2ndamendsis--I know how you feel!! Knowing what we know now, makes it impossible to react any other way to a President who has knowingly and willfully abandoned the Rule of Law to ruin the US Economy to pave the way for a Open Borders in the United States to pave the way for Globalism on a world-wide basis.

But I have great confidence in the American People. We are still just one big bunch of cowboys and cowgirls....

Thank God for That!!

Word will travel. People are watching this website. They know they've been discovered. They know....we have their Number. They know....we see their true colors....they know their lives will never be the same now.

They are as we write, holding meetings, discussing "options", revising strategies, on the phone......soon they'll be "on the run".

Keep up the pressure....Calls to the White House....tell it straight....what you think.


If they try to transfer you to the "HOT LINE"

Tell them you want to Speak to the President. If he's not in, tell them you want to Speak with the White House Chief of Staff. If he's not in, ask them "WHO IS IN?"

Then ask to Speak with whoever in IN THEIR OFFICE today!!

Tell it Straight....don't fuss around. Straight Talk for Immediate Results on the Border; NO MORE immigration until this mess is figured out.

Use this: This President may think he's got a Mandate, but he wasn't given a Mandate by the American People to break our laws or "aid and abett" anyone who is. That would be an IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.