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Thread: 10 Very Bad Things About John Kasich Every American Needs to Know!

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    10 Very Bad Things About John Kasich Every American Needs to Know!

    10 Very Bad Things About John Kasich Every American Needs to Know!

    March 23, 2016

    by William Gheen

    John Kasich is a spoiler candidate!
    John Kasich has made it clear that his only reason for being in the race is to force Donald Trump into a convention vote where GOP party rule makers and insiders can retake control for the DC establishment. Yet, Kasich deceitfully looks at the camera and speaks as if he is a legitimate candidate when he has no chance of winning the required popular or electoral votes needed to be the nominee. John Kasich is clearly a servant of the DC establishment which GOP voters are fighting hard to defeat due to the wreck and ruin they have brought upon America.

    John Kasich voted for the Amnesty under Reagan when he was a member of Congress in 1986! (click to view video) This amnesty vote is responsible for the 12-20 million illegals currently in America! Should America make the same mistake twice, history tells us we can expect more than 40 million new illegals by the year 2040.

    John Kasich supports a new mass amnesty for illegal aliens! While he will claim "they won't get citizenship," most of us are aware that the promise to legalize illegals without citizenship is a ruse many Republicans are using. They know full well that it will only take one activist judge to turn 20 million illegals into US voters who will dominate US elections forevermore. Kasich is trying to calm the fears of conservatives with a promise illegals won't get voting rights, but any change in our current protective laws to accommodate millions of illegals is amnesty and once Congress creates new laws that establish "second class citizenship," the courts will shoot that down and they know this! John Kasich basically supports a Marco Rubio Gang of Eight style amnesty bill and has vowed to pass an immigration reform amnesty bill within his first 100 days as President! Kasich almost lost his home state of Ohio to Trump after a video of him promising Amnesty for illegals on Fox News went viral on the web! (click to view)

    John Kasich supported NAFTA! When John Kasich was still in Congress in 1993, he supported and voted for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). NAFTA cost Ohio 112,500 jobs and cost all of America 2.7 Million Jobs according to the Economic Policy Institute, and fueled the illegal immigrant invasion of America we see today. Towns and cities across America have been devastated and gutted by the economic devastation John Kasich made possible with NAFTA!

    John Kasich supports the TPP! John Kasich supports President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement although at a debate in Charleston, SC, in January of 2016 he could not even spell it correctly and called it the "PTT." ALIPAC opposes the TPP because this secretive and destructive trade deal would further damage America's borders, Constitution, and citizens by giving China more power over the US citizenry and economy while placing immigration policies in the hands of global corporations instead of our own Congress. If you support massive increases in legal and illegal immigration and more US jobs going to other nations, then John Kasich and the TPP are for you!

    John Kasich expanded Obamacare in Ohio!
    While John Kasich was elected in 2010 after promising voters he was an opponent of Obamacare, he then flip flopped and in 2013, under pressure from hospital lobbyists, he embraced the program's expansion of Medicaid! When the Republican legislature rightfully rejected the expansion, Kasich bypassed lawmakers and rammed it through a separate panel, thus doing business just like Obama does via "executive action."

    John Kasich lies about his electability! While telling the voters and media that he is the only candidate running in 2016 who can beat Hillary, Kasich has failed to win any state but his home state of Ohio. And while he did win in Ohio, he was unable to get more than half of the Republicans there to vote for him even though he's been their governor since 2010! In Arizona last night, John Kasich came in fourth place behind even Marco Rubio who dropped out of the race after Trump destroyed him in his home state last week!

    John Kasich is backed by evil socialist billionaire George Soros! Further evidence that John Kasich is a servant to the very forces responsible for most of America's problems is the fact that Kasich's campaign has received and accepted over $200,000 from the open borders and pro illegal immigration and amnesty billionaire George Soros! Soros is backing the 187 groups currently attacking and viciously defaming Donald Trump including the radical groups that attacked Trump's rally in Chicago! Soros is one of the main backers of the radical left groups that attack ALIPAC and any American speaking out for the victims of illegal immigration on a regular basis. A vote for John Kasich is a vote for his paymaster George Soros and the Soros vision of One World Government!

    John Kasich is a political insider who has been in office too long! John Kasich successfully ran for state Senate in Ohio in 1978 and then served in the US Congress from 1983 to 2001. He became Governor of Ohio in 2010 and won a reelection campaign for that office in 2014. As of this year, John Kasich has made his living from the taxpayers for over three decades! The last thing America needs is another deep government insider who shares blame for the mess America is in already!

    John Kasich sided with Bill Clinton against gun rights! In 1994, John Kasich was one of a few Republicans who joined with the Democrats to provide 215 votes for the Clinton era Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB). The innocent sounding name to the bill was the "Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act." It prohibited the manufacture of any gun that had a folding stock, pistol grip, bayonet mount, flash suppressor, along with semi automatic shotguns and pistols. When liberal anti-gun rights Democrats made their biggest move against the second Amendment in American history, John Kasich stood with the socialists, not the US Constitution or American citizenry!

    Join our fight against John Kasich and other illegal alien amnesty supporters at
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    Thank you for telling it like it is, W! Great release! Spread the word!
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
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    Bingo!! Kasich has no shame. At this point, a vote for him is a vote against the People.

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    Kasich STILL for "comprehensive" Amnesty & by remaining in race, playing into Establishment hands to elect Hillary!

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    The paid spoiler.........

    John Kasich Rejects a G.O.P. Call to Quit to Block Donald Trump


    Gov. John Kasich of Ohio at a campaign rally in Milwaukee on Wednesday. Credit Scott Olson/Getty Images

    Republicans desperate to stop Donald J. Trump from capturing the presidential nomination increased the pressure Wednesday on Gov. John Kasich of Ohio to quit the race, with Jeb Bush joining the growing number of party figures throwing their weight behind Senator Ted Cruz.
    Mr. Kasich refused, saying that he, not the Texas senator, was the best option to stop Mr. Trump. But his argument was undercut by his dismal showings Tuesday in Utah and Arizona, where he won no delegates — as well as by the surprise endorsement Wednesday morning by Mr. Bush of Mr. Cruz.

    Mr. Bush, who dropped out of the presidential race last month, is the latest mainstream Republican — following Mitt Romney and Senator Lindsey Graham — who is ideologically closer to Mr. Kasich, but whose embrace of Mr. Cruz is a strategic calculation that he has a better shot at stopping Mr. Trump.

    In a statement, Mr. Bush called Mr. Cruz a “consistent, principled conservative who has demonstrated the ability to appeal to voters and win primary contests.”

    “For the sake of our party and country,” he added, “we must move to overcome the divisiveness and vulgarity Donald Trump has brought into the political arena, or we will certainly lose our chance to defeat the Democratic nominee and reverse President Obama’s failed policies.”

    Mr. Cruz himself pressed the issue Wednesday, a day after his resounding victory in Utah, where he won 69 percent of the vote, making him the first Republican candidate to win a majority in any state.

    Mr. Trump took Arizona, while Mr. Kasich finished with even fewer votes there than did Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who dropped out last week after early voting had begun.

    “If this were a head-to-head race, a direct head-to-head race between me and Donald, I would feel very confident that we would get to 1,237,” Mr. Cruz said, citing the number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination before the July convention. “The complicating factor is John Kasich. It is unclear if Kasich will bleed off just enough votes to give Trump victories and delegates in states he would not otherwise have won.”

    Mr. Kasich ignored all calls to step down. He campaigned Wednesday in Wisconsin, where the next Republican primary will be held April 5, and his advisers argued that the race’s final stretch of 20 states, mostly in the Northeast, Middle Atlantic and the West Coast, put Mr. Kasich in a far stronger position than Mr. Cruz to halt Mr. Trump.

    “When we get to Pennsylvania, we get to New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island — let me tell you, I drop out, Donald Trump is absolutely going to be the nominee,” Mr. Kasich said. “I don’t believe that Senator Cruz can come to the East and win.”

    Charlie Black, a strategic adviser for Mr. Kasich, echoed the theme, stressing that moderate Republicans dominate in most of the remaining states, not those who identify as “very conservative” or evangelical, who have been Mr. Cruz’s base of support.

    Mr. Kasich has won just one contest, Ohio, his home state. In the Northeast, he nearly beat Mr. Trump in Vermont, and came in second to Mr. Trump in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. But Mr. Cruz won Maine, where Mr. Kasich was a distant third.

    Mr. Kasich is mathematically shut out from winning a majority of delegates before the last primaries, on June 7. His strategy is to emerge as a white knight at the national convention, under the assumption that Mr. Trump will arrive in Cleveland lacking enough delegates for a first-ballot nomination.
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