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    The next week or so is critical for Trump. He can wrap up the nomination if the delegates go his way which to my greatest concern would avert any type of contested nomination through a brokered convention. We will not see a candidate like this for years to come who understands and is willing to battle for all the Americans who have been ignored and dumped on for the last thirty years (the gutting of the middle class). Every vote matters right now and performance in the next debate matters significantly. Nobody is perfect and his liabilities in his business ventures that have failed are miniscule to the gains this country can benefit from his ideas and leadership.

    Most disgusting is the downright unfair and false characterization of the typical Trump supporter. These people are smart enough to know that they have been sold out for over thirty years by slick talking politicians who have acted in the interest of big money donors, special interests and a string of high powered lobbyists. They know illegal immigration and bad trade deals have taken their jobs, removed opportunity and left them little hope for better jobs and a secure future where houses can be bought, retirements saved for and the American dream can thrive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ALIPAC View Post
    MW and Judy were temporarily suspended for violating ALIPAC's rules despite numerous warnings about personal attacks. The suspension occurred the next day after that debate between Trump, Cruz, and Rubio melted down into personal attacks.

    Which thread was it? Are the posts still up?
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