas – U.S. Navy Commander Norfolk Naval Shipyard (May 2011)
    • Commander Mike Varney – U.S. Navy Commander attack submarine Connecticut (Jun 2011)
    • Commander Jay Wylie – U.S. Navy Commander destroyer Momsen (Apr 2011)

    NavalqQ Officers fired (All in 2012):
    • Commander Alan C. Aber – Executive Officer Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 71 (July 2012)
    • Commander Derick Armstrong – U.S. Navy Commander missile destroyer USS The Sullivans (May 2012)
    • Commander Martin Arriola – U.S. Navy Commander destroyer USS Porter (Aug2012)
    • Captain Antonio Cardoso – U.S. Navy Commander Training Support Center San Diego (Sep 2012)
    • Captain James CoBell – U.S. Navy Commander Oceana Naval Air Station’s Fleet Readiness Center Mid-Atlantic (Sep 2012)
    • Captain Joseph E. Darlak – U.S. Navy Commander frigate USS Vandegrift (Nov 2012)
    • Captain Daniel Dusek – U.S. Navy Commander USS Bonhomme
    • Commander David Faught – Executive Officer destroyer Chung-Hoon (Sep 2012)
    • Commander Franklin Fernandez – U.S. Navy Commander Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 24 (Aug 2012)
    • Commander Ray Hartman – U.S. Navy Commander Amphibious dock-landing ship Fort McHenry (Nov 2012)
    • Commander Shelly Hakspiel – Executive Officer Navy Drug Screening Lab San Diego (May 2012)
    • Commander Jon Haydel – U.S. Navy Commander USS San Diego (Mar 2012)
    • Commander Diego Hernandez – U.S. Navy Commander ballistic-missile submarine USS Wyoming (Feb 2012)
    • Commander Lee Hoey – U.S. Navy Commander Drug Screening Laboratory, San Diego (May 2012)
    • Commander Ivan Jimenez – Executive Officer frigate Vandegrift (Nov 2012)
    • Commander Dennis Klein – U.S. Navy Commander submarine USS Columbia (May 2012)
    • Captain Chuck Litchfield – U.S. Navy Commander assault ship USS Essex (Jun 2012)
    • Captain Marcia Kim Lyons – U.S. Navy Commander Naval Health Clinic New England (Apr 2012)
    • Captain Robert Marin – U.S. Navy Commander cruiser USS Cowpens (Feb 2012)
    • Captain Sean McDonell – U.S. Navy Commander Seabee reserve unit Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 14 FL (Nov 2012)
    • Commander Corrine Parker – U.S. Navy Commander Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 1 (Apr 2012)
    • Captain Liza Raimondo – U.S. Navy Commander Naval Health Clinic Patuxent River , MD (Jun 2012)
    • Captain Jeffrey Riedel – Program manager, Littoral Combat Ship program (Jan 2012)
    • Commander Sara Santoski – U.S. Navy Commander Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron 15 (Sep 2012)
    • Commander Kyle G. Strudthoff – Executive Officer Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 25 (Sep 2012)
    • Commander Sheryl Tannahill – U.S. Navy Commander Navy Operational Support Center [NOSC] Nashville , TN (Sep 2012)
    • Commander Michael Ward – U.S. Navy Commander submarine USS Pittsburgh (Aug 2012)
    • Captain Michael Wiegand – U.S. Navy Commander Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (Nov 2012)
    • Captain Ted Williams – U.S. Navy Commander amphibious command ship Mount Whitney (Nov 2012)
    • Commander Jeffrey Wissel – U.S. Navy Commander of Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 1 (Feb 2012)

    Naval Officers fired (All in 2013):
    • Lieutenant Commander Lauren Allen – Executive Officer submarine Jacksonville (Feb 2013)
    • Reserve Captain Jay Bowman – U.S. Navy Commander Navy Operational Support Center [NOSC] Fort Dix , NJ (Mar 2013)
    • Captain William Cogar – U.S. Navy Commander hospital ship Mercy’s medical treatment facility (Sept 2013)
    • Commander Steve Fuller – Executive Officer frigate Kauffman (Mar 2013)
    • Captain Shawn Hendricks – Program Manager for naval enterprise IT networks (June 2013)
    • Captain David Hunter – U.S. Navy Commander of Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron 12
    • Captain Eric Johnson – U.S. Navy Chief of Military Entrance Processing Command at Great Lakes Naval Training Center, IL (2013)
    • Captain Devon Jones – U.S. Navy Commander Naval Air Facility El Centro , CA (July 2013)
    • Captain Kevin Knoop – U.S. Navy Commander hospital ship Comfort’s medical treatment facility (Aug 2013)
    • Lieutenant Commander Jack O’Neill – U.S. Navy Commander Operational Support Center Rock Island , IL (Mar 2013)
    • Commander Allen Maestas – Executive Officer Beachmaster Unit 1 (May 2013)
    • Commander Luis Molina – U.S. Navy Commander submarine Pasadena (Jan 2013)
    • Commander James Pickens – Executive Officer frigate Gary (Feb 2013)
    • Lieutenant Commander Mark Rice – U.S. Navy Commander Mine Countermeasures ship Guardian (Apr 2013)
    • Commander Michael Runkle – U.S. Navy Commander of Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit 2 (May 2013)
    • Commander Jason Stapleton – Executive Office Patrol Squadron 4 in Hawaii (Mar 2013)
    • Commander Nathan Sukols – U.S. Navy Commander submarine Jacksonville (Feb 2013)
    • Lieutenant Daniel Tyler – Executive Officer Mine Countermeasures ship Guardian (Apr 2013)
    • Commander Edward White – U.S. Navy Commander Strike Fighter Squadron 106 (Aug 2013)
    • Captain Jeffrey Winter – U.S. Navy Commander of Carrier Air Wing 17 (Sept 2013)
    • Commander Thomas Winter – U.S. Navy Commander submarine Montpelier (Jan 2013)
    • Commander Corey Wofford – U.S. Navy Commander frigate Kauffman (Feb 2013)

    ****** (Note): This trend continues in 2014 !*****

    Since Barack Obama has been in the White House, high ranking military officers have been removed from their positions at a rate that is absolutely unprecedented.

    Things have gotten so bad that a number of retired generals are publicly speaking out about the ‘purge’ of the U.S. military that they believe is taking place. As you will see below, dozens of highly decorated military leaders have been dismissed from their positions over the past few years.

    So why is this happening? What is going on right now is absolutely crazy especially during a time of peace. Is there a deliberate attempt to reshape the military and remove those who don’t adhere to the proper ‘viewpoints’ ? Does someone out there feel a need to get officers that won’t cooperate out of the way?

    Throughout world history, whatever comes next after a military purge is never good. Perhaps you are reading this and you think that ‘purge’ is too strong a word for what is taking place.

    If this continues, what is the U.S. military going to look like in a few years?

    Just consider the following quotes from some very highly decorated retired officers:

    – Retired Army Major General Paul Vallely: “The White House protects their own. That’s why they stalled on the investigation into Fast and Furious, Benghazi and Obamacare. He’s intentionally weakening and gutting our military, Pentagon and reducing us as a superpower, and anyone in the ranks who disagrees or speaks out is being purged.”

    – Retired Army Major General Patrick Brady: “There is no doubt he (Obama) is intent on emasculating the military and will fire anyone who disagrees with him.”

    – Retired Army Lt. General William G. Jerry Boykin: “Over the past three years, it is unprecedented for the number of four-star generals to be relieved of duty, and not necessarily relieved for cause.”

    – Retired Navy Captain Joseph John: “I believe there are more than 137 officers who have been forced out or given bad evaluation reports so they will never make Flag (officer), because of their failure to comply to certain views."

    A Pentagon official, who asked to remain nameless because they were not authorized to speak on the matter, said even young officers, down through the ranks have been told not to talk about Obama or the politics of the White House. They are purging everyone and if you want to keep your job just keep your mouth shut. Now this trend appears to be accelerating.

    General Vallely’s comment: “Absolutely every communist regime on the planet did this as soon as they got in power.”
    One man's terrorist is another man's undocumented worker.

    Unless we enforce laws against illegal aliens today,
    tomorrow WE may wake up as illegals.

    The last word: illegal aliens are ILLEGAL!

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    tracking the usurper-in-chief and on his trail
    Obama legacy? Constitutional [in]eligibility

    Supreme Court again faced with unresolved questions over current administration [this time from California’s 3rd Appellate District Court of Appeals]

    Published: Jan. 24, 2015 at 8 pm

    Bob Unruh joined WND in 2006 after nearly three decades with the Associated Press, as well as several Upper Midwest newspapers, where he covered everything from legislative battles and sports to tornadoes and homicidal survivalists. He is also a photographer whose scenic work has been used commercially.

    Barack Obama has been focusing more and more, including in his 2015 State of the Union Tuesday, on what pundits describe as legacy issues.

    He may envision a legacy 20 or 30 years after his White House tenure of a Web-oriented, Washington-centric health care system that efficiently dispatches what system managers believe people need for health care – a quick abortion, dietary rules or a painkiller for a terminal disease.

    In that future, he may hope, as a result of his executive amnesty, for a new Hispanic majority that routinely gives the Democratic Party power as the GOP fades into oblivion.

    He may even visualize little plaques on community college campuses across the 50 states noting that Americans are attending for free in exchange for mandatory public service, because of the work of President Barack Obama.

    But it’s doubtful he’s rejoicing in the fact that it was his presidency that raised the issue of constitutional eligibility to headlines, courts and congressional debate, and possibly even a ruling from the Supreme Court.

    The issue arose even as he ran for president the first time. It surged on his election, was on fire after his inauguration and has been in the courts ever since.

    The issue appeared to fade after the 2012 election. But a case that originated during that campaign season now has appeared before the U.S. Supreme Court again.

    It focuses on whether or not Obama meets the U.S. Constitution’s requirement that a president be a “natural born citizen.” Obama’s response over the years has been to joke about the issue, drawing guffaws from audiences when he says his birth certificate is “somewhere on the Internet.

    But the fact remains that a law enforcement investigation by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio found there likely was fraud in the creation of the image of a birth certificate Obama released in a White House news conference as “proof positive” of his “natural born status.”

    The newest case
    , the subject of a request for review to the high court, was brought on behalf of John Albert Dummett Jr. and Edward Noonan.

    The appeal from California’s 3rd Appellate District Court of Appeal was filed by the William J. Olson P.C. law firm and the U.S. Justice Foundation.

    They argue that Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution “vests in the legislatures of the several states the exclusive power to direct the manner by which the electors for president of the United States shall be chosen.”

    “Pursuant to this expressly delegated power, the legislature of the state of California has determined to hold statewide elections to appoint the state’s presidential electors, delegating to the California Secretary of State the duty to administer such elections.”

    However, the brief explains, California state courts have decided there is no way for the secretary of state “to take care that persons whose names appear on the general election ballot as candidates for the office of president of the United States meet the eligibility requirements of Article II, Section 1, Clause 5.”

    They argue that the U.S. Constitution imposes on the states an obligation to “ensure that each state’s electoral votes are cast for a person who, if elected, is eligible.”

    “This court does have the responsibility and the duty to ensure that state legislatures such as California’s do not abdicate their constitutional role in ensuring that their state’s electoral votes are cast for a candidate qualified to serve,” the petition explains.

    Visit the WND Superstore for the extensive list of reports on the issue of Barack Obama’s eligibility.

    Here’s where Obama comes into the case.

    “In 2012, Petitioner Dummett was a write-in candidate for president of the United States on the California election ballot. In the same year, Petitioner Noonan was the American Independent Party’s declared presidential candidate. Each filed a petition for a writ of mandate in the California Superior Court, Sacramento County, seeking an order that California secretary of state require all presidential candidates to provide proof of their eligibility for the office … before placing their names of the official state ballot.”

    That would have included Obama.

    They argued a law requiring the secretary of state to put the names of ineligible candidates on the ballot would be unconstitutional.

    But the California judges shrugged, more or less said “So what?” and dismissed the case.

    They cited the previous adjudication of a lawsuit brought by Ambassador Alan Keyes and others over Obama’s eligibility in 2008, which found that the verification of eligibility “is better left to Congress and the political parties.”

    That ruling said: “The presidential nominating process is not subject to each of the 50 states’ election officials independently deciding whether a presidential nominee is qualified, as this could lead to chaotic results. Were the courts of 50 states at liberty to issue injunctions restricting certification of duly elected presidential electors, the result could be conflicting rulings and delayed transition of power in derogation of statutory and constitutional deadlines. Any investigation of eligibility is best left to each [political] party, which presumably will conduct the appropriate background check or risk that its nominee’s election will be derailed by an objection in Congress, which is authorized to entertain and resolve the validity of objections.”

    But the petition explains the founders “built a constitutional fence to keep Congress out of presidential elections, barring representatives and senators from serving as electors, and limiting Congress’s powers to specifying the day of the election, to counting the votes of the Electoral College, and to providing for an order of succession to the presidency.”

    That, the petition explains, contradicts what the California courts have concluded.

    “That Congress was not empowered to enforce Article II, Section, 1, Clause 5 does not mean, however, that the ‘natural born citizen’ requirement is legally unenforceable. Having committed the presidential selection process to the several state legislatures under Article II, Section 1, Clause 2, the Constitution anticipates that each state will enforce the federal eligibility requirement,” the petition explains.

    “Thus, in California – as it would be true in the other 49 states – enforcement of the citizenship requirement would best be performed before an election by the state’s chief election official’s control over the official state ballot, ensuring it contained only the names of eligible presidential candidates.”

    The petition says such questions are “profoundly important” and if not resolved “will render the ‘natural born citizen’ clause in the U.S. Constitution a dead letter.”

    The petition also cites
    the Alabama Supreme Court’s “no opinion” on the eligibility question.

    But the dissenting minority of Justice Tom Parker and Chief Justice Roy Moore concluded the case has serious constitutional significance, warranting an investigation of the qualifications of 2012 presidential candidates by Alabama’s secretary of state.

    In that case, Moore wrote in his dissent that the circuit court should have granted the plaintiffs’ request to order the state secretary of state “to implement the natural-born-citizen requirement of the presidential-qualifications clause in future elections.”

    “Although the removal of a president-elect or a president who has taken the oath of office is within the breast of Congress, the determination of the eligibility of the 2012 presidential candidates before the casting of the electoral votes is a state function,” Moore wrote.

    He said the case was of “great constitutional significance in regard to the highest office in our land.”

    “Should he who was elected to the presidency be determined to be ineligible, the remedy of impeachment is available through the United States Congress, and the plaintiffs in this case, (Hugh) McInnish and (Virgil) Goode, can pursue this remedy through their representatives in Congress.”

    But eligibility is defined in the Constitution and states should bear that responsibility, he said.

    “The dissenters [in the Alabama case] explained that ‘constitutional provisions are presumed to be self-executing’ [and] ‘usually no legislation is required to effectuate a constitutional provision that is prohibitory in its language.’ … They pointed out that courts have upheld decisions by state officials to exclude candidates who were not qualified for other reasons, such as age,” the new petition explains.

    In fact, California officials previously have excluded presidential candidates specifically because they did not meet the constitutional age requirement.

    “The selection of a president remains as the founders intended, a matter entrusted to the various state legislature,” the petition explains.

    “All this petition asks this court to do is to ensure that, in fulfilling [an oath of office supporting the Constitution] by exercising their constitutional duty to determine the matter of selection of electors, these state legislators and state officers give meaning to the eligibility requirements for the office president.”

    “If eligibility cannot be considered by states in putting nominee names of a ballot, “The ‘natural born citizen’ requirement will be rendered a nullity,” the petition said.

    And let’s not leave it to political parties, the petition strongly suggests.

    “Political parties cannot be trusted to properly vet the eligibility of a candidate who may bring the vast benefits of incumbency to their party,” the lawyers said.

    Congress can act, but under the Constitution that would be through impeachment after an inauguration. And “there is no clear authority for the federal judiciary to step in after the fact, and directly or indirectly declare that the president is ineligible.”

    “However, the judicial branch cannot escape responsibility when a case properly brought to it requests that it act to ensure compliance by state legislatures with their basic duty to determine the manner of election fo the president …. Consistent with Article II, Section 1, Clause 5.”

    Whether or not the case will be accepted is yet to be announced.

    When earlier eligibility cases were presented to the justices, they looked the other way. That was confirmed by a series of remarks by Justice Clarence Thomas, who appeared before a U.S. house subcommittee several years ago and responded to the issue.

    Thomas was before the House subcommittee when Chairman Rep. Jose Serrano, D-N.Y., raised the question amid a discussion on racial diversity in the judiciary.

    “I’m still waiting for the [court decision] on whether or not a Puerto Rican can run for president of the United States,” said Serrano, who was born in the island territory. “That’s another issue.”

    Yet after Serrano questioned him on whether or not the land’s highest court would be well-served by a justice who had never been a judge, Thomas not only answered in the affirmative but also hinted that Serrano would be better off seeking a seat in the Supreme Court than a chair in the Oval Office.

    “I’m glad to hear that you don’t think there has to be a judge on the court,” said Serrano, “because I’m not a judge; I’ve never been a judge.”

    “And you don’t have to be born in the United States,” said Thomas, referring to the Constitution, which requires the president to be a natural-born citizen but has no such requirement for a Supreme Court justice, “so you never have to answer that question.”

    “Oh really?” asked Serrano. “So you haven’t answered the one about whether I can serve as president, but you answer this one?”

    “We’re evading that one,” answered Thomas, referring to questions of presidential eligibility and prompting laughter in the chamber. “We’re giving you another option.”

    Coninued at

    Comment to the above article:

    dude911 wrote, "Natural born, being that a person is born without any allegiance to any other country, whose allegiance to the nation of birth is natural, without question. The only way that could happen is if both parents were citizens, and their loyalty to the nation was undivided. If any question of nationality arises, the question of loyalty must impinge any assumption of allegiance, as it cannot be fully determined until that child reaches an age of maturity.

    "If Congress must pass a law to make anyone a citizen, or if it must be included as an article in the Constitution, then it is not a form of natural citizenship, but a naturalization which occurs. The only reason that Obama was considered a citizen of the US was because of written laws, as the Founding Fathers would never have automatically given him citizenship because his father was a British Citizen (which makes Obama a dual citizen in modern law, not a natural born [citizen])."
    Last edited by MinutemanCDC_SC; 01-25-2015 at 12:58 AM.
    One man's terrorist is another man's undocumented worker.

    Unless we enforce laws against illegal aliens today,
    tomorrow WE may wake up as illegals.

    The last word: illegal aliens are ILLEGAL!

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