By Mary Starrett
January 4, 2008

The fact that the media are toadying up to president wanna-be Mike Huckabee should tell you all you need to know.

He is not, never has been, nor will he suddenly turn into, a statesman who will get the United States back on a constitutional track.

The media have for one reason only blessed Mike Huckabee; and it has nothing to do with his profession of faith in the Nazarene.

Media have anointed him a ‘frontrunner’ despite his profession of Christian beliefs.

The reason is, Mike Huckabee embraces enough big-government, left-leaning socialist policies and ideology that his Christianity can be forgiven him by a press corps decidedly hostile to all that honors Providence.

The former Arkansas governor never met an illegal alien he did not want to wrap in social services. Huckabee thinks those who break and enter here instead of going through the legally defined channels should receive prenatal care, reduced college tuition and all the perks taxpayers can bundle up and hand over. He also liked giving the Mexican government a taxpayer subsidized place to lobby for more perks from Arkansans. In fact, Mike Huckabee thinks if you are against amnesty and guest worker programs, you are likely under bondage to the sin of racism. A recent poll taken by the group Americans for Legal Immigration showed 65% oppose Huckabee’s amnesty plan allowing illegals to return to their country for a day and then come back into the U.S. legally. Only 10% of those polled approved of his so-called ‘touch-back’ plan, better known as amnesty dressed up as ‘immigration reform’.

Mike thinks God’s earth ought to be more ‘green.’ He’s bought into the cars-cause-the- earth’s -temperatures –to-fluctuate- hoax and wants our government to join in the rush to crush free enterprise, private property and liberty in order to cool things down.

Huckabee thinks government is your momma. While governor, he supported laws to ban pregnant women from smoking and laws mandating schoolchildren be weighed for obesity.

These state-level policy decisions are among the reasons the media can forgive Governor Huckabee his Christian-ness; after all, what media outlet doesn’t love that ‘more-is-better’ approach to the federal government’s role.

It should be clear; those who subscribe to a constitutionally sound political ideology could not support Huckabee for president the way they could support Congressman Ron Paul.

Mike Huckabee is no Ron Paul, not only because of the governor’s relentless pursuit of the nanny-state, but because he has struggled with the sin of greed while serving the public. By now, reports have surfaced about how he accepted cash, suits, gold jewelry and other items just barely squeezing by the law, and how he gave political appointments to people who gave him cool stuff. Then there was the downright tacky gift-grab he attempted when he registered for house wares at local department stores when he and his wife were moving out of the governor’s mansion. You just cannot make this stuff up.

On a more serious, actually, a deadly note, Huckabee supported the invasion of Iraq, even after he acknowledged the justification for that war was bogus. He also does not discount pre-emptive war against Iran.

Just what we need- another president who will swear to uphold the Constitution and then turn around and disregard that business in Article I Section 8 that says something about who can declare war and for what reasons.

Huckabee’s lying about a theology degree, his pardon of a convict who went on to rape and murder a woman, his defense of evolution (though he doesn’t “believe