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Thread: Snowflake Republicans are the obstructers’ on repeal and replace

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    Snowflake Republicans are the obstructers’ on repeal and replace

    Make no mistake that snowflake Republicans in the Senate like Mitch McConnell are the only ones obstructing repealing Obamacare and returning to existing law prior to the socialist’s adoption called Obamacare, which in fact was intentionally designed by the Western Civilization hating Obama and friends to destroy the world’s most effective and compassionate health-care delivery system on earth.

    Spineless snowflakes like Mitch McConnell and his snowflake Republican pals in the Senate are more concerned with keeping their seats in the Senate and catering to a communist/socialist/progressive like Chuck Schumer than ending the nightmare called Obamacare.

    As long as communist leaders like Schumer and our Fifth Column media can convince McConnell that a majority of the American People are fine with losing their doctors, losing health insurance plans they were happy with, and are happy to finance the health-care needs of lazy able bodied slugs and parasites, including those who have invaded America’s borders to give birth, McConnell will obstruct any chance to repeal Obamacare and work with socialists in the Senate to incrementally adopt a socialist health-care delivery system like that of Cuba or other socialist style health-care system in which the nation’s productive citizens are taxed after which folks in government dictate what health-care is available or not to the tax-payer, while non-tax payers get a free ride on the tax-payer’s dime.

    The Republican Party needs to cleanse itself of spineless snowflakes like McConnell who has caved into communist/socialist/progressive loving scoundrels like Chuck Schumer whose only game is give “free” government cheese in return for votes.


    American citizens are sick and tired of being made into tax-slaves to finance a maternity ward for the poverty stricken populations of other countries who invade America’s borders to give birth.
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    Snowflake Mitch McConnell has no intention to repeal Obamacare

    See: McConnell rejects Trump's advice to repeal ObamaCare now, replace later

    ”Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is rejecting President Trump's suggestion on how the Senate could promptly pass its ObamaCare overhaul measure -- by immediately repealing the 2010 heath care law and replacing it later.”

    Mitch McConnell refuses to put a clean bill up for vote to repeal Obamacare because he doesn’t want to force his socialist snowflake Republican pals in the Senate to be on record voting against repealing Obamacare.


    Millions of citizens have lost their health-care under Obamacare, and many more millions now cannot use Obamacare because of Obamacare’s outrageous premiums and deductibles. Repeal and replace Obamacare with nothing, and repeal McCarran-Ferguson.

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