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Thread: Why the illegals must go!

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    Illegal don't have any rights

    Hi My Name is Mary I am from Canada, My husband is a U.S. Citizen and I have 2 boys, one has moved back to Canada because we couldn't afford to go through the immigration process until I got my process with Immigration complete. My other son right now is going to Gallaudet University in washington D.C. We have been trying to get our voices heard since this whole immigration thing started way back when the illegals started protesting for their "Rights". and I feel that is the reason why we are in this situation that we are in today with all the rising cost of fees, because if they enforce the immigration laws that are in place instead of being more concerned about what the illegal aliens want they would have more than enough money to cover their expenses without having to raise the fees. But they are more concerned about what the illegals want than what the American people deserve. And this whole thing is not fair to the Immigrants that did it the right way by knocking on the door not by climbing over the door. Now we have to pay triple the price to renew while the illegals that broke the law to begin with gets a free ride. They say they cannot round up 12 million plus illegals to deport them so how do they think they are going to round them up to pay a fine, its not going to happen, they will get what they want and we that did it the right way will have to pay the price and its not fair to my kids whom left to go back to canada because we didn't have the money to go through the process, but now I guess they can come in and protest and cry racism to get what they want, I would like to get my voice heard but it seems like the only way a person can get heard is if they are breaking the law to begin with to ask for the rights they don't have, we as immigrants have more right but don't get heard, that's sad.

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    Welcome to ALIPAC MaryCo,
    I for one want to thank you for trying to do it the legal way. It isnt right that the process hurts those that do it legally. I heard a radio show with a person who took 13 yrs to become a citizen. 8 years for the green card and five more for the citizenship, but they said they were proud to be an American regardless of how long it took.
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    Welcome MaryCo!

    Your experiences with our immigration system are interesting.

    Thank you for sharing and for showing respect of our laws, we so appreciate people like you and your family.
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    The thought police are alive and well on this website. I had 2 posts deleted because I had the nerve to even "think" about what might happen if the ILLEGALS just "disappeared". I guess I'm on the wrong website! Pardon me for exercising my right to free speech. What a bunch of bleeding hearts! Once a Marine, Always a Marine! Semper Fidelis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by airwingmarine
    The thought police are alive and well on this website. I had 2 posts deleted because I had the nerve to even "think" about what might happen if the ILLEGALS just "disappeared". I guess I'm on the wrong website! Pardon me for exercising my right to free speech. What a bunch of bleeding hearts! Once a Marine, Always a Marine! Semper Fidelis.

    Since you were a Marine, you should be well versed in following the rules. ... ic&t=26071

    I'm anything but a bleeding heart (read my posts) but I am a rule enforcer.

    One more offence and you will be banned.

    I truely hope you understand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by airwingmarine
    The thought police are alive and well on this website. I had 2 posts deleted because I had the nerve to even "think" about what might happen if the ILLEGALS just "disappeared". I guess I'm on the wrong website! Pardon me for exercising my right to free speech. What a bunch of bleeding hearts! Once a Marine, Always a Marine! Semper Fidelis.

    Any further rule violations by airwingmarine, ban the account.

    The illegals are the ones that have no respect for rules and laws. We expect ALIPAC board users to respect the rules that the users of this site have created.

    This website is here for a specific purpose and anyone that would risk our mission by flapping their gums without concern is out of here.

    We have lots of active military and veterans on our boards and they respect our rules and know how to speak with the mission in mind.

    Follow the rules or out you go.

    William Gheen
    President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
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    Hello, new guy

    I hope that I will be welcome, I only have a few minutes I just finally got to sit down without a "HOW YOU DOIN BUDDY" I don't know how to navigate through your forum yet but I really want to help this cause because if anyone has had to "defend" by God I would hope that not only everybody is here under the right conditions but playing by the rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If anyone wants to shoot me a quick breakdown please do and I will be back as soon as all of my be back shit is done.

    Good to see Americans still kickin' it while we have been out!
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    us, they're behind us...they can't get away this time"
    - Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller, USMC

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    My thoughts on this posting Re: Why Illegals Must Go

    Quote Originally Posted by Tennisman1939
    I agree 100 percent with President Gheen as does every single person I know who is over the age of 50. I grew up during the 1940's through the 1950's, having been born just before the start of WW II.

    If you talk to a person from my era, those of us over 50 and 60 years old you will find that we are all like minded and in agreement with President Gheen.

    I am afraid however that the younger generations just don't seem to care. To me they seem apathetic about most issues, including politics and unfortunately illegal aliens flooding into our Nation. As long as they have their Ipods, their Plasma TV's and their BMW's they seem oblivious to what is going on in our Nation and in the World.

    To them they are either unaware of what is going on outside their circle of comfort or it is somebody elses problem. They just don't know about it or don't care about it as long as it does not affect them personally.

    I think in some ways it has to do with the environment in which they grew up. For instance in my case I grew up in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles. There were no (mod edit out) illegal students in my elementary school, junior high school or high school. They just did not live in our school district area. Remember I am talking about 1945 through 1957 when I graduated from high school.

    We did not know what grafitti on buildings was nor did we have to walk by apartment buildings or commercial buildings on our way to school, surrounded by iron fences and razor wire. We used to shop at the Sears Store on Santa Monica Blvd. near Western. We never feared for our safety.

    Sometime after this, probably in the 1980's things began to change. The high school I went to became predominantly (mod edit out)illegal. Buildings and Freeways started to be covered in grafitti. Iron fences and razor wire started going up around apartments and commercial buildings. The area around the Sears Store on Santa Monica and Western Avenues became more and more (mod edit out) illegal, where today I would guess the (mod edit out) illegal population in that area to be above 70 percent. Today that area has block after block after block of Spanish signs on stores, Spanish music blaring from loudspeakers in front of these stores and hundreds of Spanish speaking street merchants hawking their goods on the sidewalks. Every person you see is a Hispanic man, woman or family and if it is a woman she usually has a number of children with her as she pushes a baby buggy in front of her.

    Now if you were born after this all started to happen, and neighborhoods across America started to mimic this area of Hollywood that I have described above, then you do not know anything else. You do not know an America that did not have (mod edit out)illegal ghettos or Barrios as they call them. You did not know an America without graffiti and iron fences and razor wire. You did not know an America that only had English Speaking Radio and Television Stations instead of the thousands of Spanish language stations we have today across America, from Miami to Seattle and from San Diego to New York.

    Thus if you are a younger person, under the age of 40 the only America you probably know, from your cognitive years on, is the one I have described above. I like to call this generation the Ipod generation.

    If you never knew an America without graffiti; if you never knew an America without iron fences and razor wire; if you never knew an America where every person working in a fast food restaurant or car wash was not (mod edit out) illegal; if you never knew an America where you could turn on the radio and TV and hear your own language and if you never knew an America where you did not have to press one for English and two for Spanish then you do not know what you have missed! It becomes impossible to care for or about something that you never knew in the first place.

    For these reasons it is my personal belief that the younger generation of America, the Ipod generation, will not do what is necessary to save America and to prevent America from becoming a third world Spanish speaking nation. I hope that I am wrong. I hope that Americans for Legal Immigration, the Federation for Immigration Reform (F.A.I.R.) and all the other groups that I know are trying to Save America will check their membership demographics and prove me wrong. But so far my own personal experience indicates otherwise.

    One last thing. I know that I will be attacked as a racist, a hater of Hispanics for what I said above. But the facts are as I said. There were no (mod edit out) illegals that I can remember in any of my schools or in my neighborhood. I didn't make it so. I did not cause this to be, but it was.

    I have no hatred or animosity towards any group. I just want those that come to America to come here legally, learn and speak English, learn American History, want to become American citizens and obey the law. I want an America without grafitti, iron bars, razor wire, and having to press One for English and Two for Spanish.
    I'm catching up on posts and Tennisman's caught my attention (as have many others on this board; and I want to give a salute and ask people to read these and remember that this next vote for President and your local politicians are going to mean so much.)

    Now that the leaders like Hillary Clinton are openly advocating driver's licenses for illegals, the rest of America has every reason to know what they are getting in her.

    The confirmation in the NYTimes that AT&T has been sucking up the entire internet traffic for years, gives pause to start a vindictive slew of comments about this president and this congress's "open borders policies" and should make everyone cringe at not doing anything to leave the status quo just that.
    When this story first hit; I used to think, "if i"ve not been doing anything subversive, so let them look at my emails, etc.; but I'm beginning to understand that EVERYTHING has been sucked up by the NSA; and it's still happenining as we speak; if the president had been half as wachful about the illegal immigration issue, we'd have been ahead of wherer we are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lindiloo
    This is my first posting in this forum. I have read through discussions though. I moved here legally eight years ago along with my husband and son and are deeply appreciative of the chance to do so. That is not to say I had not done my part by getting a university degree and twenty years of experience in my field of medical research. My employer filed for my labor certification for my green card in November of 2002 when my son was 17. Due to the 245i applicants (mini amnesty of 2000) this process took three and a half years so that on his 21st birthday he 'aged out'. He is now on a student visa so that we retain legal status for him to stay in the United States with us. This means he no longer has a path to residency and eventual citizenship which he would have had if he were still a minor.

    The CIR bill would have given all the children of illegal aliens conditional residency assuming they could prove they were younger than 16 when they came here, had graduated from high school and are in college. My son fitted into every single criteria perfectly EXCEPT he was here legally so would be precluded from this privilege. It is very sad when the lawmakers leave those who follow the rules out in the cold and welcome those who broke the law in to sit by the fire.

    Just my two penneth. But as you can imagine I am rather pleased the CIR bill has at least been cleared from the senate floor for now.

    I would also like to comment on the removal of adult children from being considered part of a nuclear family for the purposes of immigration law, while Christopher Dodd pushed that parents should be considered first degree relatives. I love my parents but surely my own son is more my nuclear family than they are once I have my own family. Would like to see what you all think on that matter.

    Thank you for being able to contribute to this important discussion.
    Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this detailed information and explain the ramifications of the law on your situation.

    I really don't understand the various programs you've outlined within your response; so rather than throw out an uniformed opinion, I'll wait until I understand some of the points you've made here.
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    I think this might be a new twist on the touchback plan you speak about. This way, they don't have to cross any borders to get their documentation.
    Mayor of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard.

    TRANSLATED FROM: ... sortby=ASC

    Lynwood, December 10.- The leader of government of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard, inaugurated today the House of Mexico City in Lynwood, California, that will give service to the native immigrants of that locality.

    With the inauguration of the House of Mexico City, the first one of five that the leader has promised to open abroad, Ebrard initiated a tow day visit to California accompanied by officials of his administration.

    The center that will serve as a direct link between the government of the Mexican capital and the Mexican immigrants in this locality, will offer among others programs the delivery of birth certificates, copies of certificates and marriage licenses.
    Also English classes will be given, computer classes, seminars, workshops and forums on Immigraton Reform.

    During the event, Ebrard delivered a birth certificate of Mexico City to a newborn in Lynwood, whose parents are natives of the Mexican capital.

    These birth certificates for children born in this locality will be requested in the House of Mexico City and they will be emitted in the Mexican capital and sent by mail. "That is an attribution of the government of Mexico City". These certificates will be accepted in Lynwood and in several cities. I believe that it is going to serve many", Ebrard said in a statement to Notimex.
    He also announced a program to give driver's licenses to the native Mexican immigrants of Mexico City.

    Those documents, will be permanent, and people will be able to acquire them for a cost of some 30 dollars and the only requirement is that that the applicant had a valid license in the Mexican capital.

    Ebrad added that the first identifications for immigrants will be delivered to serve with an agreement between an American and a Mexican Bank that will deal with remittances for a lower cost.

    Consulted on the implications on the decision in San Francisco to emit identifications for lacking the Undocumented next August, Ebrard indicated that he is interested to speak with the authorities of that city of California.

    According to his work agenda, Ebrard had an interview with the mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, to sign the joining of the two cities.

    Tomorrow he will have breakfast with the councilmen of Los Angeles and in the afternoon he will attend a dinner with local businessmen. (With information of Notimex/RSC)

    Casa de la Ciudad de Mexico is located on 10905 Atlantic Blvd., in Lynwood CA
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