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    A Month of Islam in America: August 2020

    Creeping Sharia


    Documenting news on the threat of Islamic sharia law and jihad to freedoms in the U.S., and beyond.

    Muslim Enclaves in America | Muhammad Cartoons | What Can I Do

    SEPTEMBER 14, 2020

    A Month of Islam in America: August 2020

    The jihad continues.

    Vote wisely. And get involved in the election to prevent massive voting fraud here.

    Click any link below for more details and a link to the original source (which is most often the DOJ/FBI website).

    Jihad in America:

    Texas: Muslim on FBI Ten Most Wanted List for ‘Honor Killing’ Two Daughters is Caught; Son and Brother Arrested for Harboring Fugutive

    Texas: Family members arrested for hiding fugitive Muslim who (honor) killed his two daughters (for dating non-Muslims)

    Minnesota: Muslim Woman Who Tried to Join al Qaeda and Burn Down St. Catherine Univ Pleads Guilty

    Hawaii: Man who proclaimed allegiance to ISIS charged for threats to kill teachers and students, bomb police

    California: Former Sacramento prison counselor arraigned, lied to FBI about fighting with jihadi group in Syria

    New York: Muslim convert gets 15 years for material support of Pakistani jihad group (LeT)

    North Carolina:Man who wanted to join Islamic State (ISIS), use girlfriend’s “Buddy Pass” to aid jihad, gets 5 year sentence

    Massachusetts: Egyptian immigrant who stole classified national defense documents gets just 18 months prison

    Wisconsin: Muslim Woman Sentenced to 90 Months for Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIS

    Utah: Muslim arrested for providing support to Islamic State (ISIS) - complains about jail’s coronavirus testing

    Muslim cleric extradited from Jamaica to NYC, held without bail for ‘trying to recruit NYPD cop’ to ISIS

    New York: Man Who Disseminated ISIS Propaganda and Bomb-Making Instructions to Incite Jihad in New York City Pleads Guilty

    Islamic - Black Lives Matter - Antifa-related Jihad in America

    New York: Bosnian illegal immigrant’s ambush of cops during BLM riot, while shouting “allah akbar,” was Islamic jihad attack (VIDEOS)

    Florida: St. Pete protester caught with Molotov cocktail, loaded gun, charged with terrorist activity

    Maine: Muslim caught driving stolen car, spits on cops (possibly trying to spread coronavirus)

    Previous monthly reports

    Immigration Jihad also known as Hijra:

    Refugee admissions to the US resumed on July 31st

    Another Muslim enclave in U.S.: Little Egypt - Astoria, Queens, New York (VIDEO)

    Houston, Atlanta, Brooklyn, NYC, Michigan - Muslims in US celebrate el EID slaughtering animals, not social distancing (VIDEOS)

    West Virginia: Illegal alien from Kuwait pleads guilty to dealing cocaine near WVU

    Latin America too: Guyana elects Muslim as president, a first in South America

    Rape Jihad:

    Virginia: Rape suspect of “Middle Eastern descent” released from jail over covid concerns, KILLS accuser

    Fraud for Jihad:

    DC: Feds Dismantle 3 Islamic Terror Financing Cyber Campaigns

    New Jersey: Owner of Car Dealership Admits Engaging in Large-Scale Fraud

    DC: Two Muslims in U.S. Charged with Moving U.S. Currency to Iran

    Mosque Jihad:

    Boston Mosque Preaches Jihad with Weapons Not Established in America Because of “the weakness of the Muslims”

    Michigan: Mega-mosque with 60-foot dome breaks ground in residential neighborhood home to Chaldean Christians (who fled Islamic tyranny)

    Government collusion with and failure to prevent jihad:

    Virginia: Another judge releases another jihadi - convicted and sentence to life - over coronavirus

    Boston: Federal Judge Releases Muslim Ten Years Early Despite Guilty Plea in ISIS Plot to Behead Anti-Jihad Blogger!

    Mass: US appeals court overturns death sentence for Muslim terrorist who killed 3 and injured 260+ at Boston Marathon

    Canada: Muslim who joined ISIS in Syria arrested, then released on bail in Calgary

    Joe Biden’s Jihad:

    Democratic convention featured second imam - this one called for release of convicted cop-killer, defended al-Qaeda medic

    Democratic National Convention hosts imam from Islamic extremist institution

    Fact Check: The Travel Ban Is Neither a ‘Muslim Ban,’ Nor Unconstitutional [and it should be expanded]

    Video: The Muslim (Brotherhood) operatives behind Joe Biden’s presidential campaign

    Straight up Sharia in America

    Paypal Bans Author of ‘Muslim Mafia’ After He Calls BLM Domestic Terrorists

    U.S. Navy grants Muslim sailor special Islamic sharia grooming accommodation

    Bonus: Stories of Muslim diversity we did not have time to post:

    Set backs for sharia?

    New Jersey: Judge Orders New Election for Paterson Council Seat After Mail-in Voter Fraud Charges

    New York: Palestinian immigrant convicted of funding terror-linked Muslim charities deported to Rwanda

    Previous monthly reports

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