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Thread: Immigration Crisis a Ploy to End the Constitutional Republic

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    Immigration Crisis a Ploy to End the Constitutional Republic

    Immigration Crisis a Ploy to End the Constitutional Republic

    Obama Uses Cloward and Piven Strategy to Consolidate Democratic Party Dominance

    Frank Worley-Lopez June 30, 2014 at 6:00 am
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    EspañolIf you’ve been following the latest illegal (and manufactured) immigration crisis at the border, you should be getting a little nervous, if not downright angry. The Obama administration, via its usual double talk, is now directly carrying out the overthrow of the US constitutional system as we speak. It is high treason and nothing else.

    Immigration is where I sharply differ from my libertarian friends. While there are many reasons, the biggest is probably that illegal immigration is being used to transform the US constitutional system and eliminate the voting power of originalist conservatives and libertarians. It is being promoted so that the country will gain millions of Democratic Party voters, some of whom may vote illegally and against fiscally conservative or libertarian policies. Their votes are why Democrats steadfastly oppose voter ID.

    While we libertarians talk of open borders, ending social welfare policies, and rightly criticize nationalism, we ignore the practical effects of illegal immigration. Today, we have social-welfare programs, and they are being offered (at our expense) to people who have no legitimate right to enter our country. These individuals, including many children, will likely be allowed to stay. In some states, illegal immigrants will be granted drivers licenses and will eventually be allowed to vote.

    They will demand more from our government, not less. By and large, they will vote for socialist policies. They will use the force of our own government to take more of our freedom away.

    That we are a nation of immigrants is not the issue here. Immigration in the early part of the previous century did not include a free pass to all manner of public programs funded by taxpaying US citizens. Only a handful of programs existed in the early part of the last century, and nothing compared to the trillion-dollar programs of today.

    This goes back to my earlier article about negotiating with a thief. The thief will never be satisfied. If national borders are the right to close and lock your front door, and we as libertarians believe in the non-aggression principle, why then do we endorse the idea of millions of people illegally coming into our country? Why would we permit them to take advantage of money stolen from us by government, demand more of these programs, and vote for those who would expand that power indefinitely?

    When exactly does the right to self-defense kick in?

    Let’s cut through the nonsense and look at what is actually happening here: the government’s operatives are encouraging people to come to the United States with the promise of amnesty for minors. In a typical “Cloward and Piven” strategy, they aim to overwhelm and collapse both the immigration system and the social welfare system.

    While paleoconservatives and libertarians will continue to call for cuts in social welfare programs, supporters of illegal immigration will then call those proposed cuts “appalling and inhuman.” As they push for an expanded welfare state, they will cite the very “humanitarian crisis” that was created by the government for partisan reasons in the first place.
    Hispanics in the United States, who already support Democrats over Republicans by a two-to-one margin, will fall in lock step to support of the next Democratic Party presidential nominee. While many of these immigrants are being shipped off to diverse places, most will stay in Texas and Arizona, sharply increasing the democratic voting pool and taking these states away from Republicans. This will make it impossible for a GOP candidate to win the White House without pandering to these Democratic voters, and therefore obliterate what little is left of paleoconservatism and libertarianism in the GOP.

    This is nothing short of criminal contempt for our constitutional system. It is using the authority of government for partisan gain, just as the IRS used its authority to target conservative groups. This is par for the course in this White House.

    I rarely offer a complaint without an opposing solution, so here it is:

    • President Obama should be impeached now and should be brought up on charges of treason. Vice President Biden as well.+

    • The new president should declare an emergency and martial law along the border.+

    • The US military should be recalled from as many places abroad as is needed to secure the southern border and enforce the immigration rules applied by the new president.+

    • All illegal immigrants, regardless of age, current location, or status, should be immediately deported to the country from which they made their initial entry, regardless if this is their country of origin. Any public official giving aid and comfort — being an accessory after the fact — should be arrested and prosecuted immediately.+

    None of these proposals will happen, but they need to be said. What will happen is that the United States will cease to exist as a constitutional republic within the next five to 10 years and will lead the world into an economic downturn that will reshape the world as we know it.

    Get your exit strategy ready.

    Frank Worley-Lopez

    Worley-Lopez is one of the two founders of the original Libertarian Party of Puerto Rico and its first state chairman. He is the author of Toy Farm Lemonadeand a former Radio and TV host and Puerto Rican Senate aide. Follow him@FrankWorleyPR

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    OBAMA SHOULD HAVE BEEN impeach long time ago I don't know what the hell THE USA is waiting for or our gov
    don't you have back bone
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