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Thread: Voter Fraud Information Thread

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    Scytl currently has contracts with 900 U.S. jurisdictions to count votes

    Posted on April 14, 2012

    By Anthony Martin | Conservative Examiner

    In a follow up investigation to an earlier report today concerning the outsourcing of vote tabulations for the Nov. 2012 elections in the U.S., this reporter has learned that SCYTL, a Spanish corporation run by a major Obama contributor, has contracted with 900 local jurisdictions in over 14 states to count the votes in the Presidential election.
    According to SCYTL’s website, the company’s software will be used to report election results in the state of Arkansas along with 13 other states:“Scytl’s election management subsidiary, SOE Software, has recently been selected by the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Division of Elections to provide its Clarity ENR solution and enhance the State’s web presentation of Election Night Results. With this selection, Arkansas will join over 800 Election jurisdictions in 13 states that leverage the industry leading election results solution. Clarity ENR presents results data graphically through the utilization of maps, bar charts, totals and downloadable reports. Ballot contest and/or issue information may be presented at the state and county level with granular detail provided down to a specific voting precinct. The solution will empower every web visitor with access to user friendly presentation of voting data to include contest details, status of counties / precincts reporting, voter turnout, vote type summaries and more.”In addition, SCYTL has contracted with the state of Virginia to develop new technology that will be used to tabulate absentee and military votes.And in February of this year the state of Connecticut awarded to SCYTL a contract to conduct online poll worker training.Among the states so far that have contracted with the company are Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Arkansas, Connecticut, Washington, Virginia, and West Virginia. The state of New York has contracted with the company to do its overseas vote tabulations.During the 2010 midterm elections, SCYTL ‘modernized’ the electoral process in 14 states:
    During the midterm elections in November 2010, SCYTL successfully carried out electoral modernization projects in 14 States. The company boasted that a “great variety” of SCYTL’s technologies were involved in these projects, including an online platform for the delivery of blank ballots to overseas voters, an Internet voting platform and e-pollbook software to manage the electoral roll at the polling stations.The states that used SCYTL’s technologies during the Midterms were New York, Texas, Washington, California, Florida, Alabama, Missouri, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nebraska, West Virginia and Washington DC.
    SCYTL technology was the subject of controversy in South Carolina during its 2012 Republican primary. The Ron Paul campaign charged that there were major problems with the process of vote tabulation implemented by local elections officials who had been trained to use the SCYTL platform. There were also reports of numerous technical failures on the part of electronic voting machines.Bev Harris, an elections and voter fraud expert, wrote that the manner in which SCYTL reports election results are very hard to monitor for fraud. According to Harris, a citizen observer would have to be present at the time the polls close to capture evidence of precinct results. Otherwise there is no way to compare the numbers.Harris’ online vote watch venture, BlackBoxVoting, contains a disturbingly lengthy list of an assortment of problems associated with elections and voter fraud in the U.S., including widespread evidence that government officials can now see exactly how an individual citizen voted. The site also delineates how state and local elections officials in certain states routinely mislead the public and outright violate the law.In the South Carolina case, results were tabulated privately, which is against state law. The state requires that the vote count be done openly, in public. But in order to make sure that the SCYTL machines report the accurate numbers, observers must actually see the physical evidence of the vote before the information is entered into the database.Such a requirement may be difficult if not impossible to implement, since many states no longer require a paper backup to electronic votes.South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson sent an official letter to the U.S. Department of Justice to delineate potential fraud in the voting process in the state. Over 900 people who supposedly cast ballots were found later to be deceased.The fact that each state uses its own system and operates according to its own laws would prevent a nationwide scheme to tamper with the 2012 vote. It is therefore impossible under the current system for the Obama Administration, for example, to implement a vote counting system for every precinct in America, although there are government officials who have made it known that they wish to mandate a uniform voting system that would be used in every state. At present, however, the various states and precincts are not capable of such a thing due to economic issues and other logistics.But the fact that the SCYTL system is being used in 900 voting jurisdictions in the U.S. means that the potential for widespread vote tampering, even enough to skew the November election, does in fact exist. According to one political activist who recently presented evidence to a Congressman concerning these issues, the only way for citizens to get something done about preventing potential massive vote fraud in 2012 is to volunteer to be a poll watcher, become a precinct worker, and send the information contained in this article to every local, state, and national politician, along with phone calls and emails to Congressmen, Senators, and state legislators to request investigations.


    A side note from Sarah:

    I have had several readers ask me what we can do to try and stop this company from gaining control of our election process.

    First of all, share this information with family and friends. Then contact your elected officials ESPECIALLY if you are a citizen in one of the states listed above and find out if your jurisdiction is currently using the Scytl electronic voting system. Let your elected officials know about the information uncovered about this company and the potential dangers that may occur if this system was put into place in your area.

    Scytl currently has contracts with 900 U.S. jurisdictions to count votes | American Freedom

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    Good bye ACORN, Hello #Scytl

    Posted on April 10, 2012

    According to an article posted on SodaHead:
    In 2008 the Florida Department of State looked into using Scytl’s remote voting system but turned it down. Their reasons:Our findings identified vulnerabilities that, in the worst case, could result in (i) voters being unable to cast votes, (ii) an election result that does not accurately reflect the will of the voters, or (iii) disclosure of confidential information, such as the votes cast by a voter. The extent to which these vulnerabilities could actually be exploited in the ODBP is beyond the scope of this report given our lack of system context. Secure handling and audit of the Voter Choice Records may defend against some or all of these vulnerabilities, but these procedures were not available for review.We identify three findings of particular significance:
    • The use of supervised polling stations provides significantly better protection against voter coercion or vote- 
selling than is present in some other absentee voting systems, such as voting by mail.
    • Two copies of each vote are stored: one electronically, and another on paper as a Voter Choice Record. This pro- vides redundancy that is not present in existing vote-by-mail systems. If the electronic votes are well-protected, then they can enable audit of the paper records in ways that are not currently possible.
    • After casting their ballot, each voter is given a receipt that is intended to give voters confidence that their votes were “Counted as Cast”. These receipts do not achieve their stated goal of allowing voters to “independently verify that their ballots have been correctly accounted for.” These receipts might indicate that a vote was received and decrypted by the county (a property not typically provided by current postal voting systems), but they do not provide assurance that the voter’s vote was correctly recorded.

    Also interesting to note, one of the organizations on “Scytl Partners” tab is Oracle, a major supporter to all-things-Democrat. And another Scytl Partner is a spooky “global governance” organization called Check them out. Yikes.Yesterday, I posted an article about Hewlett Packard. They also seem to be about “global governance”.
    Terry C., an American Freedom reader, provided the following information:I’ve been doing some research on the Director of US operations, recently hired by SCYTL in 2011. His name is Paul Stenbjorn who was previously the Executive Director of the DC Board of Elections and Ethics. He conducted an interview online with Etopia news December 29th 2011 in which he admitted that once a voter had cast their vote online that their vote COULD BE CHANGED, MANY TIMES. View the attachment and see for yourself. Wake up America!!!Paul Stenbjorn’s comment about changing your votes begins around the 8 minute mark of the interview.Paul Stenbjorn at Scytl discusses election modernization | Etopia News Now on BlipClick here to read other posts regarding ScytlIt is ESSENTIAL that we share this information with our friends and representatives. It is OUR right to have our votes counted!PLEASE DO YOUR PART FOR THE SAKE OF FREEDOM AND PASS THIS ALONG!

    Good bye ACORN, Hello #Scytl | American Freedom

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    tracking the usurper-in-chief and on his trail
    [Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq., wrote the following about voter fraud in California.]

    42. Plaintiff Taitz, as a candidate for the U.S. Senate, obtained from the Secretary of State of California an official DVD of the total number of registered voters in California. She forwarded this DVD to a number of analysts for analysis and verification of [the] validity of voter registrations. [The] Secretary of State did not provide all the information. For example, important parameters, such as Driver's License numbers and the last four digits of the Social Security numbers, were not provided; however, even with limited data, hundreds of thousands of flagrantly invalid voter registrations were found by computer engineers and relational data analysts, who analyzed the data of over 17 million voters.

    David Yun, a DeVry computer science graduate with over 10 years of experience as an analyst, examined the data and found that based on one parameter alone, 2150(6) California Elections Code “State or country of Birth,” there were 756,213 illegal [voters] and illegal voter registrations which did not contain required information. (Exhibit 18 Affidavit of David Yun). According to California Elections code 2150, “Country of Origin” is a required field that has to be filled out in order for the submitted voter registration to be accepted by the Registrar as valid.

    Additionally, employees of the Registrar of Los Angeles County admitted to falsification of voter registrations, where they themselves marked that [the] applicant was born in the U.S. when such information was missing. Considering that Los Angeles county is the most populated county in the nation, with 9,889,056 people, [the] number of individuals with such falsified information can be in [the] hundreds of thousands. Without updating the database and immediately sending to voters proper voter registration forms with “2150(6) State or Country of Birth” area to be properly filled out, it is impossible to know how many hundreds of thousands of voter registrations there are with “State or Country of Birth” being falsified by the registrars and filled out by the registrars themselves. (Exhibit 29 e-mail received from Public records of the Los Angeles Registrar According to the Public Records Department of the Los Angeles Registrar, [the] data entry operator is instructed to enter “U.S.” when the country of origin is missing. Moreover, posting “U.S.” is not sufficient, as Elections Code 2150 clearly states that the registration should contain “2150 (6) State or country of birth”. This means that if a person is born in the United States, it is not sufficient to enter "U.S."; [the] elector has to enter the name of the state where he was born. Only if he was born outside the U.S. can he enter the country of birth only. All of the voter registrations that do not have either the name of the state within the U.S., or [the] foreign country where the individual was born, have to be removed from the voter roll as invalid.

    Similarly, employees of the Orange County Registrar and other Registrars admitted that when voter registrations were missing the birth date, [the] year 1900 was marked as a birth year, which is a clear falsification of the voter registration. (Exhibit 28, 29) Not only there has to be an injunction and the court order to update the databases, and send to all the registered voters requests to update their information, but there has to be a criminal investigation and prosecution of Registrars and other election officials who engaged in falsification of records.

    Currently [the] Obama administration issued an Executive Order ([the] DREAM Act) which would allow illegal immigrants under [age] 31 to stay in the U.S. and obtain work permits. [The] California legislature responded by ruling that such illegal immigrants will be allowed to obtain California driver's licenses. When one obtains a driver's license, he is given a voter registration as well under the Motor-Voter act. Upon receiving a voter registration, a person can register to vote on line without anyone checking a thing, without anyone checking a driver's license, last four digits of a Social Security number, or citizenship status.

    According to the Department of Homeland Security, Office of Immigration Statistics, in 2009 there were 2.6 million illegal aliens in California, (25% of all illegal aliens in the U.S.). [The] majority of them reside in Los Angeles County. (Exhibit 30) According to the Department of Homeland Security, in 2008, there were 31 million non-citizens residing in the U.S. (19.6 legal residents and 11.5 illegal immigrants). There is no official estimate for 2012, but it is clearly higher than [the] 31 million that we had in 2008.

    While the official DHS numbers put the number of illegal aliens [at] only 12 million, most surveys put this number [at] around 30-36 million. According to retired Senior Deportation Officer of Homeland Security John Sampson, [the] immigration community estimates the total number of people who came to the U.S. illegally and [the] ones who overstayed their visas to be 42 million.

    California population is estimated at 39 million, which is 12.5% of the total 311 million of the US population.

    Considering the fact that California is a Southern border state with one of the most liberal establishments in the nation, with sanctuary cities, [the] percentage of illegal and legal immigrants in CA is expected to greatly exceed the proportionate share of 12,5% that California comprises in the total U.S. population.

    [The] Department of Homeland Security's own survey of 2008 estimates that 25% or a quarter of all illegal aliens reside in California.

    So, if one were to use the most conservative estimates of [the] DHS from 2008, there are 7.75 million non-citizens, people who are not allowed to vote, resid[ing] in California.

    When you take into consideration the real numbers and not whitewashed, rafinated official numbers, we have as many as 10.5 million illegal aliens in California (25% of 42 million) and approximately 5 million legal aliens (25% of around 20 million legal aliens). This means that between 7.75 million to 15.5 million individuals who are not allowed to vote reside in the state of California. These people can easily register on line, write anything, and Registrars will simply accept those registrations, and nothing is being checked.

    In over 25 years that Plaintiff Taitz resided in the state of California, she does not recall the Secretary of State ever sending any forms to update the voter rolls.

    These numbers are staggering, not only because of California['s] 55 electoral votes, but also because the pipeline of driver's licenses given in California to millions of illegal aliens can be used to register on line to vote in smaller election battleground states.


    Dr Orly Taitz, ESQ
    29839 Santa Margarita pkwy, ste 100
    Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
    One man's terrorist is another man's undocumented worker.

    Unless we enforce laws against illegal aliens today,
    tomorrow WE may wake up as illegals.

    The last word: illegal aliens are ILLEGAL!

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    52 days to stop illegals from stealing your vote!

    Go here:

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    For more info on Election Fraud and how to fight it go to:

    True The Vote

    BECOME A POLL WATCHER OR AN ELECTION JUDGE: ... ersguide.p ... judges.pdf

    Each state has a place where you can train and be a poll watcher. Check out your own state for more details and get trained early

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    Open Letter to my congressman about Spanish Company that will be counting 2012 election votes for the US
    • Posted by Hiscomm on April 10, 2012 at 7:58pm

    Dear Congressman: Thank you for the work you are doing to get our economy revived. And hopefully you will have a new executive in Nov to help you. Which brings me to the article I pasted below which is terrifying for freedom lovers. The results of our "American elections" are going to be tabulated by a private company in Spain! Who's CEO is a enthusiastic supporter of Obama and who's company is probably silently owned in part or all by George Soros or his socialist associations whom hates America.
    And as the article points out, Obama was real confident when he was telling the Russians that he would have more flexibility after the election. Congressman, this is grave! This President has thumbed his nose at the Constitution, usurped power, threatened individuals and companies with strong arm tactics using the weight of various governmental departments and union thugs to bypass the congress and attack his enemies. You have a president who goes against the interests of America at every step. 1.5 billion to the Muslim brother hood, giving Russia resource rich areas around Alaska, writing executive orders, to give complete control of all assets and capability private and governmental of the country over to him and bypassing congress completely in case of Attack or major catastrophe.
    He has already committed troops how many times without congressional approval? By Executive order he has given INTERPOL complete immunity from oversight from our law enforcement agencies of any of their activities including their offices. Can you tell me why a President would give INTERPOL the run of the country without any over sight. Can you tell me why the known terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood which OBAMA has helped get intrenched by helping overthrow the leadership of countries that was keeping them in check, who has openly exclaimed there goal is to destroy Israel and America. Yet the administration allocates 1.5 billion to the Egyptian government and not to the Egyptian military.
    A President who has done everything to thwart our energy dependence. Stonewalling the Keystone pipeline which would give us oil and create 50+ thousands of jobs for our economy and then give Soros's Brazilian oil company loans or grants for them to develop their drilling capabilities and say we will be their best customer!? A Justice Department who turns a blind eye to voter fraud and intimidation and sacrifices it's employees on the Alter of 2ND amendment politics to sway the opinion of the American people on guns. An administration that is actively seeking to promote racial social unrest and division to bring about riots to give an opportunity to “not waste a crisis”! I'm sorry, Congressman I read people not by their words but by what they do. I know all about the Presidents questionable past and associations that were swept underneath the rug during the last election cycle. I also know that five years from now a person will become who their hanging out with, what their reading and what their watching and listening too.
    And this President's past radical associations is bearing the above fruit and the truth of his motives is coming to the light...hatred for America, hatred for the Constitution. And make no mistake, this is an orchestrated plan for our destruction. He's almost done it, but 4 more years we will be castrated and left dying in our blood. I hope you have the discernment to see what's going on and start sounding the alarm. So when we think of voter fraud, it's the democrat party who has built systems and organizations who have been laboring to bring it down to a science. And now with the most important election of our history, determining if we will be living under as socialist/communist (“Mr Putin, I'll have more flexibility after the election”) dictator ship,. “Behold” a socialist leaning company, with possible Soros ties, from a socialist country is going to get to tabulate the results of the 2012 election!!!??? Please Congressman , for the sake of whats left of our country will you investigate this!! If this is not addressed, it is definitley in no uncertain terms deraliction of duty!
    I might add, they would probally love to arrange a democratic victory in the ohio 16th district despite a record turnout of motivated Republican Voters and a low turn out of flat, hungover, high democrats. But somehow, after the tabulations, the democrat party pulled out another victory which seemed to pop up all over America according to the tabulations of SKYTL. This has to be stopped!
    These quotes from Lenin do not sound so crazy anymore after three years especially since there are 60,70,80 card carrying socialsits in congress: Lenin: We have to use any ruse, dodge, trick, cunning, unlawful method, concealment, and veiling of the truth. The basic rule is to exploit the conflicting interests of the capitalist states.“ Lenin in 1922: First we shall take Eastern Europe, then the masses of Asia. After that, we shall surround and undermine the U.S.A., which will fall into our hands without a struggle…. Like an overripe fruit.
    ” ttp:// fb30-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email
    When the Spanish online voting company SKYTL bought the largest vote processing corporation in the United States, it also acquired the means of manufacturing the outcome of the 2012 election. For SOE, the Tampa based corporation purchased by SKYTL in January, supplies the election software which records, counts, and reports the votes of Americans in 26 states–900 total jurisdictions–across the nation. As the largest election results reporting company in the US, SOE provides reports right down to the precinct level. But before going anywhere else, those election returns are routed to individual, company servers where the people who run them “…get ‘first look’ at results and the ability to immediately and privately examine vote details throughout the USA.”
    In short, “this redirects results …to a centralized privately held server which is not just for Ohio, but national; not just USA-based, but global.” And although the votes will be cast in hometown, American precincts on Election Day, with the Barcelona-based SKYTL taking charge of the process, they will be routed and counted overseas. SKYTL itself is a leader in internet voting technology and in 2010 was involved in modernizing election systems for the midterm election in 14 American states. But although SKYTL’s self-proclaimed reputation for security had won the company the Congressionally approved task of handling internet voting for American citizens and members of the military overseas, upon opening the system for use in the District of Columbia, the University of Michigan fight song “The Victors” was suddenly heard after the casting of each ballot.
    The system had been hacked by U of M computer teachers and students in response to a challenge by SKYTL that anyone who wished to do so, might try! Nevertheless, in spite of warnings by experts across the nation, American soldiers overseas will once again vote via the internet in 2012. And because SKYTL will control the method of voting and—thanks to the purchase of SOE–the method of counting the votes as well, there “…will be no ballots, no physical evidence, no way for the public to authenticate who actually cast the votes…or the count.” The American advocacy group Project Vote has concluded that SKYTL’s internet voting system is vulnerable to attack from the outside AND the inside, a situation which could result in “…an election that does not accurately reflect the will of the voters…” Talk about having a flair for understatement! It has also been claimed that SKYTL CEO Pere Valles is a socialist who donated heavily to the 2008 Obama campaign and lived in Chicago during Obama’s time as Illinois State Senator. Unfortunately, given what is known about the character of Barack Obama, such rumors must be taken as serious threats to the integrity of the 2012 vote and the legitimate outcome of the election. Though much has been written about the threat of nationwide voting by illegals in November, it is still true that most election fraud is an “inside” job.
    And there now exists a purely electronic voting service which uses no physical ballots to which an electronic count can be matched should questions arise. Add to this the fact that the same company will have “first count” on all votes made in 14 US states and hundreds of jurisdictions in 12 others, and the stage is set for election fraud on a scale unimaginable just a decade ago. Perhaps Obama had reason for supreme confidence when he said “after my election” rather than “in case of” to Russian President Medvedev a week ago.
    Blogs - Tea Party Nation...

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    Voter fraud complaint filed against Florida Democrats

    By Associated Press
    Friday, October 5, 2012 -

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida officials are reviewing allegations of voter registration fraud against the state Democratic Party.
    The Florida Department of State on Friday confirmed that it has forwarded complaints about voter registration fraud that have been filed against the Democrats, as well as against two groups — the Florida New Majority Education Fund and National Council of La Raza/Democracia USA.
    Neither the agency nor the Florida Department of Law Enforcement would comment on the extent of the allegations or on how many voter registration forms it involves.
    Lee County Supervisor of Elections Sharon Harrington confirmed that a complaint regarding voter registration forms had come from her county, but declined further comment.

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    Secretary of State Scott Gessler: Left doesn't care about voter fraud

    Posted: 10/05/2012 12:01:00 AM MDT
    Updated: 10/05/2012 12:20:56 PM MDT
    By Tim Hoover
    The Denver Post
    Secretary of State Scott Gessler.

    Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler told a conservative audience Thursday that his critics really don't care about voter fraud and are "willing to lie" and "play the racism card."
    Gessler, a Republican, made his comments during a panel discussion Thursday titled, "Stealing Elections: What the Left Doesn't Want You to Know About Voter Fraud," held at a gathering of the Conservative Political Action Conference in Denver. CPAC events regularly draw big names on the right, and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney even made a surprise visit Friday to the conference, held at a hotel near I-70 and Chambers Road.
    The secretary of state appeared on the voter fraud panel along with representatives of several conservative organizations, including True the Vote, a highly controversial group that styles itself as an elections integrity organization but which critics say uses voter intimidation tactics.
    Gessler has come under fire for suggesting over a year ago that there were more than 11,000 noncitizens registered in Colorado
    Gessler, though, said he believes there are many more noncitizens and his search continues. He said those on the left just don't care if people are legally eligible to vote or not.
    "They (the left) don't care if they (would-be voters) are non-citizens," he told hundreds in the audience. "They'll register them to vote, and if that noncitizen registers and then votes, they suffer serious consequences -- criminal prosecution, loss of the ability to ever become a citizen -- but the voter registration drive never suffers any of those consequences.
    "So, I think they're very happy to manipulate people into believing it's OK to ignore these laws."
    He added that the left tries to generate hatred, "to sort of manipulate people to get them angry against a make-believe enemy that doesn't exist in an effort to win votes, to demonize, frankly, people who are conservative and believe in limited government."
    Gessler continued, "This is the tool they use, and of course the ultimate card they play is the racism card. And they are more than willing to lie to do this."

    Read more: Secretary of State Scott Gessler: Left doesn't care about voter fra...

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