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    Levin: I'm voting for Trump ... here's why

    By: Phil Shiver | September 06, 2016

    Mark Levin made the big announcement Tuesday night on his radio show after methodically walking listeners through his rationale.

    At the beginning of the program, Levin made sure his real feelings were known. It was no secret that Levin’s first choice was not and is not Donald Trump. In fact, he boldly declared Tuesday that despite Trump’s holding some conservative policies, “Donald Trump is not a conservative … and he’s not reliable.”

    Levin reiterated his position that Sen. Ted Cruz would’ve been a far better choice to champion conservative principles as president.

    But that’s not what happened and … “at the end of the day, someone is going to be president.”

    Levin then listed his critiques of Trump one by one. From his behavioral antics during the GOP primary to his lack of understanding when it comes to the Constitution and limited government, from his massive spending increase for infrastructure to his protectionist trade policies, and more.

    It wasn’t all bad for Trump, however, as Levin later spoke positively about his tax plan, his positions on immigration, law enforcement, and foreign policy. Levin did offer a common and recurring disclaimer: Trump is NOT reliable.
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    Conservatives support TPP and free trade??!! Really?! Since when? How can a "conservative" support a trade policy that bankrupts the United States with trade deficits and national debt?!! That is not "conservative", that's stupid.

    Herein may be the difference between a "conservative" and a Republican.

    Republicans support protected trade because it's fiscally responsible, it's how we protect our jobs and businesses from unfair competition and foreign influence. Republicans have always supported big spending for infrastructure, it's why we have a transnational railroad (President Abraham Lincoln), a National Park System (President Teddy Roosevelt) and an interstate highway system (President Dwight Eisenhower).

    And if you didn't know THAT, then you probably don't know very much about the Constitution and limited government.

    I think Mark Levin isn't a very smart person, but we thank him for his left-handed, back-stabbing support of Donald Trump. After all it would really be bad for his radio show if it ever got out he voted for Hillary Clinton.
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