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    John McCain's Arizona Suckers for Lies & Amnesty

    ALIPAC's new message to Arizona voters is now live online and being broadcast to GOP voters via automated calls!

    Please help us deliver this message to as many Arizonans as possible in the next 72 hours before polls close for the Kelli Ward Vs. John McCain race Tuesday, August 30, 2016!

    John McCain's Arizona Suckers for Lies & Amnesty

    Step 1: Watch this video then like it, favorite it, and comment beneath it. Then proceed to use your Facebook (click here) and Twitter (click here) accounts to circulate it to others. You can also forward this to all of your email contacts asking them to do the same.

    Step 2: Help deliver this message as a VOLUNTEER by writing to ask for phone numbers and a simple script! Fighting to stop John McCain is free if you are willing to help our team make calls!

    Step 3: 100% of donations received between now and 10am Tuesday Aug 30 will be used to reach Arizona voters with our important message. Please donate any amount you can right away at this link to fuel our fight to unseat McCain!
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