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    Gheen, Minnesota, United States

    AMNESTY RED ALERT! Call Now Oppose 'Bad' Dream Act!

    ALIPAC Activists!


    We told you several months ago that the intended purpose of "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" aka AMNESTY was designed to override all of the immigration enforcement efforts by over 40 states and hundreds of cities and towns. Now we have confirmation on that.


    Amnesty Revived in Pieces! Plan to override States! ... =1&thold=0

    Amnesty Again! amnesty on the installment plan! The BAD Dream Act! ... =1&thold=0

    We need ALL OF YOU on the phones ASAP!

    The Dream Act should be dubbed the "Bad Dream Act" or the "Nightmare Act" by our movement.

    The Dream Act would provide AMNESTY to any illegal alien of any age that claims they came to the US before they were 16 years old.

    This Act would also give In-State Tuition to illegal alien college students.

    ALIPAC has helped defeat In-State tuition for illegals in three or more states with our message....

    "This legislation will replace American students in the limited seats in College at taxpayer expense!"


    If you were going to take a day off work to fight amnesty, early this week would be the time to do it!

    Call your Senator first and then call all of the others.


    "I want Senator ______ to vote against Senator Durbin's Amendment (number SA 2237) to attach the "Bad" Dream Act to the National Defense Authorization Act HR 1585! The Bad Dream Act is AMNESTY! How dare Senator Durbin try to replace American kids in the limited seats in College and make us taxpayers foot most of the costs!"

    Also, point out that this Amendment is "NOT GERMANE" to the National Defense Bill. The Senate and Congress have a rule that amendments should be Germane or relevant to the bill being discussed. Obviously, Amnesty and in-state tuition for illegal aliens has NOTHING TO DO WITH DEFENSE SPENDING! This Amendment violates the rules of the Senate!

    You also need to add

    "I also want Senator ______ to vote against any increases in VISA's! No increases in visas, till illegal immigration in America is stopped or reversed"!

    Some Senators are trying to attach H-1b and H-2b Visa increases to this bill too!

    Call Your Senators Now! Using our SENATE CONTACT LIST (Link Added) ... ic&t=63874

    Also, you should call the sponsors of this 'Bad Dream Act' and let them have an earfull!

    Sponsors are...

    DURBIN (for himself, Mr. Hagel, Mr. Lugar, Mr. Leahy, Mr. Obama, Mr. Lieberman, Mrs. Feinstein, Mr. Kerry, Mr. Feingold, Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Bayh, Mr. Menendez, Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Boxer, Ms. Cantwell, Mr. Salazar, and Mr. Dodd

    REMEMBER TO FOLLOW UP YOUR CALLS WITH E-Mails, Faxes, and letters!

    Many of ALIPAC's allied organizations, (NumbersUSA, CAPS, NC Listen, etc..) are gearing up for one hell of a fight this week in the Senate.

    We must rally the nation so spread the word!

    If you would like to see the messages being called in and sent by other activists, ask questions, post about your efforts, or feedback from Senate offices, please do so at this link... ... ic&t=83281

    (ALIPAC Volunteers are ready to assist you 24/7)


    The ALIPAC Team
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    I've been maing calls and sending emails hot and heavy the last 3 days.

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    Nov 2004
    Gheen, Minnesota, United States
    Please post

    1. Examples of your call and written messages.
    2. Any feedback you get by phone, email, or letter from Senate offices
    3. Any questions you have.


    William Gheen
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    I'm on it, hard and fast, William!
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    North Carolina
    Burr and Dole's lines are OPEN! I have had NO trouble getting through today. My contacts here in NC are saying the same.

    Burr hasn't taken a position on the DREAM Act issue. I don't trust him as far as I could throw him. HAMMER BURR. HAMMER HAMMER HAMMER and then HAMMER him some more!!!!!

    Senator Dole doesn't support ANY form of Amnesty, as I'm told by her office. She has NOT taken a position THIS TIME on the DREAM ACT, however, she voted to table it the last time. We need to MAKE SURE she plays a repeat.

    NEITHER Senator is taking a position on foreign worker visa increases, I am told.

    Now, I'm off to call the others....

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    I have composed a letter to send to all Senators. If anyone would like to use it to e-mail or fax to Senators, please feel free. Go ahead and use it in its entirety or pieces of it if you prefer.

    Let's blanket their faxes and e-mail system with letters, once again!!! And, don't forget to CALL their offices!

    Dear Senator ______________:

    As an American citizen, I request that you vote NO on Amendment 2237 that would attach the DREAM Act Amnesty to the DOD bill.

    The DREAM Act is a nightmare. It is a massive amnesty that extends to the millions of illegal aliens who entered the United States before the age of 16. The illegal alien who applies for this amnesty is immediately rewarded with "conditional" lawful permanent resident (green card) status, which can be converted to a non-conditional green card in short order. The alien can then use his newly acquired status to seek green cards for the parents who brought him in illegally in the first place. In this way, it is also a back door amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens who brought their children with them to the United States.

    It also allows illegal aliens to receive in-state tuition rates at public universities, discriminating against U.S. citizens from out of state and law-abiding foreign students. It repeals a 1996 federal law that prohibits any state from offering in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens unless the state also offers in-state tuition rates to all U.S. citizens. The logical stance, in our current overly generous and unfortunate coddling of illegal aliens, would be that not one child of an illegal alien would get a cent from our taxpayers if there is an American born student going without a college education. And we both know there are many that cannot go no matter how badly they want. Let's take care of our own needy children before someone else's. Every scientific opinion poll on the subject has shown over 70 percent opposition to giving in-state tuition benefits to illegal aliens.

    The DREAM Act also grants a reprieve to the 10 states that have willfully violated federal law by granting in-state tuition to illegal aliens without extending the same to legal residents and U.S. citizens.

    On top of this insult to the rule of law, the DREAM Act includes a massive amnesty, as I noted above. This amnesty opens a wide path to citizenship for any alien who entered the country before the age of 16 and has been in the country for at least five years. This is another open invitation to fraud and the guiding notion seems to be "The longer you have violated federal law, the better."

    Senator, if you haven’t realized that rewarding law breakers and criminals doesn’t beget more of the same behavior, then I question your sanity. Before you vote on this disastrous amendment, I beseech you to read the Heritage Foundation’s research article on the DREAM (Nightmare) Act at

    I also request that you vote NO on any measure to increase H-1B visas and permanent green cards for foreign workers that take jobs from skilled American workers and students.

    I also request that you vote NO on any attempt to increase H-2B visas for seasonal foreign workers that takes jobs away from America’s most vulnerable (unskilled) workers.

    American workers that are lucky enough to retain their jobs after the massive influx of foreign workers have seen their wages severely depressed because of the import of cheaper foreign labor. Is that the kind of America you want, Senator? Also, we currently have 9 exceedingly generous “guest worker
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    Zeezil , thanks
    Never look at another flag. Remember, that behind Government, there is your country, and that you belong to her as you do belong to your own mother. Stand by her as you would stand by your own mother

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    Yes Zeezil thanks. I'm running out of new and innovative emails and faxes. I will borrow also.

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    Okay, I have called both my Senators, both at the their local office and at there Chicago office (Downtown in Fed-Building), and emailed them both twice.

    For what is worth, one of my senators is the DICK Durbin himself.
    To the calls to his office I let it be know that 2237 goes against the will of the American people.

    Here the second email I sent.

    Senators Durbin and Obama,

    Please do not endanger funding for our troops by risking the Department of Defense funding bill with the attachment of the "Dream Act," amendment (SA 2237). Or are we looking at another underhanded trick by you and your party at stopping funding to our military? Which in either case is wrong and the voting public is against either move.

    The Dream Act would grant citizenship status to certain illegal aliens under 16 years of age who are pursuing college degrees and would allow them to receive in-state college tuition rates on an equal basis with U.S. citizens.

    If for no other reason then illegal aliens receiving in-state college tuition rates on an equal basis with U.S. citizens. This is a giant slap in the face to every American that works hard getting their children into college. Also, there are many Americans that cannot afford that. That’s whom you should be aiding, not the illegal aliens.

    The Dream Act amendment allows an illegal alien to remain in the U.S. on a track headed for citizenship, provided:

    To address the three main points of the Dream Act;

    Point 1. The illegal alien can demonstrate continuous presence in the U.S. for five years and was not yet 16 years old upon initial entry;

    They are still lawbreakers, and that dose not change. And what makes you think you can just over look volitions, just because you do not like that law. This would be setting a very dangers precedent, allowing criminals the right for forgiveness, just because the law they broke is not liked by them. Anarchy will prevail (a state of society without government or law.).

    Another major flaw in this; “not yet 16 years old upon initial entry
    <div>&ldquo;There is no longer any Left or Right, there is only Tyranny or Liberty &rdquo;</div>

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    I called both local and DC offices of my senators-Gregg and Sununu (NH).

    All of Gregg's offices stated he had not made a decision and would not elaborate which way he was leaning. I let them all know I will call back later to see if the senator had made up his mind.

    I was a little dissapointed when I called all of Senator Sununu's offices. He voted against amnesty and last time I was assured he was totally against amnesty. However, when I called about the Nightmare Act I was told he has not made up his mind. I let them know that I am confused as I was told he was totally against all amnesty last time so how could he even be considering voting for this? No one-not one had an answer for me other than the senator is still deciding. I questioned when the senator will be making up his mind and received no answer. I also let them know that I will not vote for Senator Sununu in 2008 if he votes for this Nightmare Act. I will write someone in who is Pro-American. I let them know I will call back later to see if the Senator has made up his mind yet.

    Sen Sununu better be careful. He is about to enter the race of his life against Jeanne Shaheen. While I would NEVER vote for her, I cannot vote for him if he votes for this amnesty.

    I will now compose E-mails and Faxes to these men and then work on other states.


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