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Thread: ALIPAC offers gleeful 'adios' to political nemesis

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    ALIPAC offers gleeful 'adios' to political nemesis

    ALIPAC offers gleeful 'adios' to political nemesis

    Wednesday, November 29, 2017
    | Chad Groening (

    An immigration enforcement activist is thankful that one of the staunchest advocates of illegal immigration won't be seeking re-election to Congress next year.

    Since 1993, Democrat Luis Gutiérrez (right) has represented Illinois' heavily Hispanic 4th Congressional District in Chicago, where he has been an unapologetic supporter of illegal immigration. And since Donald Trump became president, Gutiérrez has been one of the most vocal critics of the president's efforts to curb illegal immigration.

    Now Politico reports that Gutierrez will not seek re-election next year.

    William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, finds that welcome news.

    "We've seen him choose foreign invaders every time over the interests of U.S. citizens," he points out to OneNewsNow. "Now unfortunately – because of the way his district is near Chicago – there will probably be a new illegal immigration supporter coming up behind Luis Gutiérrez. But [he] has been the top voice for illegal aliens in the United States Congress – and we are thankful to see him go."

    During an interview with Telemundo in 2015, Gutiérrez referred to the murder of Kate Steinle – at the hands of a five-times-deported illegal alien – as "a little thing" that Republicans use to argue for elimination of sanctuary cities.

    Gheen points out that Gutiérrez isn't the only pro-amnesty lawmaker calling it quits next year.

    "[There's] Senator Jeff Flake from Arizona, [and] Senator Dean Heller from Nevada – a lot of illegal alien amnesty supporters are packing up and leaving," he notes. "And we think that a lot of them are terrified how Donald Trump was able to win his primary and go to the front of the pack."

    Gheen says his organization will work hard to get pro-border enforcement lawmakers elected in 2018.

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