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    Call Congress Now To Oppose Biden's Amnesty

    Start calling GOP Reps now then share this call to action to other Americans via email and on (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (GAB HERE) .. (ALIPAC HERE) .. (LINKED HERE) .. (MINDS HERE) .. (SLUG HERE) .. (BRIGHTEON HERE) .. (MEWE HERE) .. (CLOUTHUB HERE)

    Earlier this week the Democrats signaled they planned to move on Biden's nation-destroying immigration reform Amnesty bill today.. Friday!

    Time for you to pick up the phone and call every GOP lawmaker in the US House you can starting with your own state's Representatives before moving on to adjacent states if you can. Be advised that Democrats are currently recruiting Republican sellouts to vote for Amnesty so you need to encourage them to oppose.

    Call to say...

    "Please tell Rep. ______ to oppose and vote against Biden's nation-destroying immigration reform Amnesty bill that does everything for illegal immigrants and nothing for Americans who are suffering the worst job market in modern history!"

    We hope to provide you with a bill number soon when available.

    Here is all the contact info you need to make these calls and then send a written follow up of your message by email, fax, or mail.

    Remember to call... then write. You should also seek out the Facebook & Twitter pages of GOP reps you call to message them there as well where other Americans can see your statement.

    US House Members Contact Info at...

    The ALIPAC Team

    PS: Please support our efforts and our current first funds drive of 2021 at our secure link...
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