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Thread: Voter Fraud Information Thread

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    This system needs to be overhauled. DMV should not be registering people to vote. They are not qualified to know what fake documents are. Registrations need to be verified that these people are US citizens and not deceased.

    There should also be a backup database of the votes that are handed over to another independent counting group so the votes are counted TWICE, simultaneously, and both counts match.

    The Vital Records who record these death certificates needs to copy Voter Registration, DMV, Social Security, Welfare, Food Stamps, Disability, IRS and all government benefit offices to get them off the roles. End the fraud, waste and abuse!
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    Three Arrested For Alleged Voter Fraud In Key Swing States

    "... far from the first example of potential voter fraud."

    by Jeff Neukom November 1, 2016 at 12:20pm

    Three individuals in three swing states were arrested and charged with voter fraud over the weekend.
    In Virginia, Vafalay Massaquoi faces up to 40 years in prison for registering voters who did not even exist. As reported by the Washington Post, Massquoi worked for a “local advocacy group” and filed the applications with the City of Alexandria, who notified state officials.
    Massaquoi is accused of falsifying applicants and forging voter registration forms that were filed with the Alexandria Office of the General Registrar. He was charged with two felony counts of forging a public record and two felony counts of voter registration fraud.

    Related Stories

    In Florida, Miami-Dade police arrested Gladys Coego, 74, after she was seen logging additional votes for Raquel Regalado, a mayoral candidate.
    Investigators confirmed Coego had submitted two extra votes, but witness testimony suggested she’d sent in several more.
    Coego willfully turned herself in to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on Friday morning. She was charged with two felony counts of marking another person’s ballot and was released after posting a $10,000 bond.

    Also in Florida, 33-year-old Tomika Curgil allegedly filled out five election forms without the voters’ consent. Curgil, who was working as part of United for Care, a campaign to legalize marijuana, also submitted at least 15 forms for people who apparently don’t exist — and several forms for people who are dead.
    Police officers arrested Curgil at her Liberty City home Friday morning and charged her with five felony counts of submitting false voter-registration information. Her bond was set at $125,000. The arrests are far from the first example of potential voter fraud, as the names of thousands of deceased individuals have been found on voter rolls, and one Young Democrat in Virginia registered 19 deceased to vote.

    The three arrests come as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has claimed the presidential election is “rigged” to favor Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

    Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton might benefit from vote manipulation, as Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed an executive order allowing over 200,000 ex-felons to vote — a move that many have criticized as an attempted boost for the Democratic party.
    Trump has also pointed out the collusion within the Democratic National Committee that led to the demise of candidate Bernie Sanders.
    While the jury is still out if voter fraud exists on a scale large enough to swing a presidential election, the trio of arrests around Halloween weekend confirm, if nothing else, that cases of perpetrated or attempted fraud exist.
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    Wisconsin Recount Farce Nets Trump 26 Votes

    December 6, 2016 By Kristie McDonald

    “This recount is just a way for Jill Stein, who received less than one percent of the vote overall and wasn’t even on the ballot in many states, to fill her coffers with money.”

    The recount forced by Green Party nominee Jill Stein in Wisconsin is going swimmingly so far — for President-Elect Donald Trump. Trump has extended his lead over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by a total of 26 additional votes.

    Lifezette reports,
    The results for Monday — the fifth day of the Wisconsin recount — showed that Trump accrued 84 more votes than the initial election results reported. Clinton gained 58 votes. The initial count in the Badger State had Trump trouncing Clinton by 27,257 votes.
    The hard, cold numbers seem to matter little to Stein.
    “If you’re for democracy, end your voter-silencing campaign and join me in advocating for election integrity, @realDonaldTrump,” Stein tweeted Monday.
    But Trump does support democracy, and that includes honoring the voices of the millions of Americans who voted during the 2016 presidential election. Stein’s recount crusade seems set to continue to reap inconsequential returns.
    “While @realDonaldTrump engages in a sweep-it-under-the-rug campaign, 150,000 people say they want voter justice,” Stein continued in a separate tweet.
    Stein was referring to the roughly 150,000 people who pledged to financially support her recount request via her official website. Thus far in her quest, Stein has raised over $7.2 million for Wisconsin alone. The state required a fee of $3.5 million to carry out the recount.
    Stein caused many an eye to roll when she announced in late November her intention to seek a recount in three key states won by Trump — Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

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    BREAKING: Voter Fraud In Michigan Favored Clinton – NOT Trump

    December 6, 2016 By Kristie McDonald

    Optical ballot scanners in Michigan that malfunctioned on election night and may have counted votes twice were situated in heavily Democratic areas, meaning that any vote fraud in the state actually favored Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump.

    This report from Infowars,
    The revelation is buried in a Guardian article which discusses broken voting machines in Detroit and one-third of surrounding Wayne County, where Hillary Clinton won in a landslide;
    “Eighty-seven of Wayne County’s decade-old voting machines broke on election day, according to Detroit’s elections director, Daniel Baxter. He told the Detroit News, which first reported the story, that ballot scanners often jammed when polling place workers were trying to operate them. Every time a jammed ballot was removed and reinserted, he suspects the machine may have re-counted it.”
    In other words, in an area where the significant majority of people voted for Hillary Clinton, their votes may have been counted twice.
    This means that Trump’s margin of victory in Michigan may be even larger than the 10,704 votes initially recorded.
    The Guardian’s claim that, “Wayne’s population of 1,759,335 makes it the likeliest candidate to contain errors bigger than that margin,” suggesting that Hillary would have a chance of overturning defeat is a misnomer given that any vote irregularities would have been in her favor.
    Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, after five days of the recount and over a million votes counted, Donald Trump has extended his lead in the state by 26 votes.
    Trump lost 302 votes but gained 386 votes elsewhere, whereas Hillary Clinton lost 293 votes and gained 351 elsewhere.

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    Philadelphia: Jill Stein’s Recount Picks Up Five Votes for Hillary Clinton

    A Philadelphia blog reports that Jill Stein’s much-touted recount in the deep-blue Pennsylvania city has netted only five votes for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

    December 6, 2016 By Kirsty Jane

    From Breitbart
    The great Philadelphia recount has ended, and Hillary Clinton got five more votes than she had in her previous total.
    Donald Trump’s number stayed the same, as did the totals for Independent candidate Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein after the City Commissioners Office recounted votes in 75 of Philadelphia’s more than 1600 voting divisions. The recount had been launched by 250-plus Philadelphia residents answering the call of Stein, who asked for three petitioners in each of Pennsylvania’s voting district to file recounts to assist in her attempts to get a statewide recount through a Commonwealth Court and then Federal Court lawsuit.
    Stein’s camp had planned on using the district-level recounts as possible evidence for hacking or fraud. The recount turned up no instances of fraud or hacking here, City Commissioner Al Schmidt said, emphasizing the difficulty of hacking voting machines that aren’t connected to the internet.

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    By EMILY SCHULTHEIS CBS NEWS December 1, 2016, 6:06 AM

    Jill Stein's recount fundraising: What happens to leftover money?

    First, Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s campaign said it needed $2.5 million to fund its three-state recount effort in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Then it was $4.5 million. Then it was $7 million. Now it’s $9.5 million.

    As Stein brings in millions of dollars in campaign contributions -- in the last week, she’s already raised almost twice what she raised during the entire 2016 campaign -- her fundraising success raises a big question: where is that money going, and what happens to it if there are leftover funds after the recount?

    President-elect Donald Trump has slammed the recount efforts, saying in a statement Saturday that it’s a “scam” that will allow Stein “to fill her coffers with money, most of which she will never even spend on this ridiculous recount.”

    Play VIDEO
    Trump blasts Clinton over Wisconsin recount

    But Stein’s campaign has since actually filed for recounts in all three states -- and does not expect to have money left over at the end of the process.

    CBS News spoke with both the Stein campaign and campaign finance experts about recount fundraising. Here’s what we found:

    How much money has Stein raised?

    As of Wednesday, Stein’s website indicated she had raised $6.7 million toward the recount effort.

    This is effectively twice what Stein’s campaign raised during the entire 2016 campaign: through Oct. 19, the date of the final filing period of the 2016 cycle, Stein had brought in about $3.5 million.

    She would need just $300,000 more for the recount effort to double that amount.

    Is that money going directly to her campaign?

    No -- the money Stein is raising for the recount goes into a completely separate account that’s specifically designated for the recount campaign, not into a general campaign fund.

    How much can people donate?

    Up to $2,700 per person.

    Play VIDEO
    Final tally: Trump officially wins Michigan as recounts on horizon

    Because this is a fund that’s totally separate from Stein’s campaign fund, the maximum individual contributions are reset since the 2016 election -- meaning if someone donated the maximum $2,700 to her general election campaign, they could give an additional $2,700 to the recount campaign.

    However, at least thus far it seems like most of the donations are considerably smaller. Stein campaign manager David Cobb told OpenSecrets that of the 140,000 donations that had come in by Wednesday, they averaged $46 -- and that just 414 donors gave more than $1,000.

    What costs are associated with a recount?

    Initially, Stein’s campaign estimated (according to its fundraising page) that the Wisconsin recount would cost $1.1 million, Pennsylvania would cost $500,000 and Michigan would cost $600,000. To cover those costs, the campaign’s original stated goal was to raise $2.5 million.

    Once they quickly blew past that goal, though, the fundraising page on Stein’s website included a line saying that there were more costs involved than just the fees owed to each state: they’d also need money for attorneys’ fees (which they estimated to be $2 to 3 million) as well as money to pay the statewide recount observers. That new estimate, they said, brought their fundraising goal up to $7 million.

    Play VIDEO
    Trump keeps watch on recount effort

    Stein’s campaign has explained the growing fundraising benchmarks by saying that they are updating the explanatory text as more information from each state becomes available.

    That happened on Tuesday, when Wisconsin came back to the Stein campaign after consulting with each county about costs, and said the recount there would actually cost $3.5 million -- considerably more than initially expected. Stein campaign spokeswoman Jordan Brueckner said that Wisconsin increase is the reason Stein’s fundraising goal jumped from $7 million to $9.5 million this week.

    Stein’s campaign wired the $3.5 million to Wisconsin’s Elections Commission on Tuesday afternoon.

    What happens to leftover funds?

    When the fundraising plea was first posted to Stein’s website, it included a short message to say the campaign was “raising money to demand recounts in Wisconsin, MIchigan, and Pennsylvania.” That language was updated late last week to include a line about what would happen to unused funds.

    “If we raise more than what’s needed, the surplus will also go toward election integrity efforts and to promote voting system reform,” the new line on the website said.

    At this point, Stein’s campaign does not anticipate that it’ll have money leftover. However, Brueckner said unused funds would either be returned to donors or put toward “voting reform.” She did not specify exactly what form the reform efforts would take.

    Play VIDEO
    Jill Stein pushing for election recount in 3 states

    “It’s very highly unlikely that there will be any left over,” Brueckner said. “But if the case there is, we will consult with FEC guidelines we will either return the donations according to those guidelines, or put it toward voting reform.”

    What do campaign finance rules say about this?

    Technically, recount funds are supposed to be used solely for expenses related to a recount -- including the things like lawyers’ fees and recount observers that Stein’s campaign has described.

    But as for where the additional money can go, FEC guidelines are unclear -- if Stein’s campaign wants to use the money for yet-to-be-determined voting integrity or “voting reform” efforts, it would likely need to transfer that to another fund or account.

    “There haven’t been that many instances where this has really come up and the FEC has really looked” at the issue, said Brendan Fischer, an associate counsel at the Campaign Legal Center.

    Usually, FEC guidelines say campaigns need to go back to their donors and ask if they would be willing to have their donations transferred to a different fund. In this case, since Stein’s campaign has indicated on its site that it planned to use the additional funds for “election integrity efforts,” that could give them more of an argument to transfer funds without going back to donors and asking for permission.

    “There’s limited guidance from the FEC on how these funds need to be spent,” Fischer said. “What the FEC has said very clearly is if the campaign has leftover funds in its recount account after the recount is done, they are allowed to refund those contributions to donors. They can also … go back to the donors and ask that the contributions be redesignated to their general election fund or to remain for future recounts.”

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    Congressman Issa gets into heated exchange with CNN’s Chris Cuomo over illegals voting

    December 5, 2016 | Tom Tillison |

    Rep. Darrell Issa got into a heated exchange with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on Monday over illegal immigrants voting in the U.S.

    …though neither would actually put a name to it, opting to call it “illegal voting” instead.

    The California Republican stressed there is a “huge problem in getting elections accurate,” prompting a skeptical Cuomo to challenge him.

    “So you believe that millions of people voted illegally? You believe that?” the CNN anchor said.

    “I’m going to hold you to your facts,” Issa replied. “You said dozens or handfuls. We all know out of 320 million Americans, it wasn’t dozens or handfuls.”
    Rep. @DarrellIssa debates @ChrisCuomo about the amount of people who voted illegally: “I love you, but…”
    — New Day (@NewDay) December 5, 2016
    The two went back and forth over just how pervasive the problem of illegal voting is.

    “Chris, I love you, but you’re in fact talking about dozens and saying, out of 320 million Americans, it is a lot more than dozens,” Issa said at one point. “In my own state, in my own election, I had a pair of ballots where obviously a spouse voted for their dead husband. The fact is, illegal voting goes on. The question really is, are we going to restore confidence?”

    Playing off of Issa’s point on accurate elections, Cuomo told Issa he would send him studies hat back up his claim of much smaller numbers.

    “I will send you several studies on this because I will return the love that you have for me by giving you the information,” Cuomo said. “Because if we want accuracy in the system, we should start with how we describe that system as well.”

    Never mind that a former ICE agent said last week that out of more than a 1,000 arrests of illegal aliens he had arrested, close to 100 — 10 percent — had voter registrations cards on them.
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    December 7, 2016 By Kristie McDonald

    It just hasn’t worked out the way Jill Stein wanted; apart from filling her coffers with cash. The Green Party candidate’s Michigan recount unintentionally exposed this major voting fraud scandal.

    Once they started the Michigan recount in earnest, and knowing he would be exposed, the Detroit City Clerk Daniel Baxter all of a sudden started claiming that the optical scanners which read the paper ballots did not work the day of the election.
    The Gateway Pundit reveals,
    Baxter blamed the discrepancies on decade-old voting machines. That is his cover story. Nothing like this was mentioned until he realized their voting fraud scheme would be detected.
    Baxter’s claim is that, when trying to push the ballots through the readers, the ballots would be stuck and they’d have to push them through again thus ‘ACCIDENTALLY’ resulting in a double count. He says the poll workers sometimes ‘FORGET’ to adjust the machine count and instead let the ballot count twice.
    Of course, that’s COMPLETELY BULLSH*T.
    And, it’s much worse than that.
    In one Detroit Precinct, a recount team was given a box of ballots with an unbroken seal where everything appeared proper and in place. The tag on the box said there were 306 ballots. The book said 306, and the ticket said 306, so that means there should be 306 paper ballots on the box. When they pulled out the ballots, there were exactly FIFTY paper ballots in a locked sealed box that again was supposed to have 306. The official canvasser approved count for this precinct was 306. For FIFTY ballots.
    It looks like Detroit counts each vote more than SIX TIMES! No wonder they get such high turnout rates!
    Read more at The Gateway Pundit
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