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    Survey Results & Rainy Day Funds

    Please share & Discuss by email and on (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (GAB HERE) .. (ALIPAC HERE)

    Rainy Day Funds

    ALIPAC Supporters, we are in urgent need of financial support for our current funds drive to weather the national storm in progress.

    Many thanks to those of you who have already contributed.

    To help sustain our national operations against illegal immigration and the censorship and abuse by Silicon Valley corporations like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Pinterest, who support Amnesty and illegal immigration, please donate $10 or more via mail to (ALIPAC, PO Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622) or our secure online donations page at--

    Emergency Survey Results

    Big thanks to each of you who answered our emergency survey which asked on March 15, "Do you support the plan to enter your private medical information into a Google website to determine if you can get a Cvirus test or not? YES/NO"

    - 97% of you answered NO by email reply.
    - 95% said NO on Facebook
    - 93% said NO on Twitter

    So responding to your concerns, we sent out this national press release, which is still in motion and may yield results soon--

    Americans Say 'Hell No' to Trump's Google COVID-19 Triage Website Plan (View HERE)

    Unfortunately, after we told everyone that this was a Trump plan to partner with Google on the new website, we had several people tell us it was a good plan and they supported it because it came from Trump. Some accused us of being Democrats working for Biden!

    We hope everyone will remember that it is both possible and reasonable to support Trump's reelection and, at the same time, oppose Trump's plans to give Amnesty to illegal aliens and our medical info to Google.

    An interesting update to this story is Google's sister company Verily tried to deploy this new site Sunday night and it was a disaster. Now they are pushing back the new release a week!

    "...Users who reported they were suffering from symptoms such as 'severe cough, shortness of breath, fever or other conceding (sic) symptoms' were advised they were not eligible for testing. If you went to the tool and answered 'yes' to the symptoms question, the tool told you 'based on your symptoms, in-person COVID-19 testing through this program is not the right fit.' (Read More HERE)

    Big thanks to our online activists who are keeping track of this important information for you at Coronavirus (Here).

    Now can you believe they are discussing the Facebook corporation tracking us for the government?!

    A big danger here is that governments and global corporations may assume new powers during the pandemic that will not be relinquished later. Any day now we may hear how "immigration reform" Amnesty for illegals is important to our economic recovery.

    ALIPAC's efforts to fight against illegal immigration and Amnesty have already been terribly impacted by the abuse from Google. Perhaps we will list all the ways Google tries to harm us in a future email.

    Our tracking list of Republicans, conservatives, Trump voters, and non-socialists who are being abused and censored by left-wing Silicon Valley companies and their foreign workers needs to be updated and released again ASAP.

    Please support ALIPAC's national efforts to stop these companies from fulfilling their open-borders plans to dominate Americans with a contribution today at--

    William Gheen and the ALIPAC Team
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