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Thread: Why the illegals must go!

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    Why the illegals must go!

    Why the illegals must go!

    April 19, 2007
    by William Gheen
    President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

    Today, Americans face an unprecedented illegal immigration crisis facilitated by multi-billion dollar drug and human importing cartels as well as corporations which are inducing the invasion by aiding and abetting illegal aliens and using their influence on the Executive Branch and elections to paralyze existing immigration laws supported by over 80% of the American citizenry.

    These events are not random and chaotic. Massive illegal immigration is the result of non-enforcement and under-enforcement of our existing immigration laws.

    Supporters of illegal aliens love to claim that our immigration system is broken. The system is not broken. Elite financial and political business interests who could care less about the death and devastation they are causing Americans have sabotaged the system. Their profits continue to rise as they send the rest of America spiraling downward on a path to anarchy and Third World quality-of-life conditions.

    By using their influence to suspend our existing laws, these globalist special interests have deprived all Americans of political representation as well as their votes, their voice, and a functioning Republic for which our flag stands.

    When the laws of the American people – debated and voted on by their duly-elected Congressional Representatives and signed into law by the President – go intentionally under-enforced by the Executive Branch, all of the principles, sovereignty, and self-governance of Americans are derailed. The will of the American public, the existing laws, the US Constitution, and the borders of our great nation are perceived as market hindrances to the global elite. We the people of America are perceived as peasants and subjects beneath the power of their influence.

    The American public has spoken through our lawmakers and in numerous polls. A super majority of Americans want our existing laws enforced, those responsible for illegal immigration fined and/or imprisoned, the borders secured, and illegal aliens deported from the United States for many years or permanently. These fact remain, despite several politicized polls which attempt to manufacture consent and make you believe such views represent a minority.

    The truth is that most Americans want the illegal aliens to return to the nations of which they are citizens. The rallying cry is: "Illegals Go Home!"

    We could easily list 101 reasons why Americans are upset about illegal immigration. Most are concerned about the 4,000+ preventable deaths of Americans by the criminal acts of illegal aliens on our soil each year. No corporate propaganda will change the fact that most Americans do not want to surrender or capitulate to the lawless masses rushing into our nation.

    No poll or politicized source is needed to prove this point because the decision is based upon our nation's successful history and basic common sense. The answer is based on something that every judge, lawmaker, and even street thug knows. The penalties must outweigh the benefits if you want to deter any action.

    It is common sense and common practice in America that for any law to be a deterrent, two important factors are in play. First, the laws must be enforced, and second, the penalties for any crime must exceed the benefits to those breaking the law.

    It is truly amazing that we find ourselves as a nation having to explain these basic foundations of law to corporations and politicians in the year 2007 despite their existence since the dawn of civilization! Can you imagine what would happen in America if the penalty for robbing a bank was that you had to return half of the money you stole if, and only if, you were apprehended for the crime? What if the penalty for car theft was paying a $2,000 fine if you were caught with the stolen vehicle?

    The answers are clear. Within a month, you would not have a bank open in America and you would not be able to keep a car worth more than $2,000 in your driveway for more than a week. How many millions of people would quickly take up the careers of bank robber and car thief once the rewards for the crime were higher than the penalty?

    If American businesses and homes left their windows and doors unlocked each night and robbers were merely removed by police when detected – only to try again the next night – what do you think would happen? If big, global businesses practiced the same non-enforcement of security similar to the lack of border security and lack of immigration enforcement they have facilitated for Americans, they would be out of business in a matter of days or weeks. If they left their doors unlocked at night and just pushed people back to the street, America would quickly descend into such chaos and anarchy that we would be unable to sustain a population of 300 million. Our population would take a hit similar to the impact of the Black Plague on Europe, and we would quickly enter a new dark age.

    Since illegal aliens can never afford to compensate Americans for what they have taken, they must go. We do not need to go door to door looking for illegals to deport in America. Attrition through enforcement works. Illegal aliens are leaving the states of Georgia and Pennsylvania in droves, not because they are enforcing the laws but because they have simply announced they plan to start!

    Unfortunately, the current state of affairs in America has illegals flooding in by the millions each year and many law-abiding Americans fleeing the states of California and Texas and many towns and cities in search of more safety and security. Many Americans are on the run and finding few places left to run to.

    The illegal aliens are sending a clear message on the streets of Los Angeles and other major urban centers. They are saying: "This is our land. White, black, and legal Hispanics get out!"

    This is great news for the housing and real estate markets, Wal-Mart, and McDonalds. They are growing the economy using rapid population growth. This is great news for big corporations and bad news for Americans.

    Attrition through enforcement will work. In fact, if President George Bush were to announce on national television that America would begin securing our borders and enforcing our existing laws in one month, so many illegal aliens would leave America that Mexico would have to set up refuge stations!

    Another important reason that the illegal aliens must leave for the long term is that they'll return to their home communities with a message for their neighbors that their ill-gotten gains did not pay off in America. This is the only thing that will stop, or slow, the flow. Deporting illegal aliens and sending them packing is the only real way we can put a stop to this crisis.

    The politicians in DC are very aware that Americans want the illegal aliens to go. That is why their latest Scamnesty legislation includes a “touchback” provision. Under these laws, the illegal aliens can hop across the Mexican or Canadian borders where special "Ellis Island" stations are set up for them to pay a fine, receive new documentation and be back in the US within days or hours.

    The lunatics advocating this plan are counting on Americans to be so stupid and so gullible that they can say, "Look, the illegals left and walked back in legally. Problem solved!" They are eager to pretend to accommodate the American desires for the illegals to leave while quickly returning their slave labor force to our nation.

    They know that Americans want illegals to leave and get behind a long line of legal immigrants waiting to enter the US, including millions of people who have been waiting 5-10 years. These politicians and the illegal aliens need to be shown the way to the back of the line. The back of the line is back in the country in which they are citizens, 5-10 years down the road behind all of the talented and law-abiding people who respect our laws.

    If these traitorous corporations and politicians succeed in setting up these Ellis Island stations for “Operation Touchback," the revered symbol of Ellis Island will take on a new meaning that Americans see with contempt and resentment. Ellis Island will become a name associated with the horrendous betrayal of free Americans and the deathblow to the American Republic. This is a symbol of America’s surrender and the subjugation of all her people.

    If we allow the politicians in DC to sign off on the many Guest Worker, Temporary Worker, Path to Citizenship, Amnesty, Scamnesty bills written by the US Chamber of Commerce, then no wall with an army on top of it will stop the next 20 million from crashing down on our country. We will have signaled that America is weak and will capitulate and accommodate. Already, the word is out in Central and South America that they can come and stay. Each time President Bush has opened his mouth about such programs, the US Border Patrol reports massive spikes in illegal crossings.

    Since there is literally no end to the stream of illegals who want to be in America, this will be the end of America as we have known it and as history has praised it.

    In the past, when America has cracked down on illegal immigration and the American people have signaled they want the immigration brakes applied, the policies have worked. New laws written near the turn of the 20th century greatly reduced the amount of immigration into America. When Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower launched large deportation campaigns in the 1950s and 1930s, illegal immigration slowed to minuscule levels as a result.

    Whether you agree or disagree with the decisions of the past, these policies were part of the successful formula that have led America to become the most opulent and successful civilization in human history.

    While some argue that these enforcement measures were racist and that some American citizens of different races were improperly deported at the time, we now have the technology and methodology in place to assure that American citizens and legal immigrants are not improperly affected by our immigration enforcement efforts.

    The difference in 2007 is that the globalist corporations that have hijacked the American government want to stop the American citizenry from applying the brakes this time. They have taken away our ability to determine who can enter our nation and our ability to stop armed and unarmed invasions as granted by the US Constitution.

    To take away the self-governance of Americans is to kill the very thing that has made us such a great and successful nation.

    In a time of crisis like this, we must stand firm on the principles that have made America an attractive and great nation. We must stand firm on the rule of law. The law must be applied equally to big corporations and illegal aliens alike lest we all become slaves subject to the plans of masters instead of a free and empowered citizenry.

    Illegal aliens and corporations must endure penalties for their illegal, deadly, and destructive actions that exceed the benefits they gain from their illegal activities.

    The hour is late and it is time for Americans to stand up and say with one voice...

    No Amnesty! No Guest Worker! Secure our borders and enforce the existing laws! Restore the American Republic!

    The illegals must go.

    Illegals go home!

    Added to the homepage at ... e&sid=2098
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    The most serious problem American Faces is not Terrorism but the Mass Invasion from Mexico. The Largest Invasion in World History is destroying our Schools, Medical Systems, Judicial System, and the Rule of Law, while Slaughtering, Raping & Robbing Americans by the 10,s of thousands. They are destroying our Social cohesion & turning us into a Cesspool of Crime, Corruption, Benefiting the Rich paid for by the poor & Middle Class! If this Amnesty is passed it will lead in time to Riots, Fires & Civil unrest on a scale greater than the 60,s and possibly Civil war!

    Both Democratic and Republican administrations have ignored Article IV Section IV of our Constitution & our Laws that is supposed to protect this Country from Invasion!

    President Bush has not only ignored our Constitution & Laws he has Aided, Abided, Encouraged and Collaborated with a foreign government to Subvert our Constitution! To ignore our Constitution is grounds for Impeachment, to engage in Subverting our Constitution is Treason!

    This Policy continues today even after the Wake-Up call of 9/11!

    When you have Senators that are swore to Defend the Constitution & Uphold our Laws encourage Criminals to break them then you have Criminals for Politicians! When our Politicians that think our Constitution is just a damn piece of Paper & Laws are meant to be broken then we are headed down the Slippery Slope of Anarchy!

    Illegal Aliens start by breaking the Law by Arriving Illegally using Forged Document and engaging in a wide range of Illegal Activities that would get an American Citizens Fined and in Jail.

    If an American Citizen is caught driving without driver licenses or insurance they face heavy fines & possible lost of driving Privileges. Illegal Aliens on the other hand are usually released with no punishment! The same is true for identify thief and benefits using false SS cards & for a host of other Crimes that American Citizens would feel the full weight of the Law!

    Our Politicians answer to these crimes is not to punish them, but to reward them!

    Only someone that is Brain-dead would believe rewarding Criminals results in less Criminals or Crime!

    People that start out by breaking the Laws & are Rewarded for doing so, have little respect or regard for any Laws & see this Nation and American Citizens as ripe for Plunder!

    They take full advantage of every benefit they can get Legal or Illegally!

    Illegal Aliens have an informal but highly effective net work to inform other Illegal Aliens where to get bogus documents & any new scams to get benefits illegally! Most Illegal Aliens works off the books & pays no taxes but still somehow gets an Earned Income tax credit ranging form 1500.00 to 3200.00 returned to them every year from American taxpayers!

    Illegal Aliens arrive in this Country from Counties where rampant Crime and Corruption has been a way of life for Centuries, is it any wonder they bring those same Family Values across the Border with them and are busy creating the same type of environment in the USA!

    They retain loyally to the Native Countries & Exploit the Compassion of Americans & the Corruption of our Politicians by using us & having nothing but contempt for a people & Nation that does not have the Political Will or Integrity in its Politicians to enforce our Laws & our Constitution against Invasion.

    To put it bluntly & without being Politically Correct, Illegal Aliens & Many of our Politicians are Parasites & Criminals feasting on the backs of American Citizens!

    Illegal Aliens seek not to build this Nation, but to use the fruits of Labor of Legal American Citizens that immigrated to this country legally & have in 230 years of Blood, Sweat, Tears, and Sacrifice built this Nation!

    While the Illegal Invaders have built nothing but a Cesspool of Crime, Corruption, Poverty & Misery in their own Counties for the masses, but a Elite class of very Rich, and Corrupt for the few.

    Could this be what many of our Politicians are hoping to Achieve here in the USA?

    You hear our Politicians like Bush, Kennedy, Hillary, McCain, Reid, Spector, Brownback, and Martinez, that’s wants to give them Amnesty, only they are so dishonest they refuse to call it Amnesty! They talk about the Rule of Law & Amnesty in the same sentence. This is an Oxymoron of the first order!

    We hear the same Politicians speaking of seeking Bipartisan support for a Comprehensive solution to Illegal Aliens which are code words for Amnesty without any means or intend to enforce the Laws or our Constitution & close our Borders, just like they did with the 1986 Amnesty!

    They further obscure & confuse the issue with Political Spin & Lies by saying it is only 7 or 8 million when the best independent estimates of the Illegal population was 20 million years ago & we have 5 to 10 thousand more pouring across our borders every day since then.

    They conveniently forget to inform American Citizens that each Illegal Alien granted citizenship has the option to bringing in 5 family members in a never ending chain, so at the very least we are talking about 60 million or so in the next 15 to 20 years, a more realistic number is probably 150 million or more.

    This Nation will be inundated with 10,s of Millions of Prolific breeders. Citizens with an average of 6 grade education and a 50 percent school drop out rate to populate the gangs & welfare rolls.

    This is the same thing that happens with the last Amnesty, only this time it is on a scale large enough to destroy this Nation and turn the USA into another Mexico!

    What we really have is a club of Millionaires in the Senate & the Democrat party seeking to deceive American Citizens again & pass a Law to reward other Millionaires with an unlimited supply of 21 First Century slaves.

    While they reward their selves with the votes from Latinos and money they receive from Corporations for destroying this Nation!

    The intent is to exploit both the Illegal Aliens for their Cheap Labor and the Poor & Middle class American Citizens as victims of the Illegal Alien’s crime, deteriorating standard of living and the 100,s of billions in welfare costs!

    While the users of the Illegal Aliens Labor laugh all the way to the bank with their obscene profits! They get richer while the rest sink into Poverty! In Bush’s term in office 5.4 million more American Citizens have slipped into poverty l & if they succeed in this Amnesty, American will become a Nation of Poverty with the Rich, Elite and Corrupt ruling and the rest is slaving for pennies like the Peons in Mexico!

    If this Amnesty is passed is anything like the Senate version as currently written, it will result in harm to this Nation almost beyond ones imagination!

    The last Amnesty resulted in the largest increase in Crime and Welfare of any bill ever passed & compared to this Amnesty it was minuscule.

    Illegal Aliens as percentage of population & the ones given Citizenship by the last Amnesty contribute more too both Crime & Welfare, than any other group in the USA!

    So you be the judge of what the results of next Amnesty will be & the harm it will do!
    The press is as guilty as the Politicians in trying to foster off this massive Amnesty bill on the American Public. They continue to refer to the Mass Invasion of Illegal Aliens as Immigrants which could not be further from the truth.

    They fail to point out the harmful impact of the last Amnesty in 1986.

    Few report what the detrimental affects will be to our Population, Standard of living, Crime, Environment, Welfare or a host of other problems with the Senate bill!

    Many Nations have tried to build a great Nation on the Back of Slaves, all have failed. If this were not so Mexico & other third world Nations would be rich instead of poor!

    For anyone that has never lived in an third country & experienced the horrible conditions & do not understand what will happen to this Country if the Senate Amnesty is passed go visit the interior of Mexico, there you will see the future of this Nation!

    We, as American Citizens owe & have the duty to prior generations that built this country at great personal sacrifice & to future generations, to rise up in protest from coast to coast and tell our Corrupt Politicians, No Not Again!

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    sent it out to 100 people today, included all local tv and radio stations on my list.

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    Welcome to Alipac "SC300LEXUS" glad to have you with us, hope you stick around, we all need to stick together!!

    W. sent your article to 8 congressmen in my Phone book and everyone else in there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GREGAGREATAMERICAN
    sent it out to 100 people today, included all local tv and radio stations on my list.
    make that 125 forgot about the second list Good luck Guys break a leg sorry I cant be with you but... noexcuse for not doing the home work send me all you want i got the weekend off and nothing but keyboard

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    You Tube

    Howdy Fellow American Citizens;
    I greatly appreciate the hard work, industry, and effort this organization puts in. I know that we all have a similar goal for this Republic and are dedicated in principle to the same ideals.

    Fair warning! I am now blocked from posting comments or rating threads on You Tube for my humble attempt to clarify or set straight some ignat's opinion regarding a few of George Lopez's racist--hate mongering videos. His comedy shtick is full of anti-Anglo nonsensical hate speak; therefore, I attempted to speak my mind a bit using facts, statistics, empirical logic, vis a vis or face to face with some vulgar people. Now I receive hate replies; my comments a whisper--their defense a SHOUT!
    Live and learn--do not lower yourself to responding to any posts on You Tube unless you are prepared to lose your privileges there.
    Thanks for working toward a better USA!
    Absurd Planet

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    What a shame absurdplanet. Keep trying!

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    Whats worse than that

    Great letter. I think another lesser discussed problem is this. While the politicians, PACs, pro-illegal immigration crowd, illegals themselves, corporations, counties down south of the border, and a media that panders to whatever left-wing nonsense thats out there think they are doing such a great job it is we, the people who seem to have to suffer whatever innane nonsense the aformentioned spew. Americans, as a people, have historically responded with a spirit of "F-You" and resolve to solve whatever threat has pounded on our door. Now, we are caught in a battle for the very existence of our way of life (War on Terror) and the response seems to be "Ho-Hum, George Bush is an evil person, so it must be his fault" The same attitude may be applied here, it is "What are you gonna do? You can't fight city hall." because I can't see why anyone who was born here, who has half a brain, would even entertain the idea that some illegal has the same right to the constitution as do I. I am sending this to everyone I know.
    "I'm An American, and I'm PISSED OFF!!!"

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    This is an excellent letter. The news papers are very quiet except the local newspaper which published a picture of a protest rally by the illegals which said "NO HUMANS ARE ILLEGALS". This was published for 2 weeks. I wrote an objection to this cartoon and also praising Tom Tancredo for President. This letter was never published.

    I am sick and tired of my State passing bills undoing everything the conservatives did last year. The illegals will have driver's license in the State of colorado if the House Bill 1313 passes.

    Everyone is upset over illegal immigration. But, people are unwilling to do something. When are we going to have Citizen's rallies in every city opposing AMNESTY?

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    Welcome to Alipac arrow782001 and biokemist!

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