(From William Gheen's email)

June 11, 2019

Dear Friend of BOND,

You may have heard by now that YouTube has demonetized my channel when I was caught up in a purge, which started after radical homosexual Carlos Maza wrote a viral Twitter post complaining that conservative YouTube personality Steven Crowder and his followers were harassing him.

After pulling down "offending" videos and demonetizing selected channels, YouTube said they will be reducing what they call "borderline content."

“In January, we piloted an update of our systems in the U.S. to limit recommendations of borderline content and harmful misinformation, such as videos promoting a phony miracle cure for a serious illness, or claiming the earth is flat,” YouTube stated. “We’re looking to bring this updated system to more countries by the end of 2019.”

Ironically, YouTube demonetized my channel minutes after taking down two of my videos condemning anti-Jewish hatred by Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and fringe white extremists who hate Jews.

CLICK HERE to read my latest article regarding YouTube's move against views that don't fit its radical agenda.

CLICK HERE to view my response to being demonetized. As I point out in this video, unfortunately, censorship is common these days, even by Christians and conservatives against other Christians and conservatives!

Specifically, YouTube has stopped my ability to generate ad revenue on my channel, as well as halting the monetization of "Super Chats"—donations with a message attached by supporters. These have been a popular method of much-needed financial support. What You Can Do to Help

I have never censored myself before, and I will not do so now. The truth is more important than anything in this world, including money. YouTube cannot kill my spirit by demonetizing me. But they can hurt us financially. And that can impact our ability to get our message out.

I don't need to tell you that this latest action by YouTube only serves to underscore how important our message of "Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man" is during these times, and what lengths those who hate the truth will go to suppress it.

Here are a number of ways you can support the continued presence of our message online:

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I assure you that YouTube and big-social media are not finished censoring truthful content. They may just be beginning. It is time for those on the side of truth to do everything possible to support it, otherwise those attempting to tear down America and civil society worldwide will prevail. The consequences of that would be unfathomable. We simply cannot allow them to succeed.

Thank you so much for your continued support, and God bless you.


Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson
Founder and President, BOND

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