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Thread: Mexican Flag Raised in Chicago; ‘We Stopped Trump!’

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    Mexican Flag Raised in Chicago; ‘We Stopped Trump!’

    13 Mar 2016

    Protesters raised a Mexican flag in celebration after Donald Trump’s planned rally in Chicago on Friday night was canceled, according to news reports.

    The Wall Street Journal reported:

    Cheers went up among many protesters when the announcement came, but a chaotic scene soon emerged with protesters and Trump supporters scuffling on the arena floor.

    Police rushed into the fray to try to restore order.

    One person raised a Mexican flag amid chants of “We stopped Trump!”

    “This is exactly what I was hoping for,” said Celso Ramos, a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of Illinois at Chicago. “Everyone says our generation doesn’t do anything.”

    Conservative columnist Ann Coulter also noted the flag at the time:

    Ann Coulter ✔ ‎@AnnCoulter
    Anyone else notice the Mexican flags being waved by the anti-Trump Chicago mob?
    5:59 PM - 11 Mar 2016

    Trump has criticized illegal immigration from Mexico, as well as the Mexican government and Mexico itself. One of his core policies is to build a “wall” along the border — and have Mexico pay for it.

    In addition, some radical activists on behalf of amnesty for illegal immigrants believe that the southwestern U.S. should revert to Mexico. The Mexican flag is also waved in pride at some other, less radical pro-amnesty rallies.
    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    That is a big part of the problem now. Only the people whose lives or lively hoods are unaffected by illegal immigration or enhanced by it condone it. You don't see other ethnic groups waving their flags. If you are in this country and acting as a citizen, the only flag you should be waving is the American flag first. These people walked in, illegally and uninvited and are now so brazen that they would wave a flag from their home country unaccompanied by an American flag. No good! There is no fear of deportation nor do they want to assimilate. This is going to get very interesting moving forward.

    We are watching Europe struggle with the consequences of allowing refugees to enter in huge numbers over the last year, but we have basically done the same thing by allowing so many illegals to enter our country through the Mexican border. It is really no different at all, call it another name or whatever but we have similar issues only we allowed it to happen over a much longer period of time. We have legal status for refugees and ignore laws designed to combat illegal immigration.
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