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    Top 10: Skills For Surviving The Apocalypse

    The problem with doomsday prophets is they may by definition have visions, just no long-term vision.

    In his Scientific American column, skeptic Michael Shermer once said that people who prophesize a coming apocalypse "never claim that [it] is going to happen in the next generation." Instead, it's always "in their lifetime." This only makes sense when you consider that history's apocalyptic prophets have been right about the end of days as often as the 0-16 2008 Detroit Lions won a game.

    These prophets perceive anything less than immediate gratification as pointless: There are no personal dividends to be earned in putting the fear of the second coming in future generations. It must be done now when they can enjoy the adulation and power -- a reality that logically exposes every raving evangelical as being a misguided soul at the very least or, at the very worst, guilty of fraud.

    However, small minds struggle to see big pictures, giving the recent prediction for the end of days on May 21, 2011, which has been clarified as a miscalculation. So, we now sit back, relax and bide our time until October 12, 2011, and, when nothing happens then, we'll twiddle our thumbs until the May 2012 Mayan apocalypse.

    On the other hand, if aliens decide to destroy the planet at their whim -- as exemplified with chaotic precision in Battle: Los Angeles -- it would seem that the doomsayer we should have been listening to was renowned genius Stephen Hawking, who predicted that extra terrestrial contact with Earth would go hand-in-hand with the apocalypse.

    To prep the reader for these final days of reckoning, we compiled the top 10 skills for surviving -- even thriving -- in the event of an apocalypse. And, if they should happen to be solid skills to have in these preapocalyptic days in which we now live, you clearly have nothing but time to pick those up.

    No.10 Mixed-Martial Arts

    Whether you're just defending yourself and what few wares you've gathered or you're leading a gang of marauders against a rival gang of marauders, knowing how to fight bare knuckled is going to help you survive. To that end, if we learned anything from the good ol’ days of mixed-martial arts, it's that specialization is a weakness. Remember when Royce Gracie (6' 1", 176 lb) faced off against Sumo champion Akebono Taro (6' 8", 510 lb)? Gracie barely needed two minutes to subdue the hulking Akebono, because his brand of fighting, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, one of the top martial arts, amalgamates several fighting techniques, while, in comparison, Sumo wrestling is one-dimensional.

    No.9 Tracking

    People and animals both are pretty clumsy when it comes to covering their tracks, but even if they weren't, learning the skills of tracking and anti-tracking (erasing your own tracks) would be useful in the the dark ages upon us because the thing to remember is that, if you're tracking someone, the odds are pretty good they’re looking to get the upper hand on you as well.

    Tracking and hunting big game will of course help you feed yourself. Tactical tracking is similar to animal tracking except you're hunting people. Whether this will help you feed yourself or not is your own business.

    No.8 Plant Fiber Processing

    You're likely saying “plant fiber what?” But, according to onPoint Tactical, a survivalist training academy, plant fiber processing -- turning the fibers from plants into cordage (i.e. ropes, for one example) -- is a useful skill. As their website says, "[It] is one of the most important survival skills. Cordage is vital to so many other survival activities, from shelter building to setting traps to creating effective hunting tools."

    The only concern here is the fire and brimstone consuming the world's plant supply before you ever get a chance to put this skill to use.

    No.7 Electronic Engineering

    If you've ever watched Gilligan's Island you know there was only one thing that stood between the castaways and being rescued, and it wasn't any of Gilligan’s high jinks. It was something that the Professor didn’t know how to do: build a transmitter.

    You don't need a degree in electronic engineering, but having some electronics know-how -- specifically in radio -- will prove a worthwhile skill, because knowing how to put together a frequency transmitter and receiver will most likely be the only way you'll find other survivors -- assuming of course those other survivors also know how to build radios.

    No.6 Building Shelter

    After the earth is done convulsing and all the sinners have gotten their comeuppance, a man's mind will inevitably turn to building, because that's what we do. We build. Just look at all the utterly unnecessary and outrageous construction in Dubai as proof. As antifeminist author Camille Paglia once put it, "Construction is a sublime male poetry… if civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.”

    Granted, you shouldn't dream much bigger than a grass hut come the apocalypse, because you may find yourself short on materials. Regardless, building a survival shelter that protects you from the elements is of crucial importance. Additionally, you'll want to know how to build caches -- hiding places where you store food, tools and other essentials that free you up from having to stand on guard all day.

    No.5 Diplomacy

    In a lawless, post-apocalyptic world, one type of person has virtually no chance of lasting more than a few days: the media pundit. That isn’t because there won't be any media, but because they're too confrontational. They will either be thrown into newly formed volcanoes to appease God or fed to alien invaders. Diplomatic types, on the other hand, stand a chance. Versed in the negotiation process, armed with interpersonal skills and able to find common ground, they can maneuver through disagreements, cool down hotheads and form lasting truces.

    No.4 Machiavellianism

    As a metaphor, an apocalyptic event can be seen as one big baptism, one enormous colon cleanse, and, in that respect, it could be just what you need for a do-over in life; a rebirth and a second chance to become the despotic ruler you've always believed you were meant to be.

    Understanding the political theories outlined in Machiavelli's famous treatise The Prince will not result in you winning any post-disaster popularity contests, at least none where the voting isn't rigged. But if you learned the theories, thrown traditional leadership lessons by the wayside and have cultivated and maintained post-apocalyptic power, you have no reason to worry about any vote not being rigged. So you just might be Mr. Popular after all.

    No.3 Meat Preservation

    Remember Chris McCandless? Journalist Jon Krakauer wrote about Chris' wanderlust into the Alaskan wilderness in Into the Wild, a book whose movie adaptation saw Emile Hirsch play the doomed amateur hunter. Evidently unaware of the old maxim about teaching a man to fish and feeding him for a lifetime, Chris spent most of his time going after squirrels or small birds, which barely met his daily nutritional requirements. Then one day he bagged a moose, and his colossally unromantic lack of preparation led to his undoing: Instead of learning from Alaskan hunters how to cure the meat, Chris had relied on advice from Wisconsin hunters. The result? He had to abandon the carcass to flies and maggots. In two months' time, starvation did him in.

    In a post-apocalyptic world, it may be some time before you have a functioning refrigerator, so learn how to cure meat, as it's not only a manly cooking experience but a means of survival. Also keep in mind that the best method varies according to climate and region.

    No.2 First Aid

    Unless you ride out the apocalypse in an underground bunker, there's reason to believe that, if you do survive, you won't do it unscathed. There will be just too much fire and flying debris. So your knowledge of first aid could be the only thing standing between you and your future.

    When climber Aron Ralston found himself stuck between a rock and another rock, he amputated his own arm. Not only did this save his life, but it also allowed him to see his story on the big screen in 127 Hours starring leading man James Franco. It's impossible to say what actors will be available to play you post-apocalypse in the movie version of your life, but if you don’t know first aid it won't matter anyway.

    No.1 Building A Fire

    In Castaway, Tom Hanks marched across the beach proud as a peacock saying, "I have made fire!" Well, find a volleyball to talk to and help stave off your loneliness, and that could be you.

    Never mind the fact that many visions of a post-apocalyptic world involve enormous fires. You're still going to need to know how to build one. Ultimately, fire gives you many things. There is a hypothesis that fire helped advance homo sapiens as a species because it freed up their time to do other things. It also made meat much more agreeable to chewing and prevented bouts of sickness from ingesting unboiled water.
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    Book Review: The Bear Went Over The Mountain

    Tuesday, June 28, 2011
    by Lester W Grau

    This book is based around a series of interviews conducted by the Soviet Staff College after the war was over. Once the Cold War ended and we got to sharing our country gained access to this stuff. Basically this book is a series of vignettes based upon interviews with Russian Officers (by their rank structure and where the interviews took place it was to my memory only O's). These are categorized into chapters by category: raids, ambushes, defense, etc. Onto the usual format.

    The Good: These interviews were probably not originally meant for distribution outside their organization so they are brutally honest. Also they are primarily written by Company level officers on the ground. Leaders talking about what they did. I found some vignettes particularly interesting. Here is a big hint.

    The themes of not conducting reconnaissance and failure to control the high ground being harshly punished were repeated to the point of boring monotony. Repetitive use of the same routes and overly relaxed security not surprisingly tend to cause problems. Soviets tended to telegraph their movements and operations losing all surprise. As a tactical leader I got a lot from this book.

    The Bad: The maps were poorly written and badly copied. Almost to the point where they were not useful. Some vignettes were quite repetitive and boring. In general the book is very dry and redundant. Also I really don't care the MAJ Shmetlap Ruskie was awarded the order of the Silver Commie or whatever.

    The Ugly: This is just an extension of the bad. I read it cover to cover but would probably have been better off if I skipped the lame vignettes as typically I knew halfway through that they were uninteresting and unenlightening.

    Final Assessment: If you are interested in the Soviet War in Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Guerilla Operations, COIN/ Stability/ Counter Guerilla operations I suggest reading this book. If you are a leader who may get involved in these sort of operations I strongly suggest you read this book. It is available here and there on hard copy though the price is kinda cheap. You can get it a lot cheaper online which I would personally suggest. You will likely enjoy reading it but don't need to drop $30 for an out of print book.

    Personally I borrowed a co workers. I also saw another blog (can't remember who) that had a link to download the PDF from the Triba Analysis Center. I could not find this book there but did find The Other Side of the Mountain on PDF. Interesting note, PDF's work on Kindles with the only issue being you can't zoom the text. The rest is however another post all together. ... in-by.html
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    Guess Who Buys Their Food From China?

    I’m quite confident in saying that a large percentage of people living in China buy their food from China. I on the other hand happen to live in the USA and I’m extremely appreciative of the fact that I have a choice in whether or not I’ll consume food products from China.

    Interestingly enough, more and more people have recently expressed similar concerns to us and I think for good reason.

    A recent article came out in The New York Times by Mark Bittman where he highlights recent “food safety oddities” that have cropped up in China. Did you hear about the wedding where over 250 guests were hospitalized after they consumed pork which contained Clenbuterol, a drug used to make pigs grow faster and leaner? Apparently the drug if taken in excess causes nausea, convulsions, dizziness, vomiting and heart palpitations. Sounds like a quick way to ruin a wedding feast to me.

    Add to this exploding watermelons (caused by a chemical that’s used to help fruit grow faster), glowing pork (due to phosphorescent bacteria), meals cooked using oil dredged from sewers, pork disguised and sold as beef, counterfeit eggs made from chemicals and egg-shaped molds and soy sauce made using human hair clippings and I’m left to wonder, “Where’s the regulation?”

    Bittman’s article does say that the Chinese government is actively cracking down on food safety issues. However, they’re also trying to clamp down on journalists “deliberately misleading” the public about these issues. Phelim Kine, a researcher for Human Rights Watch was quoted saying, “In China, the reflexive desire to cover up and hide has trumped transparency and the need to protect health.”

    While I have no doubt that the USA is not without fault in the food industry, it’s not on the same level with China. China’s food safety challenges seem MUCH worse. Having spent time in developing countries, I know from first hand experience that my own perception of what is sanitary was not consistent with the conditions I came across. The point being, culturally speaking what an American might find as acceptable is totally different than what a Chinese person might find as an acceptable practice for the growing, harvesting and processing of food products.

    To be clear, I have no doubt that there is food grown in China that’s perfectly healthy and sanitary and vice-versa there is food grown in the USA that is unhealthy and unsanitary. On the other hand, if someone were to present me with two bowls of identical strawberries and told me that one was grown in China and the other was grown in the USA. I’d pick the USA grown strawberry every time.

    You’ll be happy to know that The Ready Store does not source any of its food products from China.
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    Building your own SHTF proof survival manual

    Electronic storage is great, for years I have recommended things like survival laptops and tablets. With a good solar charger these devices can last for years in an off the grid environment.

    If your anything like most of the survival minded people that come to this site, you probably bookmark and save a ton of good survival articles. While I love electronic devices, when the SHTF you need to have backups of all your valuable survival information.

    survival binder book

    You need your own SHTF Proof Survival Manual.

    Lately I have been saving a ton of how to articles to my NOOK but I don’t stop there. The nook is great for storing survival books and articles but I also started laminating the most important articles and putting them into my own personal survival manual.

    First, you need to buy a good laminator and a pack of lamination sheets.

    You can get a Good Laminator on Amazon and a pack of 50 lamination sheets for around $40. This will allow you to put about 400 articles in your personal survival manual.

    Second, I condense the articles down so I can fit at least 4 to a page (8 double sided) this gives you roughly 400 articles with only 50 pieces of paper. Remember the lamination adds some weight so you don’t want to go crazy here. Print only those articles that you think you will really need post SHTF.

    I usually condense articles down in Microsoft word, or I shrink down specific pages from books so I can fit them into my 4up format. I then 3 ring punch the laminated pages and put them in a good zippered binder to protect them from the elements.

    What kinds of articles do I add to my personal survival manual?

    My NOOK can pretty much hold everything I need so I fill that up with as much information as I can get. For my Binder I take only the things that I think I will need in a post SHTF world.

    * Maps, Evacuation Routes and Bug Out Locations
    * Medical information and first aid instructions
    * How To articles
    * Pictures of edible plants
    * Communication frequency charts, notes and antenna diagrams / formulas
    * Primitive Skills & instructional materials
    * Trapping Diagrams
    * And anything that you may have a hard time remembering
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    How to Repair a Torn Grommet

    Grommets seem to show up in all sorts of outdoor and survival gear, from tarps and tents to truck tie-downs.

    Guest post by Julie Anne Eason of

    They’re handy when they work, but all too often they tear out of the fabric. Many people will just sigh and replace the entire item, or hope it will hold for just one more camping trip. But if you catch these little buggers in time, you can repair them as good as new. Better than new, actually.

    The trick is to catch the tear early, before the grommet has ripped through the edge of the fabric. So, it’s wise to check your grommets every time you use your tent or tarp. Look for signs that the fabric is creeping out away from the metal.

    Look for signs of grommet failure

    Here’s how to replace the torn grommet.

    These techniques work for any fabric using grommets–plastic tarps to canvas tents.
    Step 1: Remove the old grommet. This can be tricky, you’ll probably need a pair of pliers and maybe some tin snips or bolt cutters. Try not to tear the fabric any more than it already is.
    Step 2: Assess the damage and repair. If the hole is still intact and hasn’t ripped through the side of the fabric, you can simply replace the old grommet with a new one. In a survival situation, though, you may not have access to any fresh grommets or setting tools. Don’t worry, there are several ways you can improvise.
    • Use 2 layers of thick leather as a replacement grommet. Just sandwich the hole between two layers of leather. Stitch around the leather and punch a hole in the center where the hole belongs. You’ll either need a heavy duty leather sewing machine for this, or a stitching awl, leather needles and heavy thread.
    Use stiff leather for your replacement grommet

    • Another alternative is to place a metal washer or ring over the hole and hand stitch around it using heavy weight waxed linen or kevlar thread. Beware though, use metal that won’t rust if you’re putting it next to canvas. Rust will rot through canvas over time.
    • Finally, you can simply sew a buttonhole stitch around the entire hole. If you’re working with canvas, this will create a sort of “self-grommet”. It’s very strong and has been used for centuries in corsets and ship sails.
    A quick button hole stitch can be just as strong as a metal grommet

    So, what do you do if the old grommet ripped through the side of the fabric and the hole is no longer intact? Your best bet is to create a large patch out of canvas or nylon webbing and sew it over the hole. Stitch it down securely, zig-zag back and forth several times. You want the patch to feel like part of the fabric. Then just punch a new hole and either add a fresh grommet or use one of the improvisations listed above.

    Don’t let a torn grommet ruin your next camping or canoe trip. It’s a simple fix and often your repair will be stronger than the original.

    Julie Anne Eason is a freelance sewing and craft writer. You can reach her through her website where she writes about Brother sewing machines, sewing cabinets and professional irons like the Miele B990 rotary iron.
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    The 90-Day Rat Study - Monsanto, IGF-1, and FDA Denial

    Wednesday, July 6, 2011
    Brandon Turbeville

    I wrote a series of articles recently dealing with rBGH, the health risks that result from its usage, and the effects on the animals treated with it. I have written not only about the animal cruelty issue, but about the increased levels of cancer and the potential for the creation of antibiotic resistant bacteria associated with milk (and meat) produced with rBGH.

    Yet the FDA, in the face of all the evidence available to themselves and the public, still has refused to admit that there were any health risks to humans from the use of the hormone, IGF-1, or the use of antibiotics.

    For example, when responding to a study that demonstrated a possible between IGF-1 and prostate cancer, the FDA, while offering no supporting evidence, simply claims that “Although the mechanism responsible for the induction of cancer has not been characterized fully, it is clear that IGF-1 is not the causative agent.”[1]

    Likewise, when addressing the concern over whether or not IGF-1 levels are related to breast cancer, the FDA responds that it has found no definitive evidence of any direct link between the two and, “Furthermore, FDA has been advised that there is no substantive evidence that IGF-1 causes normal breast cells to become cancerous.”[2] This advice was apparently extracted from a letter from Dr. Dennis M. Bier to David Kessler, then Commissioner of the FDA. However, beyond this letter, no evidence is referenced. This is business as usual when it comes to the FDA and its version of scientific documentation.

    Yet, another issue related to the FDA’s questionable approval of rBGH is that of the 90-day rat study that has been a central focus of much debate.

    This 1989 study was conducted by Monsanto itself, the producer of rBGH, and consisted of orally feeding rats rBGH and was submitted to the FDA in order to fulfill FDA requirements that all relevant safety information be included in the “sponsor’s” application. [3]

    It should be mentioned that the FDA actually stated that rBGH posed no adverse health risks in 1985, yet it did not complete the official human health study until 1989. The genetically modified hormone was not approved for commercial sale and usage until 1993.

    However, the FDA allowed for it to be sold and consumed in milk while the “commercial investigation” took place.[4]

    So, the FDA had already claimed that rBGH posed no health risks to humans three years before their official study was concluded. Apparently the agency’s mind was made up before the study ever began. Likewise, if the FDA were living up to its stated goals, it makes no sense to allow a product to be sold and consumed while there is an ongoing investigation into that product’s safety. However, the FDA has become so compromised in so many different ways that this should come as no surprise.

    The FDA effectively kept silent about the red flags popping up in the 90-day rat study mentioned above. After an investigation conducted by Health Canada (the Canadian version of the FDA), it was discovered that the FDA and Monsanto mislead the public on the results of the study.

    Health Canada determined that the results of the study showed that 20 to 30 percent of the rats in the high dose test group produced antibody responses to rBGH as well as the development of cysts on the thyroid in some of the males. This was the same study made available to the FDA and all the while the agency maintained that there were “no toxicologically significant changes.”[5] This was not the view of Health Canada and many others who became aware of this information.

    The development of thyroid cysts is significant. However, the antibody response to rBGH is even more serious as it suggests that the hormone is being absorbed into the bloodstream.

    These findings, when first presented to the FDA should have launched a complete review of the effects on human health, particularly on the immune system and carcinogenic effects.[6] Of course, more thorough and unbiased science should have also occurred long before this study but, true to form, it didn’t.

    Yet even if the science were to show that there were no real correlation between rBGH and antibody response or thyroid cyst development, there are still very real concerns regarding it. As was demonstrated earlier, IGF-1 is one of the main factors in adverse health effects related to rBGH.

    The FDA continues to reject the idea that IGF-1 survives digestion and is absorbed into the blood stream causing any health problems. Much of this position comes from open denial. For the most part, the agency simply states that they have reviewed the science and have come to the conclusion that there is no legitimate basis for concern.

    But it must be pointed out that many of the studies that the FDA uses to back itself up, on the rare occasion that it decides to do so, are studies conducted by the company sponsoring the drug in question. Indeed, there were two studies conducted by Monsanto and Elanco that concluded that IGF-1 does not survive digestion. However, as some scientists have pointed out, there are problems with that assessment.

    As the scientific team for Consumers’ Union states:
    Those studies are not definitive because rats were given free IGF-1, without casein or other protective proteins. Thus one would not expect the IGF-1 to survive digestion in these studies. Even so, a careful review of the Monsanto study suggested that some small amount of the IGF-1 administered in this study survived digestion and affected the rats’ growth rate.[7]
    Although not for lack of trying, the FDA would be hard pressed to be further from the mark when the agency suggests that rBGH or IGF-1 poses no significant risks of adverse health effects in humans. Indeed, the science says something much different as even free IGF-1, in small amounts, did survive digestion.

    When consumers learned that rBGH was being included in their dairy products and subsequently learned of the dangers, there was a backlash of the most effective kind. The public simply began to change where they spent their money and avoided products that contained rBGH.

    As a result, many companies began to label their products as rBGH free and consequently saw higher consumption than those who used the hormone. This created a snowball effect and even major companies like Hood, Dannon, Yoplait, Kroger, and even Wal-Mart abandoned the use of rBGH milk in most of their dairy products.

    Logically, the removal of rBGH most likely did not stem from the direction of any moral compass but from the motivation of profit. Consumers refused to buy rBGH so these businesses had little choice but to remove it. [8]

    This is a powerful lesson to us all. If we, as consumers, don’t want High Fructose Corn Syrup, Aspartame®, or rBGH in our food, then we should simply stop buying products that contain these toxic chemicals. Sooner or later, the industries that added them will be forced to take them out through sheer financial necessity.

    Indeed, the corporate system survives in part because we enable it by spending our money with the various corporations that make it up. For a moment, ask yourself what would happen if we stopped?


    [1] “Report on the Food and Drug Administration’s Review of the Safety of Recombinant Bovine Somatropin.” Food and Drug Administration. April 23, 2009. Accessed May 24, 2010.
    [2] Ibid.
    [3] Ibid.
    [4] “rBGH:How Artificial Hormones Damage the Dairy Industry and And Endanger Public Health.” June, 2009. Accessed May 24, 2010.
    [5] “Statement of Michael Hansen, Ph.D., Research Associate Consumer Policy Insititue, Consumers Union On FDA’s Safety Assessment of Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone December 15, 1998.”
    [6] Ibid.
    [7] Hansen, Michael Ph.D., Halloran, Jean M., Groth, Edward III, Ph.D., Lefferts, Lisa Y. “Potential Public Health Impacts Of The Use Of Recombinant Bovine Somatropin In Dairy Production.” September 1997.
    [8] “rBGH:How Artificial Hormones Damage the Dairy Industry and And Endanger Public Health.” June, 2009. Accessed May 24, 2010.

    Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University where he earned the Pee Dee Electric Scholar’s Award as an undergraduate. He has had numerous articles published dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, and civil liberties. He also the author of Codex Alimentarius - The End of Health Freedom and 7 Real Conspiracies.
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    FDA's scheme to outlaw nearly all nutritional supplements created after 1994 would destroy millions of jobs and devastate economy

    Thursday, July 07, 2011
    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
    Editor of

    Yesterday we reported on the FDA's new scheme for outlawing nearly all nutritional supplements formulated after October, 1994 ( That was just the beginning of this story, because a detailed analysis of the proposed new regulation reveals extremely disturbing revelations that would absolutely gut the nutritional products industry if these regulations are put into practice.

    Below are the highlights of the most offensive and onerous portions of these proposed new FDA regulations. The source of all this information is the FDA itself, which proposes its new rules in a rather lengthy post at:

    • Every nutritional supplement company will be forced to submit comprehensive NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) documentation for EACH ingredient used in EACH product they currently sell. This will amount to hundreds of thousands of NDI applications flooding the FDA offices. This is a clever FDA scheme to place a huge burden of research and paperwork on every dietary supplement company in the USA. In the FDA's own words:

    "The statute places the obligation for submitting the notification on each manufacturer or distributor. Any other manufacturer or distributor who wishes to market its own dietary supplement containing the same NDI should submit a NDI notification to FDA explaining its own basis for concluding that this new product containing the NDI will "reasonably expected to be safe" under the conditions recommended or suggested in the new product's labeling."

    • All supplement companies must REMOVE their products from "interstate commerce" for the 75 days after the FDA receives their NDI applications. No product containing an NDI application ingredient may be sold in the United States or it will be considered "adulterated" by the FDA and thereby subjected to confiscation.

    • While the NDI provisions of the 1994 DSHEA act merely required dietary supplement companies to notify the FDA of new ingredients, the FDA is now distorting this into a de facto supplement approval process. Without the FDA's new approval, nutritional supplements will all be labeled "adulterated" and potentially confiscated at gunpoint by the FDA (see FDA raid links below).

    • The FDA does not support electronic filing for NDI applications. All applications must be done on paper and then mailed to the FDA (yes, as in dropped in a metal mailbox with a paper envelope). The 75 days of waiting does not begin until the FDA says it receives your application.

    • While a few ingredients that were in widespread use before 1994 are exempted from these new requirements, the FDA refuses to publish any list of "grandfathered" ingredients. Instead, it requires each supplement company to figure it out for themselves. In addition, even pre-1994 ingredients must receive new approvals from the FDA if they are "altered" in any way, including changing the particle size, increasing the amount per serving, using a super-critical extraction process, baking the substance or even harvesting it from a plant at a different life stage of the plant. In other words, nearly all ingredients use in dietary supplements today are considered "adulterated" by the FDA.

    • As a result of the point above, nearly all dietary ingredients will be required to receive new approval by the FDA due to the agency's broad definition of "adulterated." Note that changing the mg per serving of the nutrient makes it "adulterated," as does altering the target market. So if you sell vitamin C to senior citizens, and it's approved by the FDA as a dietary ingredient, you will need a NEW application and approval if you now sell that same vitamin C to children.

    • The requirements for "proving" the safety and efficacy of dietary ingredients is entirely unreasonable. FDA says it requires companies to submit peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, clinical trial test results and even, in the case of botanicals, to provide the name of the scientist who originally gave the plant its Latin name. (Seriously? Is it a trick question?)

    • The FDA has no obligation to "approve" any NDIs in a timely manner. It merely says it will acknowledge receipt of the NDI application within 75 days.

    • If one company receives approval for a specific dietary ingredient (resveratrol, for example), that approval does NOT apply to any other company. EVERY company must independently apply for approval of resveratrol, and each company must independently supply all the research and documentation required to support the safety and efficacy of that ingredient in the amounts used in its products, and in the context of the marketing of that product.

    • Companies that sell dietary supplements containing ingredients that have not been approved under these new FDA regulations will be accused of selling "adulterated" ingredients and can have their inventory seized by federal marshals or have their company founders arrested for selling "adulterated drugs" even though they might only be vitamins or herbs.

    • These proposed regulations are NOT a law under the control of Congress. Neither the House nor the Senate has any control over this. The FDA can simply issue these regulations on its own, regardless of what publicly elected officials want the agency to do. The FDA is run by unelected bureaucrats who answer to no one and write their own "laws." (See attorney Jonathan Emord's book The Rise of Tyranny to learn more.)

    • The FDA can simply choose to DENY all applications and thereby outlaw virtually all nutritional supplements. There is no obligation by the FDA to honestly and accurately review any applications whatsoever. It can simply rubber stamp 'DENIED' on every one of them. In the FDA's own words: "FDA's failure to respond to a NDI notification does not constitute a finding by the agency that the NDI or the dietary supplement containing the NDI is safe or is not adulterated."

    • The real kicker in all this? Synthetic molecules that mimic dietary supplements (i.e. those used in pharmaceuticals) are EXEMPTED from all these requirements! So synthetic molecules need no approval from the FDA, while the natural ones do! This conveniently exempts the pharmaceutical vitamin companies who use synthetic vitamin chemicals rather than natural, full-spectrum nutrients.

    The FDA's plan to kill the supplement industry with a thousand paper cuts

    This is all revealed on the FDA's own proposed regulation page:

    A sample form for requesting NDI "approval" is available at:

    Remember, the FDA will receive hundreds of thousands of these applications if it adopts this regulation. Under that mountain of paperwork, guess what we'll see next? The FDA begging Congress for "more money" to handle the work load!

    The FDA also provides a decision chart to help you decide whether your ingredient needs to seek FDA approval:

    Notice that nearly ALL ingredients lead to the conclusion of "NDI notification required." And even for those ingredients that the FDA says don't require notification, it recommends voluntary notification (bottom right corner of the chart).

    Note carefully, too, that merely altering the intake level of a nutrient is enough to require new FDA notification and approval! So merely increasing the level of omega-3s in a supplement will require a manufacturer to seek a new approval from the FDA.

    The FDA will turn vitamin company founders into wanted criminals

    Also note: All products made with ingredients that are not APPROVED by the FDA under these new rules will be called ADULTERATED. The FDA has a long history of engaging in armed raids against companies that it accuses of selling "adulterated" products (

    Owners of these companies will be hunted down like common criminals and accused of "dealing drugs" -- a label that can earn them a red flag on Interpol ( This is exactly what happened to Greg Caton, who was kidnapped from Ecuador by the FDA after manufacturing and selling anti-cancer salves that actually worked quite well to eliminate skin cancer tumors.

    Caton's listing on Interpol said he was wanted for "drugs, related crimes, fraud." That's the official Interpol listing. What drugs? The skin cancer salves. What fraud? The "fraud" of selling anti-cancer products. What "related crimes?" The "crime" of refusing to bow down to the FDA's outrageous censorship and tyranny.

    In this way, the FDA can simply fabricate fictitious accusations against sellers of nutrients and herbs, then use either U.S. marshals to arrest them at gunpoint in the USA, or invoke Interpol to have them kidnapped from other countries, in complete violation of expatriation agreements between nations.

    The FDA now seeks to utterly destroy the nutritional supplements industry

    Remember, this is the FDA's "end game" strategy to utterly destroy the supplements industry and thereby hand Big Pharma a complete monopoly over nearly all forms of medicine in the USA. If this regulation is put into practice, it would cause:

    • The complete wipeout of nearly all nutritional supplement companies in the USA.

    • The bankruptcy of most health food stores and vitamin retailers, including online retailers.

    • A loss of millions of jobs currently supported by the supplements industry. How does this come to millions of jobs? Add up all the jobs related to the importing, manufacturing and transportation of nutritional supplements and superfoods. Include all the jobs related to marketing, advertising, promoting, distributing and publicizing these supplements. Then include all the jobs of workers in health food stores, fulfillment centers and supplement formulators. On top of that, you have all the jobs which are supported by successful nutritional supplement companies, including accounting, legal, graphic design and technology jobs. The Natural Products Foundation conservatively says that dietary supplements contribute $61 billion to the U.S. economy and support 450,000 jobs ( The FDA's new regulations, however, impact not just dietary supplements but also superfoods and functional foods which are part of an even larger market. In all, millions of jobs will be impacted by the FDA's proposed new regulations. In addition, nutritional supplements boost job performance across all industries because they help employees work better and reduce sick days. So removing their access to these supplements will suppress the productivity of workers across ALL industries. This is one of the ways in which these proposed new regulations could destroy millions of jobs across the U.S. economy.

    • Skyrocketing rates of chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease, because nutritional supplements are practically the only thing keeping these diseases in check right now.

    • A worsening of infectious disease and viral outbreaks due to weakened immune systems across the U.S. population. (The CDC will respond by saying we need "more vaccines!")

    • Huge increases in health care costs due to more patients having more disease and yet having fewer alternatives available for preventing or treating that disease.

    The end of the supplements industry would spell the end of America

    Because of these reasons, I believe this FDA regulation, if fully enforced, would destroy what remains of America's economy and, within just a few years, cause a total collapse of the health care system which is already burdened under a rising wave of degenerative disease (diabetes rates have doubled in just one generation, thanks to the utter failure of western medicine).

    In this proposed FDA regulation, I believe we are looking at a deliberate effort to destroy America, engineered by the unelected criminals and tyrants who run the FDA and answer to no one. They are writing their own new laws, in essence, with zero oversight from Congress and no responsibility whatsoever to the People they are supposed to serve. This is what happens when we allow runaway Big Government to trash our economies, mandate failed health care treatments (Obamacare) and nullify the U.S. Constitution.

    Obama says he is not engaged in a war against Libya (yeah, right!), but it's clear the FDA has declared war on the American people.

    And where does the FDA even claim it has the right to deny the use of dietary ingredients? The Commerce Clause, of course! It's the catch-all clause that Big Government always uses to claim supreme power over the people. And yet it's all a misinterpretation of the original intent of the Commerce Clause! The U.S. Constitution was written to LIMIT the power of government in order to protect the People from precisely the kind of tyranny being unleashed against us by the FDA.

    Where you can read more:

    Ralph Fucetola, the Vitamin Lawyer, shares his thoughts on this issue at:

    Also, the Alliance for Natural Health, which originally broke this story, offers an excellent analysis along with an online petition I encourage you to sign:

    Alert your local health food stores about this FDA assault on so-called NDIs. Share this article. Make sure your friends know the FDA is trying to destroy the supplements industry.

    We must not let them succeed. In fact, I say that in a just society, we would ask the U.S. Department of Justice to lead a citizens' march into the FDA offices and arrest the criminals there, charge them with crimes against humanity -- plus fraud, racketeering, and conspiracy to commit murder -- then hold public trials where all the evidence against the FDA is made public so that the entire population can see the full extent of the crimes this agency is committing against the People of this great nation.

    We are not just dealing with bureaucrats here, my friends... we are dealing with murderers who absolutely do not value human life in any way -- and who are committed to causing more disease, more suffering, and more death as long as they can protect the profits of the pharmaceutical industry. These FDA bureaucrats are in the same evil class as Nazi war criminals, and it's time that we subjected them to the full force of common law powered by the People.

    The sooner that day comes, the safer our nation will be from tyrants. We are now quite literally fighting for our lives.

    Stay tuned to for more reporting on this developing issue.

    To further discuss this issue, I am appearing on the Alex Jones show Thursday, July 7th, at 1pm central time. You can view that interview at www.PrisonPlanet.TV
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    The Seed Bullet and the Seed Shield

    By Gareth
    July 5th,2011

    A few thousand years ago, mankind learned the art of locally-produced food by studying how seeds grow and how to collect subsequent seed for the following season. This great art of cultivation allowed civilizations to settle in a certain location, and thus progressed man from the hunter-gatherer status in which he previously lived. Although nomadic cultures existed – and still exist today in some areas of the world – new cultures rich in philosophy, science, arts, and economic activity emerged as man was able to avoid the turbulent task of following a sometimes unpredictable herd of wild animals. Since that time, and particularly in the past century, the common, everyday, run-of-the-mill man and woman has forgotten this great skill, and is neither nomadic nor a gardener. This situation is perilous, and needs to be addressed immediately.

    The current food supply is a global mega-farm wherein certain countries produce specific food types for the international market. This in-the-nick-of-time system relies upon the removal of import/export duties, cheap labor, the combustion engine, artificial pesticides and fertilizers, freezers and refrigerators, artificial preservatives, and, above all, cheap oil. This system, similar to global debt-based fiat currency system, is intrinsically fragile, amoral, and is implemented by the same people that are often referred to as ‘the elite’, ‘the ruling classes’, or as how I prefer to regard them – ‘the parasitical classes’.

    With the same philosophy that underpins the Silver Bullet and Silver Shield’, growing your own organic produce both withdraws power from the parasitical class, whilst preserving your own ability to feed yourself. Food is THE most important thing we should consider, even before purchasing silver, as you cannot be sustained with metal alone – no matter how shiny or rare it is. The parasitical elites know the end game is approaching, and will seek to trick, bully, harass, lie, and ultimately murder and pillage as this paradigm unravels. Do you really want these psychopaths in control of your food supply? As time progresses, these so-called ‘global leaders’ will push all sorts of lies, spin, and deception onto the unsuspecting public, and the strategies they employ will vary from country-to-country, so be mindful of the movements within your own government, both regional and national, when considering the global system.

    Parasites that they are, the elites have noticed the growing trend for desiring home-grown foods in my home country – England – and instead of fighting against the trend using propaganda via the media; they have instead embraced it by supplying F1 hybrid seeds onto the market. There are ‘grow your own’ seed packets in most supermarkets and garden centres that unless stated as ‘organic’ will undoubtedly be F1 hybrids.

    The parasitical class are well aware that the term ‘organic’ is ambiguous, and there is indeed a slightly subjective slant to the concept. For some people it means you cannot utilize any pollutants, whereas a local for-the-market farmer will most probably use a van to deliver goods to customers. The latter will emphasize minimal use of pollutants in their slant on what organic gardening is. However, every organic farmer will state the importance of purchasing real seed. This is because the resulting crops produce fertile seeds for future use, thus ensuring the ability to both maintain and expand your seed-bank. If you purchase and grow F1 hybrid seed you will need to purchase new packets in the future. In other words, the parasitical elite will still control your food supply.

    Similar to the currency versus silver thinking: imagine being left holding a seed-bank of F1’s instead of a seed-bank consisting of real seed. What’s more, for the cost of just two ounces of silver, and with the correct knowledge and some practice, you can provide yourself with fresh, delicious vegetables for the rest of your life.

    In England, the parasitical elite are conscious that their power diminishes if people grow their own food using real seed. So far, they’ve been successful in hood-winking the people into purchasing their F1 hybrids. Indeed, in my conversations with various people, many of whom are new to the grow-your-own’ trend, I’ve ascertained certain beliefs that are under-pinned by the mistaken concept that they’ll be able to purchase seed in the future easily, and at a fairly cheap price. F1 hybrid seed, however, is intrinsically linked to the global system we’ve unfortunately allowed to flourish whilst foolishly following our so-called ‘leaders’. The system is flawed, due to break, and so also, therefore, is the supply of F1 hybrids.

    To tackle such a misconception common amongst my fellow man, I only engage in themes regarding the global, Ponzi, debt-based, parasitical, amoral, unjust, murdering, and downright evil system that we live in with those that I know well, and feel comfortable around. After all, not everyone is ready to listen to the truth – at least not at this particular point in time. So instead, the most common justification I use for purchasing real seed is this: the crops taste better.

    Unlike F1 ‘Frankenstein’ seed – that is produced to be grown using large amounts of petroleum-based fertilizer and pesticides in vast open fields – real seed is intended to be grown on a small scale, just like nature intended. The seed you collect will be even more suited to your micro-environment than the initial seed you purchased, resulting in even tastier produce for your dinner table year-on-year. Indeed, you should be extremely mindful of your micro-climate when selecting what crops to grow and methods to employ when undertaking organic gardening. I shall address such topics in chapter two: Food glorious food. This chapter is intended to justify the importance of recognizing the role of real seed in undoing the parasitical elite’s web-of-control.

    The populace of England have been appeased thus far with their desire for home grown produce, but as the world awakens, many will listen to the reasons behind the philosophy of purchasing real seed. The elite could then become more desperate and instruct their prostitute-media to inform the masses “about the dangers of not using F1 seeds”. Or even worse, they’ll get very aggressive towards those selling organic produce/seeds whilst subsidizing firms peddling their Frankenstein alternatives. Whatever the British Parliament does, the game may be played-out differently in various parts of the world. Throughout this paradigm shift it will be wise to understand your locality in the context of law, culture, and, of course, designing and implementing your own organic garden. Purchasing and growing real seed not only enriches you dietary-wise, it is also an attack upon the parasitical elites who’ve cheated, lied, and murdered their way to control of the global food supply. When the music stops on their game, it’s wise to have had the foresight to acquire knowledge of organic farming, be in possession of a real seed-bank, have persuaded those around you of the benefits and of course, to have some physical silver bullion.
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    By Greg Evensen
    July 10, 2011

    It is far too easy to “just tell it” than to try and actually do it. Or as my southern kinfolk expressed it, “it’s better felt than telt.” This week, I will host roughly 25 dedicated fellow countrymen at my homestead in Michigan. People from around the country will meet here to put their minds, bodies and spirits to the test. When the weekend is finished, I believe that each one will say to the other, and themselves, “well done……” This is a race set before the participants to see if they can accomplish something nearly all have never done.

    They will live, work, defend the group and emerge from whatever the north woods throws their way. Sun, heat, humidity, rain, cool night dampness, critters of all kinds and the up close and real sense of making it without electricity, cell phones, running water, flushing toilets and micro-waved food is the goal of this training. Sitting on watch for two hours by yourself on a compass perimeter point, staying awake and not making a single move or sound that would alert a bad guy that you are close by, is combat readiness in every sense of the word. Unloaded weapons will be carried and accounted for at every moment. Three highly trained instructors including myself will be carrying “hot” and capable of dealing with 300 pound black bears (like the one my wife and I saw today) wolves, coyotes, owls, hawks, eagles and assorted other game including moose and elk (not usually seen in our immediate area but within 20-30 miles).

    So, is this adult boy scouting gone amuck, or is this part of the real life antidote to the freedom robbing poison shoved down our throats by every manner of crooked banker, bought off politician, and tyrannical judge? The eager folks who called and asked to be put on the list have said, “I’m not sitting on the bench for this game. I will be ready when the team calls and I will join the huddle fit and eager to do my part for victory.” That may sound John Wayne corny, but I assure you it is the view of the oppressed as they torch the hell out of their chains of oppression.

    As I carry this effort on the road as well, the people who greet me for the first time in a driveway at the home of the brave, a steely eyed moment of “let’s get to the task” takes place and we execute this drill with great precision. Working together, setting huge goals and not stopping until the job is done, is what we are talking about here. No shortcuts, no let someone else do it, and no “when do we eat” mindsets will be standing at the defensive line. On that acre of ground are the true souls who understand the idea of the “land of the free.” F. Scott Key knew well what he wrote when he penned, “O thus be it ever when free men shall stand, between their loved homes and the (coming) war’s desolation.”
    We have reached the same moment that those long forgotten tri-corner hatted patriots knew that not one more inch of ground could be allowed to slip away because of their indecision, fear, denial of the British tyranny, refusal to give up their 18th century comforts, and the heartbreak of leaving—perhaps forever—their “loved homes” and the unacceptable choice of surrender to a King’s dictatorship.

    Must I say it? The 20th century succession of Kings in America and the King’s army of taxmen, enforcers, armadas and jailers have been with us for a full century. After a long train of abuses, have we no shame? After swarms of officers have taken our liberties, have we no courage left? Have we not heard thousands of Paul Revere’s riding through our land, and we still closed the shutters, locked the doors and pretended we had not heard the warnings? The pulpits are silent, the town hall is complicit with the King and the Magistrate governs like a great warlock bent on taking personal freedom and then tearing away all of the hope from the victim accused of standing against the rule of the corrupt. How horrid, how meaningless, and how despicable is this nation of thieves. Must we be forced to watch our children torn from our arms and stand helpless as our homes, our lands and our destiny is burned before our eyes?

    That is what is taking place at this moment in the once great, moral and God-fearing Republic of the United States of America. We luxuriate in our crimes, brag about our sins, use our wages to purchase all types of putrid access to drugs, adultery, homosexuality, gambling, child abuse, abortion, forced state schooling and hundreds of other “tax supported” evils that allow subversion on our borders and in our council chambers.

    Make no mistake, we deserve our fate simply because we could not say no to evil when everyone was encouraging it, and we could not say yes to the Godly thing when no one was supporting it. We would not stand in church and challenge the lies and distortion coming from the mouths of blasphemous men of perdition masquerading as “Holy men.” We were unwilling to march on the police chief’s office or the Sheriff’s Department when uniformed violence was an everyday event. We could not withdraw our funds from banks that perpetuated policies which took from the poor and gave to the rich. And yes, we refused to protest the killing of babies or shout down the perverts who stand before an evil clergy official and embrace their sodomite lovers in a charade called “gay marriage.” We witnessed and did nothing as “church members” held horrible signs up along the funeral routes of fallen soldiers and proclaimed that God was glad that their son or daughter had sacrificed their life.

    Do we really have to waste one moment trying to figure out why our nation has experienced more “natural” disasters on a cataclysmic scale this year alone than at any other time in our continent’s history? Is it mere chance that the nation is plagued by debt that cannot be accurately determined or imagined? Food is not growing in burned or soggy fields. Do you begin to grasp why people from ALL backgrounds, ALL geographical locations, and ALL walks of life are coming to Michigan next week to see if they can withstand what some would say is the “worst case” scenario they may be forced to endure, so that they can live another day free? Let me assure you that our future may be far worse than what they will face in the “friendly woods” of Iron County.

    That is the very reason why millions of Americans have quietly begun to prepare for life off the grid. It is why these same millions are becoming more involved than they have ever been before in their lives. It is also why, sadly, many other millions have simply given up and figure moronically that the government is here to help you and after all, this can never happen in America. Those millions will either perish almost immediately, or they will become complicit with the brutal forces of terror that will force the will of the communist government and state church upon the people for a loaf of bread. That is history already lived, it is reality in much of the world under Muslim Sharia law, and it is scriptural truth as outlined in the Revelation of John at the conclusion of the Holy Bible. It is the Word of God fulfilled in our day and it will bear witness to the near term future of us all.

    So, those of you who wish to be helpful join the American Civil Liberties Union and support “real” freedom as they see it. March with Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center as they work hand in hand with the “ever friendly” Homeland Security jackals continue to define domestic terrorists to the general public as all patriots, Christians, abortion protestors, and others, printed at their website that include me and many others.

    Well, let me assist you Mr. Dees. I am indeed your most “notorious” suspect. Go for it. Draw up your list and hand it to Janet “the Reaper” Napolitano. It may just help you understand how difficult your job of rounding up Republic citizens will really be. Do not assume we will go quietly. Let me suggest that you should consider an early retirement and take your government money into hiding. We’ll even give you a fair head start………….

    Those coming to Crystal Falls are peaceful types, but they are beginning to get a bit testy. No war games will be played; no government people will be singled out to be harassed or shadowed. It isn’t necessary. We already know who the bad guys are and it ain’t us. We will study and practice working together and making it through this obsessively dark period of history created by those I have mentioned and others on the express train to oblivion. America has met her demise because of Fusion Centers, multi-jurisdictional militarized police forces, and billions in entitlements for those least entitled. The rest of us are forced to pay the government agencies that underwrite welfare, and in so doing, underwrite our own defeat. Chase Alice’s rabbit down the hole. Follow the money and power. Observe the elite as they herd us into the cattle pens. PREPARE FOR BATTLE, FIX BAYONETS, DIG IN DEEP, AND NO SURRENDER, EVER!!!

    We will miss a few of you who thought about coming and decided that your soccer tournament was more important. We will silently shake our heads at those who make fun of our efforts to bring the truth of this nation’s defeat to the people who need to hear it the most. But we will not back off of our determination to take the high ground in the struggle for the soul of this nation. Where do you stand? Are you still glassy eyed over Obama? Do you love the congressional agenda, new taxes, shrinking pay and retirements? Do you feel more secure in the “peace and safety” police state?

    Freedom, personal liberty is clearly not for you. Enjoy your chains. For the rest of you there are tools to assist you in your efforts to prepare.

    We will video tape (a three hour overview in-field summary) of this effort and offer it along with the other 12 hours of video training and printed material now available to those who could not come for understandable reasons to Crystal Falls, or other areas where similar training is being held. If you still want to “attend” by “correspondence” before training school is dismissed for good, then contact us at

    Make no mistake the final conflict is at hand. Do you have the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual strength to persevere? Stake your life on it, you will soon have the chance to find out.

    As George Washington found it necessary to kneel in the woods before Valley Forge and in desperation prayed that God would send aide, comfort, and victory to his ravaged troops, then we can do no less. Pray that American patriots across this land will stand the test, stand for what is right, and never retreat when the trumpet sounds. Know your duty and answer the call. No less than our nation’s life is at risk. Go forward in the knowledge that even if the church is silent, God does expect us each one to do what is right in a Godly manner, even if we do not survive the coming battle, we will be counted as patriots who gave their all.

    Should the flag be destined to come down, then prepare to live each hour in dignity, strength, and spiritual commitment to God Himself. Hold onto the unwavering determination to never forsake your family, and pursue the dedication to that great cause of eternal freedom found only in Jesus.

    © 2011 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

    Greg Evensen is a former Kansas State Trooper awarded the Governor’s Award for heroism. He has produced two DVD’s, nine hours of training for families attempting to prepare for a breakdown of the national structure and the “grid.” His 400 page “survival Manual” that is also available as a complete companion guide to the DVD’s for dealing with these disruptions is now available along with his inspirational musical CD’s including “The Sovereignty Papers,” a three hour narrative of Greg’s book at his website store

    Greg is also traveling the nation assisting concerned Americans by conducting “in-field” training sessions at farms, ranches, churches, and rural homesteads where groups of attendees learn how to defend their homes and master 25 topic areas that will give them the “edge” when the lights go out.

    Website: TheHeartLandUSA

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    Life in Argentina after the 2001 crisis.
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