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Thread: Can Jeb Bush Get the Support of Conservatives?

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    Can Jeb Bush Get the Support of Conservatives?

    by Javier Manjarres
    4 Mar 2015

    I will say it again, and I am sure many of you will disagree with me and tell me to go take a hike, but as much as I disagree with him and believe he is dead wrong for supporting Common Core education standards and amnesty for illegal aliens, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has a pretty darn conservative track record.

    Now that I got that off my chest, and attempt to dodge the tomatoes being hurled at me, let’s get back to the campaign trail.

    Bush continues to barnstorm across the country in an effort to shore up as much support and campaign dinero from donors and potential supporters in those all-important early primary voting states like South Carolina, Iowa, Nevada, and Florida.

    Even though Bush seems to be vacuuming up all the low-lying Republican donations, his big problem is, and will continue to be, with the conservative grassroots faction that makes up the majority of the Republican Party.

    Bush didn’t do himself any favors with them during his much talked about Q&A session with Sean Hannity last week during CPAC, when he quadrupled-down on his support for a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.

    With his protégé and friend Senator Marco Rubio signaling plans to make a run for president as well, it will be very interesting to see how much support Rubio chips away from Bush, as the two men both share many of the same supporters and donors.
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    Oh HELL no. We're done with being Bushwhacked. We don't need "third times a charm." And to the author and other political pundits, the push to end illegal immigration is not a "conservatives" issue. I'm a Republican, a social liberal, fiscal conservative, the old fashioned original Republican, who will vote for civil rights as much as fiscal policy, sometimes more so.

    So don't confuse the anti-immigration storm brewing in our country with "conservatives". This is an American battle, and when it comes to all matters American, it is and has been since 1857, the Republicans who led the charge and finished the deal.

    So please, do not think for a moment that the word "conservative" describes the group of Americans who are absolutely committed to stopping this nonsense of massive excess immigration, both legal and illegal, because it's not. It's mainstream Americans, liberal Americans, conservative Americans, white collar Americans, blue collar Americans, young Americans, middle aged Americans, senior Americans, poor Americans, middle class Americans, rich Americans, white Americans, black Americans, hispanic Americans, it's all Americans who aren't lining their pockets in some way from the travesty of illegal immigration, and all the Americans who aren't on the take with the cartels behind this disaster.

    It's all the good Americans who put their country and fellow citizens at the top of the list and at the front of the line, Americans who know right from wrong, what works and doesn't work, who can count, who learned their math, and know that this country will not survive another amnesty, another wave of illegal immigration, or another year of 1.3 million legal immigrants.

    There is no politician, government official, judge or clergy that can influence that knowledge, character or common sense and turn it around. This train is rolling forward one way with no brakes to stop the treason, betrayal and corruption behind illegal immigration and excess legal immigration into the United States, and there is no stopping US now. You get in our way and your days in the limelight of politics and government living the good life we pay for while you stab US in the back are .... over.

    And, no, you won't have to "read my lips", all you'll need to read are the election results in 2016.
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    I wish that all political donations had to be public information. Did not the Supremes that donations to PAC's did not have to be public info? fI cannot respect anyone who thinks that aliens coming here to kill my son and rape others daughters were acts of love! Nor can I respect anyone who financially supports him, or votes for him, in the future or the past!

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