Trump Slams “Nasty,” “Ignorant” First Muslim Mayor Of London, Challenges Him To Take An IQ Test

May 16, 2016 3 Comments Jack Flash

Trump - "Not people from Sweden blowing the world up"

(relevant portion begins at 2:40 mark)

Excerpted from The Daily Mirror: Donald Trump today launched an astonishing fresh attack on “nasty” Sadiq Khan and admitted he may not have a “good relationship” with David Cameron after he vowed to ban Muslims from the US.

The billionaire Republican hit back after London’s first Muslim mayor warned his “ignorant” views on religion will make the world less safe if he becomes President.

David Cameron also said Mr Trump’s plan for a temporary border ban was “stupid, divisive and wrong”.

Yet in an interview with Piers Morgan, Mr Trump said he was offended by Mr Khan’s “ignorant” remarks and even challenged him to an IQ test.

“He doesn’t know me, hasn’t met me, doesn’t know what I’m on about,” he told ITV’s Good Morning Britain host.

“I think they’re very rude statements and frankly tell him I will remember those statements. They’re very nasty statements.
“I think it’s ignorant for him to say that.”

He added: “We have a tremendous problem with radical Islamic terror. Look at it worldwide. The world is blowing up and it’s not people from Sweden that’s doing the damage, OK?”

A spokesman for the London mayor hit back within hours, saying: “Donald Trump’s views are ignorant, divisive and dangerous – it’s the politics of fear at its worst and will be rejected at the ballot box just as it was in London.