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    Quote Originally Posted by shaw
    Tancredo 70.1 with Rush Limbaugh at 29.9. 3750 votes cast in that pocket. You cannot pick up the number of votes in the other pockets as they have set it up. End of voting will be eight o'clock tonightl.

    We ALL need to vote against Rice (who is up on the election on the other bracket). We need to send a big message the sell outs like her ARE NOT WELCOME!

    Call out the hounds!

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    Voting Schedule
    **All Times are Central Daylight Time**

    March 16th 8:00am Until March 17th 8:00pm (Left Side of Bracket)
    March 18th 8:00am Until March 19th 8:00pm (Right Side of Bracket)

    March 20th 8:00am Until March 21st 8:00pm (Left Side of Bracket)
    March 22nd 8:00am Until March 23rd 8:00pm (Right Side of Bracket)

    SWEET 16
    March 24th 8:00am Until March 25th 8:00pm

    ELITE 8
    March 28th 8:00am THROUGH March 30th 8:00pm
    The Tancredo/Limbaugh is done... Tancredo got 69.7% of the vote and Rush got 30.3% with 4207 votes in that pocket.

    Mark Cacicot/Pat Buchanan...50.1% to 49.9% with 3801 votes.

    Haley Barbour/Lindsey Graham 53.4 to 46.6 with a total of 3042

    **A lot of votes being casy here.. you can only vote once ..more or less, and that is what we should do. But a lot of votes and Mr. Tancredro is a significant leader.

    BUT.... it will be time to VOTE IN THE NEXT ROUND on March 24th!!!

    Tancedro is about half way down. He has been in the immigration struggle since the beginning and his congressional profile in is pretty good. It is time to do the serious research on this man. What I have done in the past looked pretty good. Jan Herron supports him, and if you look her articles over, she is very solid in what she is doing.

    Jan Herron is about half way down on the left..

    So the next round starts March 24th.

    March 31st 8:00am THROUGH April 2nd 8:00pm

    We want to be at both of them. Bring friends!!

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    Profile on Tancredo....

    Congressman Tancredo's Web...

    The Oakland Police Disbanded their DUI Checkpoint Program under Pressure from Advocacy Groups that Decried the Roadblocks as "Discriminatory" towards those without Driver’s Licenses

    Now if you pause and think about this.. it is perfectly reasonable. The Mexican Police don't enforce the law.. why would the Mexican Nationals think the Cops in the U.S. would enforce the law? Geesze.
    Immigration Law Professor Complains about Profiling Based on Citizenship ... State police are rounding up illegal aliens on interstates in western Pennsylvania as part of homeland security efforts. During the last six months, troopers from the Mercer barracks have stopped almost 300 illegal aliens along interstates 80 and 79 as part of Operation STOP.

    I don't have any idea at all what I can say about this one.
    I know... Congressman Tancredo for President.

    This page looks at what Mr. Tancredo stands for. Looks good to me too.

    Mexico’s Terrified Tancredo-Bashing
    On May 22nd, 2003, Representative Tom Tancredo held a press conference urging non-acceptance of the matricula consular – the ID card issued by the Mexican government to its citizens illegally in the U.S. as part of its campaign to get America to amnesty them all.

    The press conference was reported on that very night on the national news- in Mexico, on the TV Azteca network.

    Tancredo is well-known in Mexican media and political circles. They keep a sharp eye out for uppity gringos who talk of restricting immigration.

    Since the recent tragedy in Texas in which 19 illegal aliens needlessly perished, the Mexican media has been going on about immigration even more than usual. The Mexican consensus: a "migratory accord" with the U.S. is now more necessary than ever.

    An Interview With Congressman Tom Tancredo (R - CO)
    John Hawkins: Do you think offering amnesty to illegal aliens currently in the United States would cause an explosion in the number of illegals coming to our country?

    Tom Tancredo: Only if you believe that rewarding illegal behavior will increase illegal behavior, and of course it will. It has happened before, it's completely predictable. If you tell people they will be benefit from coming into the United States illegally, not by waiting in line like everybody else, they will come. And why would they not?
    John Hawkins: Just out of curiosity, how many people are waiting in line in Mexico? I've heard it's a pretty substantial number.

    Tom Tancredo: It's hard to say, but across the world there are literally millions -- maybe 20 or 30 million that are in the pipeline.

    Information on
    Representative Tom Tancredo
    of Congressional District number 6 of Colorado
    Please to notice the date on this puppy.

    September 20, 2002, 9:00 a.m.
    Targeting Tancredo
    Further proof we’re not serious about border control.

    By Mark Krikorian
    Tom Tancredo is in hot water with polite society back in Colorado. But unlike some of his colleagues, it's not because he took a bribe, or had sex with an intern, or lobbied for a terrorist group.

    No, his transgression was much worse: He suggested that the Immigration and Naturalization Service should enforce the law.

    This link is a critical look at Mr. Tancredo.. and I mean critical.

    Representative Tom Tancredo (R-CO),
    Chairman of the Congressional Immigration Reform
    Caucus (CIRC), and several CIRC Members said the "time
    is right to call for the deployment of military assets
    on the border in order to protect our national
    security interests" during a press conference on
    Capitol Hill to demand greater security on the U.S.
    border. (October 8, 2002)

    This page is big.. it is serious. It is the canidates on the issues in year 2000

    Tancredo on immigration, and particularly as it applies to the H-1B provisions.

    Speeches of Rep. Tom Tancredo
    (House of Representatives, Special Orders Speeches)\

    Very critical of Tom Tancredo

    This page is very chunky... it needs to be read. I have pulled a piece out and I am going to vote for the guy.. and he will be running.

    Tancredo recalls vividly a conversation he had with President Bush’s top political adviser, Karl Rove, two years ago. Tancredo had given an interview to The Washington Times regarding his hard-line stance on immigration that upset Rove.

    “[Rove] called me the next morning,� Tancredo recalled. “I was on my way to work. We had a spirited discussion. He told me never to darken the doorstep of the White House.� To which the congressman replied, “’I don’t remember a welcome mat ever being out, and second, it’s not your house.’�

    He added: “I am astounded that my position on an issue that commands somewhere near 75 percent support from the general public is perceived as being problematic for the party. Most Americans want secure borders. Most Americans want an end to illegal immigration. These have to be addressed â€

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    Tancredo's da man. Thune has not paid his dues and he is an unknown when it comes to illegal immigration. A vote for him is highly questionable.
    "Never suppose that in any possible situation, or under any circumstances, it is best for you to do a dishonorable thing..." --Thomas Jefferson

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    Quote Originally Posted by usmcvet
    Tancredo's da man. Thune has not paid his dues and he is an unknown when it comes to illegal immigration. A vote for him is highly questionable.
    His overall record is a C+, but as a Senator he's already voted for a foreign worker increase of up to 20,000 so he's not off to a good start in my book.
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    Time is Central Daylight Time, and the eight o'clock report is... ... racket.php

    Welcome to Survey Saint Louis, LLC. ... racket.php

    328 votes...

    Tom Thune 51.8

    Tom Tancredo 48.2

    Aha.... The Hispanic League has been a watching our board. NAIL THE SUCKERS TO THE WALL! VOTE!

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    54.1 to 45.9 Tom Tancredo is winning. Come on guys, we need to get Mr Tancredo some more votes. Vote early, vote often.
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    16 Tom Tancredo 53.0%
    4 John Thune 47.0%

    Total votes: 1616
    But more... more... we need a lead!

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    Voted. Thats not much of a lead folks. GO VOTE
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    I gave him my vote, but this one is a close call. Someone let us know when the voting closes.

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