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    There is a certain point where protest becomes racism..

    I am strongly committed to ridding the entire country of all illegal aliens, including anchor babies, but there is a point at which racism DOES enter into the debate, and for me, that point falls over the line when anyone is willing to lay their life on the line for the USA! I don't care where you come from, or if you mailed yourself across the border in a cardboard box, if you walk into a recruiting station and serve our country, YOU SHOULD BE AFFORDED ALL LEGAL RIGHTS AS A CITIZEN!!! I do NOT believe these people enter our military to learn how to kill citizens. That notion is ludicrous. Nobody puts their life at risk with hopes of injuring those they've protected. I do not harbor any ill feelings against hispanics. I DO want all illegal aliens booted out of our country, however I welcome and would protect any veteran, any color!

    I believe ALIPAC needs to rethink it's position and determine whether racism is at the heart of their effort, or if they are really serving the interests of the American people. We want illegals gone. Irish as well as Mexican. We do NOT want veterans ejected from a country they are willing to risk their lives for. That includes non-combat veterans, as they still take the same risk, and are willing to go in harms way at any notice!

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    You must be new to this.(?) For one thing, no one on this board is "racist".
    If they were they'd be suspended from alipac.
    Any posters or post that you may feel is racist, they should be reported to the Administrator or one of the Moderators

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