Thursday, January 25, 2018
Charles Hurt

Watching Senate Democrats high-stepping and hopping around like a bunch of Mexican jumping beans in a hot skillet this week sure has been hilarious — if not entirely illuminating.

Led by Grande Sombrero Chuck Schumer himself, Democrats started their snake-bit tango by pledging their undying loyalty to the hundreds of thousands of so-called Dreamers, those treasured illegal aliens illegally brought into the country as children by their illegal parents.

Politicians pledging undying loyalty should have been the first clue that this was going to end badly for everyone involved. But that is how these people behave. They pledge undying loyalty to people that they just as quickly abandon.

Let’s start with the original pledge of undying loyalty. Now this is truly extraordinary.

Set aside the fact that there are apparently some real sob stories among these illegals brought into the country illegally as children by their illegal parents. Some, reportedly, only speak English and know nothing of the land of their birth. Sending them back would be cruel, we are told.

Indeed, it does sound cruel. What kind of parents would knowingly visit such cruelty upon their own children? And what kind of politicians would knowingly invite this kind of cruelty by making such false and lawless “open borders” promises?

But setting aside those sob stories, the startling fact remains that the Democratic Party is so entirely beholden to this relatively small group of foreigners in this country illegally — non-citizens who have no right whatsoever to vote — that the entire party decided to shut down the federal government on behalf of these sad people.

Name for me one single group of legal citizens in the United States who wield this kind of enormous power over either party here in Washington. Not unionized workers. Not the National Rifle Association. Not coal miners. No minority group. Not rich people. Certainly not poor people.

But round up a million illegals illegally bought here by their illegal parents and suddenly Democrats are willing to shut the place down and make them the very top, No. 1 priority in all the land.

It is the greatest mockery of citizenship, voting rights and self-governance ever displayed in this whole sordid swamp.

You have a powerful illegal foreign force operating within our federal government to pervert the will of the people and the swamp yokels around here hardly bat an eye.

Talk about collusion. Can you imagine if these Dreamers had been Russian?