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    National Review: Trump Avoids ‘Flip-Flopping Immigration Bloodbath’

    29 Jan 2016

    National Review columnist Jim Geraghty, who has been critical of Donald Trump, writes that Trump had benefited by skipping Thursday’s GOP debate: “Trump Avoids the Immigration Flip-Flopping Bloodbath,” he concludes.

    In his post-debate analysis, Geraghty explains:

    In the middle of tonight’s debate, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Jeb Bush and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) spent about ten minutes trading accusations of inconsistency on immigration reform. It felt like the last ten minutes of The Departed, where almost every major character suffered a grievous injury…

    Trump wasn’t there to have his past statements showcased to the audiences at home and in the hall. Could you imagine if Trump had stayed, and Megyn Kelly confronted Trump, showing his old quotes on video? The resulting explosion would have been epic

    Instead, Geraghty notes, Trump’s leading rivals targeted each other for inconsistencies with their past positions, and the moderators targeted the frontrunners with pre-packaged videos that documented their flip-flopping on amnesty.

    Notably, National Review was to have co-hosted the debate, until the Republican National Committee dropped the magazine, following its decision to devote its most recent issue and cover to arguing against Trump’s candidacy.
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    The National Review Editor, Rich Lowry, has been lying about Trump since he entered the race. Rich sees irrelevancy in his own future during a Trump Presidency. That's the only thing Lowry has been right about since Trump entered the race.


    Iowa Trump Supporters: SHOW YOUR STUFF ON MONDAY, FEB 1, and do everything you can to be at the Caucuses. I've learned that for the Republican Caucus you don't have to stay and listen to speeches if you don't want to. All you have to do is be registered or register Republican at the Caucus if you aren't already registered Republican, and bring a piece of official mail with your current address and a Photo ID, be there by 6:30 pm in case there's some snafu you need to clear up before you vote, then write TRUMP on a piece of paper and drop it in the box. Very easy. Democrats have a different system where you have to sit around and listen to speeches. In the Republican Caucus you just vote and are then free to leave (although you may want to hang around until it's over to hear the results first-hand and give a big HOORAH!! when Trump wins.)

    Thank you Iowa! It's not easy being FIRST, but you can do it. Bring it home for Trump big-time, a home run out of the park!! That's the mandate he needs to Run the Table to win the nomination.
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