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Thread: Megyn Kelly Defends Trump Against Chicago Protesters

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    Megyn Kelly Defends Trump Against Chicago Protesters

    Friday, March 11, 2016 10:30 PM
    By: Cathy Burke

    Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, who has famously feuded with Donald Trump, came to his defense Friday night, saying the cancellation of the GOP presidential front-runner's Chicago rally amid raucous protests robbed him of his First Amendment rights.

    In remarks on "The Kelly File," the host also argued those who came to hear the brash billionaire had their rights trampled too.

    "For all these people know, [other attendees] weren’t Trump supporters," she said. "We’ll never know now because they shut down their right to listen to the frontrunner on the Republican side."

    She then urged people to curb their anger and "lower the temperature."

    Kelly's remarks were posted by Mediaite.

    Kelly also retweeted comments from Trump rivals Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

    Megyn Kelly ✔ ‎@megynkelly
    .@TedCruz: “America’s better than this. We don’t have to tear each other apart instead we can work together.” #KellyFile
    6:55 PM - 11 Mar 2016

    Megyn Kelly ✔ ‎@megynkelly
    .@marcorubio: “I disagree w/many of the things Donald Trump says…but you don’t have a right to take away the 1st Amendment right of people.”
    6:42 PM - 11 Mar 2016

    And campaign dropout Ben Carson, who has now endorsed Trump, also criticized the protesters who triggered the shutdown.

    Megyn Kelly ✔ ‎@megynkelly
    .@RealBenCarson on #Chicago protests: “Everybody’s rights stop at the point where it interferes with someone else’s rights.” #KellyFile
    6:22 PM - 11 Mar 2016
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    Opportunist Ted Cruz: “Donald Trump is Responsible” For Organized Chicago Violence (video)…

    Posted on March 11, 2016 by sundance

    This is quite stunning even for a politician as low as Ted Cruz. Senator Cruz has a prime opportunity to highlight the intolerance of the left. Instead he choses to attack Donald Trump:

    At a media availability in Chicago, Ted Cruz basically blamed Donald Trump for the violence and protests that occurred earlier in the day at a Donald Trump rally at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

    The rally had to be cancelled due to safety concerns

    Opportunist Ted Cruz: ?Donald Trump is Responsible? For Organized Chicago Violence (video)? | The Last Refuge

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    This will all turn into Trumps' favor again. Hundreds of millions of people around the globe saw this. Again, first amendment rights not respected not only for Trump, but for those seeking to hear his message and waited all day long or drove however many miles to see him. This would never happen the other way around and has nothing to do with Trump supporters or his message.

    If Cruz is so big on the constitution, then he missed a big opportunity last night. It was the cheapest form of political advertising for Trump and anyone who understands what really happened last night would know that Trumps rights were denied. Cruz is once again very envious that his opponent has garnered so much media publicity without even saying a word or showing up.

    The organizers of the protest created a very dangerous situation for all involved. You won't hear Hillary or Bernie denouncing these anti-constitutionalists supporters of theirs.
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