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    Spitzer attacks Dobbs! ALIPAC Tells off Spitzer!

    Governor Spitzer:

    I am writing to address your comments about Lou Dobbs broadcast on CNN this morning at 8:18am EST on the CNN Live morning show of Oct. 30, 2007.

    In response to Lou Dobbs's criticism of your decision to give licenses to illegal aliens, which would lead to voter registration access for illegal aliens, you said you would not answer someone that engaged in "Venom, hate, and fundamental misinformation". Later in the broadcast, you said that the arguments against you were fundamentally "racist venom".

    I would hope that a man in your position would have more intelligence and creativity than to spew out the broken record, knee jerk, and liberal race card. Do you really think that trying to label your opposition as venomous racists will save you?

    Sir, you are not fit to lick Lou Dobb's shoe soles! Lou Dobbs is a hero and you are a worm that slings mud at those that possess the integrity you lack.

    Thank God for Lou Dobbs! The man clearly cares deeply about this nation and time and time again, the public's only major news access to the truth about what is really going on in this country is coming from The Lou Dobbs Show.

    I am fighting mad and looking for a candidate, a group, a state legislator, anyone I can support with volunteerism and money to kick your political hind side onto the scrap heap of history.

    You are an arrogant man Mr. Spitzer and you think that over 72% of those you swore to represent are "Venomous Racists" and that everyone else is just stupid or uninformed. You think you are smarter and wiser than three out of four people in your state and this country when in fact you are an ultra liberal idiot.

    Dobbs apologized for calling you an idiot, but I will gladly apply the label to you. Assuredly, many of your former supporters and voters have much stronger language to describe you so please spare me the mewling over being called an idiot. Calling you an idiot is mild compared to what many people want to see you called in public.

    I look forward to a day when you are put on trial for treason against the people of the United States. Your efforts to aid and abet illegal aliens violates existing Federal law and we have up to six years, under the statute of limitations, to nail you on that charge. Let us hope we can get an AG in office that will apply it to you.

    I'm up and at them early today Governor Spitzer. I will work feverishly into the night and the next morning. I will work to try and save my country from arrogant people like you that should be removed from office and never elected again.

    I stand with the vast majority of my fellow countrymen and women against you. I stand with Lou Dobbs! To hell with your slanderous hate speech on CNN.

    You stand with a small minority of people, less than 20%, that support you and you will not prevail.

    There's one group of people on the planet you really do not want to piss off and that is the American public.

    Time for you to receive a new education Governor Spitzer. We are going to educate you about what happens to despicable politicians that betray the American public and cast false aspersions on people like Lou Dobbs!

    Down with Spitzer! May he stand as a public anathema! All Hail the New Poster Boy Traitor to America!

    William Gheen
    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC


    Would you like to share your thoughts with Governor Spitzer?

    Please use the following contact information found at this link..

    To Write To The Governor:
    Eliot Spitzer
    State Capitol
    Albany, NY 12224
    To Email The Governor:
    Click here to email the Governor.

    Then please post a copy of your message to Spitzer here at ALIPAC to keep a permanent, public record of your messages at this link...
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    Go W
    I am so GLAD you are on our side! Great response!

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    I second that, GO W
    Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!

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    William...try not to hold back By the way...nice letter!! Kudos my friend.
    <div>"You know your country is dying when you have to make a distinction between what is moral and ethical, and what is legal." -- John De Armond</div>

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    RIP Butterbean! We miss you and hope you are well in heaven.-- Your ALIPAC friends

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    Sheez William... what a letter and I believe you said it all, way to go, I think Lou would be very proud.
    I am going to write an e-mail but shoot how do I follow that!! I really have to think this one over
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    Could a few of you do me a favor and send a few copies to Dobbs?

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    pot calling the kettle black

    In my letter to Spitzer, I'm going to turn the tables. The same Spitzer who had the unmitigated gall to call those who "respect" the law of the land "racists" is the same hypocritical Spitzer who is trying to use New York State tax law to "get around" the Federal "Treaty of 1842" - the treaty in which the Seneca Nation of Indians was promised that no taxes would be collected on Indian land. The State Supreme Court shot him down in a decision earlier this year ... but only on a technicality. Even so, if he continues HIS "racist" tax policy against treaty-protected Indians, he'll find himself in front of a Federal judge ... and possibly in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, to explain why he thinks a STATE governor has the right to invalidate a FEDERAL treaty that's 165 years old.

    His hypocrisy on this matter ... and racist policy toward Indians in his own state ... takes away any moral high ground he THINKS he has to use state law to "get around" Federal immigration statutes.

    This guy is a REAL piece of work.

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    RE; Gov. New York

    You have some nerve accusing Lou of being "Racist" because he chooses to want to FOLLOW THE LAWS of our land. You really need to look up the word and it’s meaning before attaching it to people. You should be labeled a “Traitor

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