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[Watch] Amnesty and Open Borders Becoming Obama’s Katrina – No Safety Hiding in Texas Fundraisers

Posted on 7 July, 2014 by Rick Wells

The gullible fools in the national mainstream media are absolutely amazing. These are grown adults who presumable make rational decisions every day of their lives, and yet they are naïve enough to consume the shovelfuls of manure being served up by the Obama regime without batting an eye or asking the most obvious, rational question.
This Washington Post “expert” talks about the “problem at the border with the kids” as if it is an inevitable situation and something other than an orchestrated creation of the Obama regime.
He’s completely taken the bait, swallowed the hook, been reeled in and is ready to be mounted on the wall. He, for all of his Washington connections, wisdom and insight, is completely blind to the reality in front of his face.
In fairness, his name is Balz, not Brains, so maybe he’s just doing the best he can with what he’s got.
Adhering to a simple principle of following the money would at a minimum create a reasonable doubt that this is just the random acts of many desperate central American peasants. They don’t have any money and just like a trip to Rome or that new Cadillac that isn’t parking in the dirt road in front of their shacks, they can’t afford to pay the smugglers to get to America.

It isn’t a simple spontaneous response any more than Benghazi was a response to a video. It’s orchestrated and the money to fund it is coming from elsewhere.
They are right about one thing, this is going to blow up in Obama’s arrogant totalitarian snout. We are seeing the beginnings of that already.
As usual, he’s pretending it’s a phony scandal, ignoring what he can’t explain away, only it’s not having the usual effect. The people, at least those outside of the mainstream media, are starting to question the inherent wisdom of the community organizer who would be king.
Once the plagues of disease and pestilence that his imported democrats are unlesashing become more evident, he’s going to have more than he can handle keeping his peasants in place.
They are calling it Obama’s Katrina. Obama can pray to whatever golden idol or owl statue that he worships that this disaster of his creation doesn’t get any bigger than Katrina. This storm appears to be much larger, of greater intensity and much more devastating than its Bush predecessor.
It’s stalled over the southern border for now, but with his dispersal of infected persons throughout the country, it’s only a matter of time before a full blown epidemic of some sort grips the nation. Add to that the revolt among patriots who have had enough of their subjugation to foreigners, and this could be the beginning of Obama’s end.
He doesn’t need to go to the border. What could he say other than look at the mess I made? He should just continue to fund raise and golf. It’s only national security. DHS and the media will cover for him.

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