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    Bad News for the Charlotte Observer

    Ms. Schulken,

    Your article was factless and it's only purpose was to browbeat supporters of legal immigration. Whatever issue you have with William Gheen is none of my affair however it seems petty to compare him to such a vile fictional character. The type of journalism you displayed lacks credibility and is bloated with personal opinion. How sad for the Charlotte Observer.

    Supporting proper enforcement of America's immigration laws is not racist or bigoted. It's patriotic.

    (My Name)
    Baton Rouge, LA

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    Dear Mr. Thames:

    I find what was written not only disgusting, but more inflammatory than anything that I have come across from Alipac.

    It is apparent that this was a personal attack on Mr. Gheen, and the person who wrote it should be barred from writing anything else in your, or anyone else's newspaper. Freedom of the press is one thing, but using the press as your personal bully pulpit is not what the forefathers had in mind. Ms. Schulken and anyone editor that approved what she wrote, are way out of line and should be immediately terminated as you would anyone else that raises your liability factor and brings shame to your establishment and business.

    Illegal immigration is a very hot topic. These people are putting a strain on this country's resources in many ways. Why doesn't your newspaper do an expose on this? Afraid of what you would have to report? Or is it easier to take cheap shots at people because you think you can hide behind the banner of "Freedom Of The Press"? I, as an American Citizen, would much rather pay higher food prices, or any other prices for that matter, as I believe that in the long run, I would save money tax, resource and medical wise. Any chance you might want to crunch some numbers and see if I am right? Or would that mean you might have to print something that is truthful and accurate. Truthful and accurate. Two things you don't find in the press these days.

    Bill the Butcher. I associate him more with the free wielding, uncontrolled, unaccountable left wing members of the press.

    The people of Charlotte will be your judge.


    Mary Schulken,
    I'm outraged about your article comparing William Gheen to Bill the Butcher. Your liberal approach to illegal immigration is great if you're willing to fund it all. I seriously doubt that is the case. My family is spending roughly half its income to pay taxes to support people who are not even supposed to be in this country. My school system is brought down to the point my own daughter won't be able to attend because they have to hold everyone back to make it "fair" for the illegals, my hospitals are closing as a DIRECT RESULT of illegals abusing the system and the list goes on and on. William Gheen is fighting for the life of this country. You are a detriment to this country and you should be terminated immediately for spreading this hate. Why don't you try spending some time in Mexico and get a full idea of the problem. Then write an article on how friendly the people of Mexico were to you an American citizen living in their country.

    Propaganda, Propaganda, that is what spews from todays
    > newsmedia, that and name calling when they are in fear of
    > publishing the truth and have become subject to a
    > tyrannical government. In case you do not know what this
    > means, it means "when the citizens fear their
    > Government and LIBERTY MEANS when the Government fears the
    > people."
    > Many of us are aware that our newsmedia has fallen to the
    > pressures of the Elite and Bankers who are dedicated to
    > bringing America, the Constitution and our Sovereignty to
    > its knees. You are one of America's greatest enemies.
    > No?!! Then what Articles have you written exposing the
    > following:
    > 1. The SPP - Security Prosperity Partnership
    > 2. The Federal Reserve - A private company, NOT a
    > Federal Agency
    > that our tyrannical Government would have us
    > believe.
    > 3. IRS - A private collection agency collecting
    > illegal taxes from
    > the American People.
    > 4. The real truth regarding Hybrid Seeds,
    > 5. The real truth about the CFR, the Trilateral
    > Commission, and the
    > Bilderbergers.
    > 6. The millions of United States Children's
    > ID's that have been
    > stolen by those entering our Country illegally and
    > working for
    > corrupt employers who will not be aware of this
    > until they grow u
    > and desire credit.
    > 7. The thousands if not millions of american moms,
    > dads, sons and
    > daughters who have been killed, raped, drugged and
    > plundered by
    > those in this country illegally,
    > 8. Why do you not expose to the citizens how much in
    > taxes they are
    > paying to those who are here from their hard
    > earned money while
    > shady employers are getting rich.
    > 9. Why don't you expose why our social security
    > that we have paid
    > into for 50 years will go broke because they are
    > paying it out
    > those illegals even when they return to their own
    > countries.
    > 10. Why don't you expose to the American Citizens
    > the Border Patrol
    > statistics that are: a. Only 50 percent of the
    > 12,000 that
    > attempt to enter our country DAILY are hard
    > working poor people
    > only trying to make a living, b) 25 percent are
    > Felons, drug
    > selling or running, bringing sex slaves, are
    > intending to take
    > this country back, & gang members, and c) the
    > other 25 percent
    > are OTM's or(Other than Mexicans) which means
    > they are from
    > countries like Iraq, Syria, Iran, China who
    > perhaps terrorists
    > entering to do harm to our country.
    > I can name about 30 more reasons if you need me to,
    > including about 5 pages of unneeded unconstitutional
    > government agencies.
    > We need to take hold of our Country and soon before we lose
    > it. It is letters like printed in your paper that sets back
    > the cause of Americans to return peace and Liberty for our
    > families and grandchildren.
    > In 1776 the newsmedia was on the side of the citizens,
    > today the media is on the side of those who would destroy
    > our country. They are the media that will only print news
    > given to them by the elite and print it the way they are
    > told to do so. It is a sad day for America as all news
    > agencies. in fear, are turning into nothing but propaganda
    > sheets.
    > If I am wrong, please send me articles you have published
    > exposing the few issues that I have mentioned above and I
    > will make a public apology to you.
    > In the meantime your paper and writer should publish an
    > apology to William Gheen, a true patriot, who is doing what
    > he can do best, to save our country. It is YOUR duty to
    > fight FOR YOUR country, not ignoring the problems allowing
    > it to destruct. If you are unaware of any of these few
    > issues , perhaps you need to put someone on research and I
    > will be happy to assist.
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    My e-mail to Mr. Thames

    Hello Mr. Thames,

    My name is xxxxx xxxxxxx and I would like to comment on an article that Ms. Schulken wrote about Mr. William Gheen from Alipac ‚ÄúThis tide of meanness needs to stop‚Ä

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    Gheen, Minnesota, United States

    I am forwarding this to each of you. This is an e-mail I sent to Ms. Schulken concerning the damaging editorial she penned concerning William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration.

    She is not acting in the best interests of our nation. Her lies must be stopped. I know nothing about any past feuds she may have had with Mr. Gheen or ALIPAC, but her actions are despicable. Please act accordingly by passing the proper punishment on to her for lies. Please do not tolerate such hatred of this nation and her countrymen.


    Ms. Schulken,

    I have read your editorial where you compared William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration to the fictional character "Bill the Butcher". So, let's just open the border to the five billion souls on our planet who live in poverty, after all, they each want to do better. We can share the wealth, right? I know we already allow twice as many people to enter by legal means into our land than do all the other lands in the world combine, yet we are only 4% of the world population. Damn us if we dare want to maintain a decent standard of living.

    I have the utmost respect for anyone who will work to better their lot in life, that is short of breaking the law. I have no respect for drug dealers, thieves, pimps, hookers, gangsters, etc. Each are criminals.

    Plain and simple, every single one of the 12 million to 20 million people who are in this country by breaking our immigration laws came here with the full knowledge they were breaking the law of the United States of America. Likewise, those that are here illegally because they have overstayed their visas know full well they are not supposed to still be here. Stop pandering to them like they're some innocent victim.

    One can argue all day that the law should or should not be changed, but that does not exonerate a single soul who came here and thumbed his or her nose at the due process of our immigration laws. Even if they never intended to do so, the very first act of these people showed utter contempt for our nation and the legal citizenry (including you).

    I guess you think if someone breaks into my house, I am to call that person an "undocumented family member," invite them to the dinner table, move them into my son's bedroom and, in the end, pass on a portion of my inheritance. No way. Giving illegal aliens a free pass is no different!

    I have always told my children the punishment for telling the truth about something they have done wrong will never be as bad as trying to cover up the wrong with a lie; always be honest. To impugn Bill Gheen with dangerous rhetoric is irresponsible. To lie about this issue is unconscionable. You should be dismissed. If you are not, I hope you will seek another line of work, preferably in a country you wish to love and protect.

    I saw Mary Sculken's comments regarding William Gheen, it looks like you have lost control of you writers, or you agree with her comments.

    I would consider her comments defamation, what say you?

    I just have one question, who did he murder?

    Thank you,


    William Gheen is a fine American. He is doing and promoting a great cause. Ill-legal Aleins are not all spanish speaking, they come from all over the world, even from English speaking countries. They are a threat to the U.S. ecomonmy, the safety of U.S. CITIZENS, and a burden on tax payer funded programs. The poor U.S. citizen would receive better health care and education if the government did not have to spend so much of the Citizen's taxes on housing, feeding, susidying electric,water, gas, and phone bills of ill-legal immigrants. All of the U.S. citizen's children would be able to receive a more complete education if some much time was not wasted trying to teach ill-legal immigrant children who do not speak english.
    I hve never heard any thing Mr. Gheen say that was violent in nature. All of us that support Mr. Gheen want the same thing control of the borders, jobs for U.S. Citizens, affordable health care and the other things that we as CITIZENS pay for with our tax dollars.
    Big business just wants cheap labor, to increase their profits, while the AVERAGE U.S. TAX PAYER pays for the housing, feeding, and education of the ILL-LEGAL ALEIN workers they hire.
    Most U.S. Citizens were LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, some of us are from native AMERICAN decent. We all want the same thing LAW ABIDING PEOPLE to live among us. If a person breaks the law to enter our country it just shows they have NO RESPECT FOR OUR LAWS and will BREAK ANY OF THEM JUST TO GET WHAT THEY WANT.

    After thoroughly reading the "vindictive" column written by Mary Schulken in the Charlotte Observer, I certainly agree that it is a shame the Charlotte Observer is allowing Schulken to abuse her position, in order to pursue her personal vendetta and radical pro-illegal alien agenda, by attempting to mislead readers.

    There is a front door to America and people waiting to be accepted by this great country. The majority of Americans such as William Gheen, President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) recognizes and respects these people no matter what their race, creed or color. We welcome them in this country.

    Mary Schulken's column was a message of hate which is undignified and inciting. Illegal immigration is not accepted in the majority of countries including Mexico. I think Mary Schulken should get an education on the effect of illegal immigration in America. There are more Americans killed by illegal immigrants than our military in Iraq.

    While seniors on limited income are suffering this country is paying millions of dollars due to illegal immigration. Our schools and hospitals are showing the effects of illegal immigration. Recently 225 Americans were murdered by Mexicans and to day no one has been punished by these crimes. People living on the borders fear for their lives while drugs are being brought in to destroy our youngsters.

    Illegal is according to the dictionary: contrary to law, unlawful. I could go on and on about the problems with illegal immigration but I think you as a newspaper should understand them.

    An apology is due Mr.Gheen and all people who stand with him.

    Dear Ms Schulken,
    You are probably a well meaning person to write in support of illegal immigration. Well meaning doesn't cut it with this problem.
    MOST American citizens do not like to see their borders wide open and constantly invaded -- especially not during war time and the "war" on terrorism. They also deeply resent non-citizens who march in our streets, tell us to get out because they are taking over. Deface and disrespect our flag and run the Mexican flag up the flagpole instead.
    Another thing that American (USA) citizens do not like is the costs of welfare that have been dumped on us. Politicians have been warning for years that the social security fund is drying up while they "borrow" from it. But they now want non-citizens to receive it. Does that not tell you that they do not care what happens to the true American citizen just so long as their agenda is pushed in our faces.
    Then you come along and write such a column.
    They are doing the jobs that we do not care to do? Have you looked into the history of this? Did you know that jobs were taken away from legal white and black people when they began letting illegal workers stay? Do you understand that all this welfare for illegals amounts to corporate welfare? Not only do the citizens get screwed out of jobs but they have to pay to let the illegals get less than minimum wage and all types of welfare -- at our expense. Why don't the employers pay for their schooling, their food stamps, their health care and so forth, ad nauseam? That might stop the exploitation.
    They keep telling us that the price of lettuce will go up if they have to pay fair wages. It would be far cheaper for legal Americans to pay more for lettuce. AND, there would be far less crime and disease. Disease? Yes. Disease. One of the many diseases that has mushroomed in the past few years is TB. At one point it seemed to be near eradication in this country. Another is Leprosy. Leprosy is not a colony matter any more. It is a growing menace. There are many others.
    And, what about the drug trade? Are you concerned at all about THIS menace that is ruining our young people's lives? Do you know where it is coming from and have you read about the drug lords practically taking over Mexico?
    If I were writing a column, I would present both sides and see which one looks the bleakest before calling Americans racists.

    Ms. Schulken,

    As an American Hispanic wanting to keep America American, to me, you sound like you don't know what it is to be Hispanic, much less illegal! You probably wrote your piece of attack from the comfort of your orderly surroundings thinking yourself smart and justified.

    It is people like you that are not concerned with a changing America that disturbs me the most. You are probably among the crowd that screams the loudest over our high cost of health care, marching the streets with signs asking the government for more money to be spent on education. You are probably part of the crowd that wants to keep all Hispanics on the dumb-side by not insisting that they learn our language! That way you can continue to hire them paying low wages. You probably want to keep the "hit 1 for English" forever. You are the Hispanics worse enemy!!

    Yea, I can just hear you saying, "Let's keep all these illegal here, keep them dumb and they will continue to do all of our dirty jobs! How stupid can you get?

    You fail to see that our health care cost is related to the high usage of our system by illegal's! While an American couple may decide to limited the number of children they will have because of the high cost, our tax dollars are providing free medical care to the unmarried illegal having 6 or 7 kids. Our educational standards have fallen, especially where our Hispanic populationn is heavy and you probably blame the government for not stepping up with more money. Our tax dollars are being spent at a higher rate because you and people like you choose to keep Hispanic on the dumb-side.

    How dumb of you not to realize that whenever you have too much of any one thing, things just go haywire! How dumb of you to think that this influx in illegal Hispanics is not different from any other immigrants that have previously arrived in America. How dumb of you not to compare the numbers and how dumb of you not to take into consideration that there are immigrants and that there are ILLEGAL immigrants. There is a difference.

    How I wish I could sit on a one-on-one with dumb people like you. You think you know so much when in fact you come through as not knowing m uch at all!

    As an 2nd Generation American-Hispanic, I am ashamed of you and the fact that you call yourself an American!!

    I wish I could sign off by writing "Respectfully Yours" but I can't.

    The article published about William Ghenn is an outright exageration....and is ludacris. She needs to apologize for her rhetoric. Gheen has been one of our GREAT Americans on the forefront of this debate of illegal immigration and should not be compared to a terrorist like Bill the butcher. We Americans are now realizing all the terrible problems incurred with allowing these people to stay! And we are fighting back!! The government has stood by and done nothing!! We the who we want in office, and we are "cleaning house". This woman obviously has alterior motives for writing this, hence the cliche.."there is no hell like a woman scorned"!! She has taken this personal and is not speaking for " we the people"...please remove her and let us Americans speak up for what we truly believe is the right thing to do. It is not a snunami of racism going on here....Americans are out of jobs...look at the latest unemployment rate...including myself. And the illegals are not taking only jobs that "supposedly" we americans do not ME a job that I don't want...I'm trying to feed my children a a carpenter of 15 yrs...these illegals come and take my job for 8 bux and hour.....when we were getting anywhere from are we supposed to compete with that? I could go on and on about what all the problems are with these illegals .....and the future problems...but I doubt you'll listen. We have stood by and let nothing happen long enough..signed ALIPAC supporter.

    Ms. Schulken,

    Your article 'This tide of meanness needs to stop' was one of the most sensationalistic full-of-spin pieces of journalism I've ever read.

    By using William 'Bill the Butcher' Cutting from that movie and compare him to people, such as William Gheen, is not only misleading, it's defaming a good man's reputation.

    Have you, Ms. Schulken, ever been to California? Have you ever read the book 'Mexifornia?' Perhaps there in North Carolina it is easy still to be pc but in California, in many areas, it may as well be Mexico. Hope you speak Spanish also because in many areas here it's required for employment. I know many people who use to work in construction but are unable to find work now due to the cheap illegal labor allowed in. And have you heard over 80 hospitals have closed here? But perhaps you think this will be ok for your state too because if this unchecked illegal immigration continues it will happen.

    After the marches on May 1, 2006 my eyes were opened more than ever. When I saw millions of marching people flying the Mexican flag and making demands, when they shouldn't even be here in the first place, that was a big eye-opener. Traffic was great but also showed us the astronomical numbers involved.

    Yes, many people are fed up and frustrated that our federal government doesn't enforce its own laws, especially regarding illegal immigration. It has nothing to do with bigotry, hate or whatever ugly words some journalists want to use. My family is expected to follow laws and if not we face the consequences. Why not our federal government?
    But the worst of your piece has to do with how you cleverly and sensationally tried to portray Mr. Gheen. That is 'meanness' and that's putting it lightly. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Dear Mary C. Schulken

    Leave Willam Gheen alone, a patriot, more than I can say for you. What does a stupid movie, that only ignorant bigots would watch (why did you bring it up?), have to do with the illegal aliens that deserve to be deported to their host country for breaking any local and immigration laws. That is the most perverted and emotionally charged article I have ever read. Wake up woman! It is about the Rule of Law in immigration!

    Dear Ms Caulkins,

    This attack of Alipac and its President is disgraceful
    and untrue. The president of Alipac helps Mexicans. I
    am an American in LA, we have disabled hospitals.. the
    waiting time is eleven hours now, sometimes more. Our
    schools are destroyed. That means the illegals you
    pretend to love are dying in hospitals and their
    children are leaving schools and entering gangs at
    ages as young as 12.

    Does, your paper have any clues to what is going on as
    the Mexican gangs kill Blacks like they are stepping
    on ants.. Your paper will go down in disgrace, unless
    you stop the attacks right out of the Soviet handbook
    of indoctrination. My husband is from the former
    Soviet Union, his Grandmother was one of the heads of
    the KGB. So I have access to writing not many in
    America do. But I believe papers like yours who allow
    this woman to call a man names in and editorial is a
    window to where you really stand as someone who wants
    America to be Socialist. And using illegals only shows
    that the ones who attack the legal way to enter this
    country are really the ones who hate Mexicans.

    I see how they suffer here under the guise of them
    being helped, how they themselves are being bullied
    and killed by Mexican gangs, they are being used like
    the Blacks where used in the 60's But many Mexicans
    are not so gullible, their heavy Christian values lets
    them see how much the so called sympathizers are using

    The games of papers like your is up, soon the American
    public will know the Soviet techniques you all have
    been using for many a year. Alipac is a wonderful
    organization whose only goal is to save the citizens
    of American and America herself.

    You need to issue a retraction right away.

    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Here's mine:
    To the Charlotte News and Observer:
    Please take immediate steps to recant the untrue and libelous remarks by Mary Schulken in the Charlotte NC newspaper about Mr. William Gheen of ALIPAC. The depiction of Mr. Gheen by Mary Schulken, while untrue, puts Mr. Gheen and his family in danger from persons or groups who would act on such erroneous information without taking the time to research the facts. Mr. Gheen is NOT against legal immigration. Mr. Gheen embraces the diversity of the citizens of the United States. Mr. Gheen, along with others involved in ALIPAC, are committed to encouraging the United States government(s), both Federal and State, to uphold the laws of the land and the will of the majority of the citizens of the United States. Illegal immigrants, by definition, are here illegally.

    I strongly appeal to your sense of justice and common sense to recant these statements by Mary Schulken and ensure that she refrain from such divisive and incindiary articles in the future. Yellow Journalism and articles such as this have no place in the newspapers of our country. You have a duty and responsibility to your readership to print the Truth.
    Thank you,
    Semmes, Alabama
    Member ALIPAC
    Illegal immigration and the war in Iraq have 2 things in common:
    1. Nationalize expenses 2. Privatize profits
    Register "INDEPENDENT"

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    Since there is a "tide of meanness that needs to stop." It should have stopped at her computer. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black, as my grandmother use to say?
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    William here is my reply:

    Dear President & Editors,

    MARY SCHULKEN creates a hypocritical plea to stop the meanness as she knowingly compares William Gheen (ALIPAC) to a murdering racist in her propaganda piece!

    As one reads Mary's hit piece, each word brings a clearer image to her agenda - promoting slavery! The following paragraph is a glaring example of Ms. Schulken's pathetic human rights violation agenda:

    "But they also perform jobs that are vital to our economy ‚Äď and our communities. Most of those jobs are hard, dirty, repetitive and dangerous. That's why most of us don't want to do them."

    To suggest that Americans will not perform difficult and dangerous jobs is a slap in the face to Americans and American history. Americans are soldiers defending our nation at war; Americans work in coal mines; Americans work in construction; Americans (including LEGAL immigrants) built this country from unconquered territory to a thriving superpower!

    The truth of the matter is Americans helped create a strong economy earning sound wages with benefits! But business owners and corporations in their lust for increasing profits discovered illegal aliens! These illegal aliens are exploited in abusive environments without benefits and a living wage. Today's "plantation" owners willingly break federal immigration and employment laws without any concern for the safety and welfare of the United States in a post 9/11 terrorist reality!

    Furthermore, Mary's propaganda suggests that Americans "fear" criminal aliens? Well she is correct if she realizes Americans fear the unknown crossing our open borders! Since these aliens are without the proper documentation, how do we know that they are not associated with terrorists, drug cartels, zetas. MS13 gangs, or have a criminal record or health risks?!

    However if she is suggesting Americans "fear" immigrants, then she is grossly misinformed! Many Americans against the criminal invasion are LEGAL immigrants or children of LEGAL immigrants!! The United States PROUDLY accepts more LEGAL immigrants into our nation than all other countries combined! ... 31629.html

    In Mary's quest to promote slavery, she insults hard-working Americans and Legal immigrants! But worse she maliciously defames William Gheen by comparing him to a murdering racist!

    The Charlotte Observer should quickly extend an apology to Mr. Gheen as well as pay for any damages to he or his family. Finally, the Charlotte Observer should comply to Mary Schulken's plea to stop the tide of meanness and terminate her!

    Kindest Regards,
    Media & Events Director

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    W, This is despicable! When I read this post my first thought was sue her for defamation and slander. I will post a letter to the editor later, right now, I need to cool off.
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    Please call Ed Williams, Editor

    I just spoke with Mr. Williams, the editor that oversees Ms. Schulken's "work" and he is just as bad as she is. He obviously agrees with her sentiments as he refused to issue a retraction and an apology right off the bat. I told him I think it's deplorable that she starts her article off with a fictional murderous racist character and then segways into the next paragraph with a Bill Gheen quote. How convenient. For those who don't know Bill Gheen and ALIPAC they may think that he is that racist murderous character and that was obviously Schulken's intent, which is even worse.

    His response was that he is "allowing Mr. Gheen to write a letter in response to the article, that the paper believes in free speech on all sides." I said, sarcastically, that that was mighty gracious of him since the article pretty much implied that Bill Gheen was a murderous racist!
    He said he didn't think the article implied that at all. Really? I have sent my response directly to Ms. Schulken and will copy Mr. Williams to print my response in the paper.

    Again, I asked that they retract the statements and issue an apology and he said they will not be doing that, that Ms. Schulken is just exercising her right to free speech. I replied that there is a difference between free speech and tarnishing someone's good character with false implications, not to mention putting Bill Gheen and his family in harm's way from some nut that reads that article and takes it as fact. I told him they should be ashamed of themselves -- ALIPAC stands for legal immigration, not illegal immigrant bashing. It was like talking to the wall.

    I said his paper reminded me of The Boston Globe, very slanted to the left. He agreed that his paper is more to the left. Really?!? He then asked me where I was from "up there" and I told him. He said his wife is originally from Belmont. I said, the home of my favorite Republican, Gov. Mitt Romney. Silence. I said, "I'm guessing you don't much like Gov. Romney right?" and he laughed and said no.

    I hope many of you will take the time to call and give them a piece of your mind. Ask for Ed Williams. He said they are getting a lot of emails and calls. I hope the phone rings off the hook for days!

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    Mr. Williams:

    I just read the article by Ms. Mary Schulken. I had to laugh. Shouldn't the "meanness" have stopped at her computer?

    I live in California. The meanness needs to stop for the American taxpayer. We've had over 93 hospitals close in CA due to the free medical care given to illegal aliens. Forty to sixty percent of the free care, depending on the location, is given to illegal aliens. In fact, Ms Puente, and illegal alien, has had three liver transplants and waiting for her fourth at UCLA Medical Center. Ms Puente's care has been totally free to the tune of $470,000 per transplant. American citizens medical care is NOT totally free. That is just one person who is breaking the back of the American citizen in CA.

    Supervisor Bill Horne of San Diego County can give you staggering statistics of the cost to his county by illegal aliens.

    I wished that just once, a paper or media source would really look into what they are talking about before they spout what they think is some charitable way of thinking. Please start placing some charity on the American worker and taxpayer. I interviewed a man in Georgia during the Presidential primaries. He lost his long standing job with a construction company to an illegal that they had to train, and paid one quarter what they paid the American worker. Where is the compassion for that man trying to feed his family and pay his mortgage. This scenario plays out every day across this nation. Google search the name Jaime Pickering and find that he was demoted after working long distinguished years in the forest fighting groups in Oregon. He was rewarded by being demoted because one person on his team didn't have a good command of the English language. Is that charitable to Jaime and his family.

    The media seems to want to focus and glorify the illegal alien. Anyone who gives facts, as I've just done, is called a racists, a xenophobe, or worse yet "bill the butcher." It's time to clean your office out. It's time to get back to journalism 101.

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