by Tony Lee 13 Aug 2014, 6:32 PM PDT

On Wednesday, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said that President Barack Obama's potential executive amnesty will decimate American workers who are struggling in Obama's economy, especially minorities who powered Obama to the presidency.

"This issue of middle class wage stagnation is directly related to the current debate about amnesty," Palin wrote, referencing a recent Reuters poll that found 70% of Americans feel illegal immigration threatens “traditional U.S. beliefs and customs" while 63% believe illegal immigration burdens the U.S. economy.

"Why are Americans united in this belief?" she asked in a Facebook post titled, "Obama’s Betrayal of American Workers of All Races and Backgrounds." "Because average Americans are feeling the pinch in declining job opportunities and diminishing wages."

Palin referenced a U.S. Conference of Mayors report , which found that "Americans are earning 23% less today than what they made before the 2008 recession for the same jobs," and mentioned that the report did not even "take into account Americans still struggling with unemployment."

"And please remember that the real unemployment rate is over 20%," she said. "That figure reflects all the Americans who’ve given up even looking for jobs that just aren’t there in Obama’s economy."

Palin noted that "minority voters in particular are unfairly hurt by illegal immigration" because "the unemployment rate among African Americans is practically double that for everyone else" and "the rate for Hispanic Americans is little better." U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner Peter Kirsanow has insisted that Obama not enact massive amnesty for the same reasons.

"These minority voters who vote for Democrats need to wake up. The Democrat Party is not looking out for you when they push for amnesty," she continued. "Obama bailed on you. You deserve trustworthy leadership. We all certainly deserve better."

Palin said Americans are a "generous people" and "we respect legal immigration" because "so many of our ancestors benefited from it!"

"But illegal immigration hurts Americans of all races and backgrounds who are seeking good wages and jobs to sustain their families," she continued. "Remember, this is why Cesar Chavez himself was firmly opposed to illegal immigration."

Palin urged voters to elect a Congress that will stop Obama from enacting amnesty and emphasized that "there’s only one party at least attempting to do that, and it’s not the Democrats."

"Remember that this November," she concluded.

Palin, in calling for Obama's impeachment, said that illegal immigration was the tipping point for her because of the devastating impact that it had on American workers, including legal immigrants, of all backgrounds.