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    Keep tax credit for immigrant workers
    Posted by Inquirer Editorial Board @ 5:46 PM
    Tuesday, February 7, 2012

    To cover a small part of the estimated $150 billion payroll-tax-cut extension, congressional negotiators are considering an offensive idea: taking a $1,800 tax credit away from undocumented immigrants who earn poverty wages.

    Supporters argue that cutting the child tax credit for these families could save $2.5 billion a year or more. But it could force poor working families to cut back on essentials, like food.

    In Pennsylvania, about 15,600 families could lose the credit, which was designed to help families on the edge from falling off. In New Jersey, 76,660 could be affected.

    The scheme to cut the credit, already passed in the House, would single out undocumented workers who don’t qualify for a Social Security number but instead use an income-tax identification number on their federal tax returns. The child tax credit they receive is based on their income. Advocates for these workers note that this group paid $9 billion in Social Security and Medicare taxes in 2010.

    Some members of Congress may think they can actually make this change because the hardworking, low-wage earners involved are undocumented immigrants, the handy scapegoats for a myriad of social ills. However, often their children or spouses are American citizens.

    The Congressional Hispanic Caucus and Asian Pacific American Caucus are asking payroll tax negotiators to put this idea on the scrap heap. They say cutting the child tax credit would harm two million families nationwide.

    The idea of taking money away from vulnerable families comes from a Congress that has yet to seriously consider eliminating corporate-jet deductions, tax breaks for oil companies, and raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans, many of whom pay a smaller percentage of their incomes in taxes than middle-class families.

    No one wants to see the federal deficit continue to grow or taxes go up, but taking money away from people who are barely making ends meet is a mean-spirited way to close the gap. Congressional negotiators must find a responsible alternative.

    Keep tax credit for immigrant workers
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    Why in the h$$l was the US Government giving $1800 in free money away to illegals to begin with? They should have never been giving money away to illegals and now that it gets taken away the illegals want to throw tantrums like toddlers! Do these fools stop to think that maybe $1800 in free money makes it a bit tempting for illegals to hop the border???
    "Mother Sick of Sending Her Child to A School Overflowing With Anchors and Illegals!"

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    Livin’ La Vida Loca – $4.2 Billion in Earned Income Tax Credits to Illegal Aliens + California Scholarships

    Posted on September 2, 2011 by Matt Holzmann

    We learn today that the IRS sent checks in the amount of $4.2 Billion in tax refund checks to illegal aliens who in fact paid no taxes. Under the earned income tax credit, which is applicable to families with incomes of less than $20,000/year and which is one of the government’s signature poverty reduction programs, these illegal aliens applied for and then received these payments.

    For tax year 2010, the maximum EIC for a person or couple without qualifying children is $457, with one qualifying child is $3,050, with two qualifying children is $5,036, and with three or more qualifying children is $5,666.

    Here in California the State Senate just passed the California Dream Act, which was drafted to include illegal aliens in state scholarship programs. Regardless of the moral case, there is no money for expansion of most programs. California is in deep financial trouble and another entitlement has just been created at a time when we can ill afford it.

    One of the dirty little secrets of the illegal immigration industry (and it is an industry) is the way the system is gamed.

    If there is an angle, it gets played. Several years ago I was handed a brochure the was printed in Guatemala outlining all of the public benefits available in San Bernardino County, California; how to apply, and what to put down to gain the maximum benefits available.

    You see, welfare in California is much more preferable to life in Guatemala.

    There are illegal immigrants who work hard and follow the rules and try their best to stay under the radar. And then there are the others. There are few rules when the objective is survival, especially when there are enablers within the system with the express purpose of ripping it off the best they can.

    One of the fundamental principles of our democracy is equality under the law. But in today’s social welfare network, some pigs are more equal than others.

    How many laws have been broken?

    How much graft exists?

    Under the current system, it is virtually forbidden to even ask these questions. There is no wonder the system has become so corrupt.

    The message is clear. Pay your taxes. Abide by the Law. Get screwed.
    Immigrate illegally. Work the system, and hit the jackpot.

    Is it any wonder people are upset?

    Matt's Mediations Word Press

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    GOP targets tax break for illegal immigrants

    Republicans are looking to deny child tax credits to illegal immigrants — refund checks averaging $1,800 a family — in an effort that has roused anger among Hispanics and some Democratic lawmakers.
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