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Thread: Feds Enable Arsonists, Target Oath Keepers Protecting Ferguson Businesses

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    JUST IN: Oath Keepers Encounter Fed Snipers in Ferguson

    Oath Keepers Encounter Fed Snipers in Ferguson

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    Published on Dec 1, 2014
    Many have questioned the lack of police response in confronting violent rioters in Ferguson following the announcement of the grand jury's decision.

    Since the announcement, a large portion of this community has been utterly destroyed. Following what appears to be a deliberate stand-down of law enforcement, members of Oath Keepers
    volunteered to assist local business owners in protecting their property and livelihood.

    Despite the group's willingness to help these people in a time of desperate need, it seems the federal government has something very different in mind for the community of Ferguson.

    Oath Keepers has reported that, unknown to local police, federally directed sniper teams took aggressive positions against members of the group. Watch the report for more details on the situation.

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    Other Credits: (Jamelle Bouie) (Infowars riot footage)

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    #FERGUSON FIASCO: Obama, Dems Fan Flames Of Racial Tension, Ignore Own Failed Economics
    Posted on December 1, 2014

    Hey, look over there! I’ll bet they sure are grateful for Ferguson in the midst of this scandal-laden administration.

    By Tammy Bruce, FOX NEWS

    For President Obama and his cronies, everything is political and everyone is a pawn. After a grand jury declined to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown, the White House and Department of Justice immediately pushed the meme that the issue in Ferguson was about racism and policing.

    While a legitimate issue, in reality it is a symptom of the systemic problem of big-government-sponsored poverty, made worse by the liberal agenda so dear to Mr. Obama himself.

    Focusing on the tension between the black community and local law enforcement also serves as an invaluable tool maintaining distrust and perpetuating mayhem, which is exactly what the Democratic Party machine needs. There is an imperative to keep their own biggest supporters, African-Americans, from noticing liberalism’s disastrous economic agenda, which has been condemning communities of color for generations.

    The day after being repudiated by the voters in the midterm elections, Mr. Obama quietly met with what The New York Times called “national leaders” of the protests in Ferguson, Mo. There, according to Al Sharpton as quoted in the newspaper, the president urged the protesters to “stay the course,” which up to that point had included riots in August.

    A week before the grand jury decision was announced, Real Clear Politics posted video of Mr. Holder likening “the shooting of Michael Brown to the 1955 murder of Emmett Till” after an event on Capitol Hill where a tree was planted in Till’s memory.

    The 14-year-old Till was kidnapped and murdered by racists in 1955 Mississippi. “The struggle goes on,” Mr. Holder said following the grand jury’s decision on Monday. “And it’s not only Ferguson, there are other communities around our country where we are dealing with relationships that are not what they should be … .”

    Mr. Obama, a day before the grand jury announcement, offered up this comment, which could easily be interpreted as his opinion of what happened to Mr. Brown: “[Communities of color] need law enforcement more than anybody … but they want to make sure the police are trained so they can distinguish between a gang banger and a kid who just happens to be wearing a hoodie, but otherwise is a good kid and not doing anything wrong,” he added.

    Not exactly a series of comments from an administration that is interested in calming things down in a community already expecting violence at that point.

    Read more: Fox News

    Perfect pair of race bait'ers. Now if Holder was in it, it would be a great illustration of what this administration is all about!!!!
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    Shocking moment Ferguson rioters poured into small store, started fires and made off with whatever they could carry

    • Fox News footage shows thugs pouring into store through smashed door
    • Surveillance cameras caught masked men stealing produce and setting fires
    • Ferguson, Missouri, was torn apart by riots after grand jury decision

    By MailOnline Reporter

    Published: 01:59 EST, 2 December 2014 | Updated: 02:38 EST, 2 December 2014

    This is the terrifying moment a small store in Ferguson, Missouri, was looted on a night of riots over the shooting of teenager Michael Brown.
    Gangs of masked thugs kick in a glass door and slide under a metal bar before fanning out to smash and steal from the business.
    The footage, passed to Fox News' Sean Hannity Show, shows at least a dozen people pour in though the smashed door.
    They are then pictured grabbing from fridge units and marching out again, leaving flames in their wake.
    Ferguson was torn apart by riots and arson after a grand jury last week decided not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for shooting dead 18-year-old Michael Brown.

    Several businesses were looked and burned last week in the unrest.


    Breaking in: A masked figure, wearing gloves, kicked in the door then dashed deeper into the store


    Reinforcements: Another man swung into the store under the metal bar. Surveillance footage was passed to the cable network


    Smash and grab: Looters opened refrigerator cabinets and grabbed merchandise, during the raid


    Celebration: Several of the masked figures headed straight back out of the Ferguson, Missouri, store


    Fire: One looter is pictured above starting a fire in the back of the store, amid piles of smashed produce


    Burning: The flames leap higher before the rioter turns and flees the store

    Read more:

    Peaceful protesters, right, hands up don't shoot!!!

    Obama Just Ordered Cameras For Every Cop

    DETROIT REDUX: Ferguson Burns Itself Down
    In destroying their own city, the people of Ferguson, MO seemed to have learned nothing from the self-destruction of Detroit, MI in the 1960's.

    How about camera's for the Looters, so everyone see's who they really are!!!
    Oh but wait the "Oathkeepers" were order off in Ferguson...good job done by all!

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    “Guardians of the Republic” Challenge Order to Leave Ferguson

    Oath Keeper volunteers challenge police order to vacate.

    Posted 6 days ago in Legal Issues by Russ Chastain with 5 Comments

    A US Army veteran stands guard on the roof of a shop in Ferguson. (Oath Keepers)

    Not long after being thanked by local police for their presence, Oath Keepers were asked to leave Ferguson. They are reportedly challenging that order after complying with it.

    We told you a few days ago about how the volunteer law enforcement and military veterans of Oath Keepers were standing up for citizens in Ferguson, protecting people and businesses from arson and possibly worse. We mentioned that local police had thanked them, while Federals had apparently deployed sniper teams against them.

    Well, I guess maybe the locals had a change of heart. On Saturday, they were told to leave by St Louis County police.

    Oath Keepers representative Sam Andrews said that “[St Louis County Police] Chief Belmar has been ordering his men to do unconstitutional things like ID people that aren’t committing crimes, coming on private property, and ordering them off of private property when they’re not committing a crime. Chief Belmar needs to resign or start acting in a very constitutional way.”

    When asked why Belmar told him to vacate, Andrews replied, “They claim that they had a St. Louis County ordinance that prevented anyone from securing a building or conducting a security operation without a St. Louis County license.”

    He clarified that “We are all volunteers. As a matter of fact, no one has taken a dime. Everyone spent their own money to get out here and help the people of Ferguson.”

    Andrews said Oath Keepers have encountered Molotov cocktails thrown onto roofs they were defending, and they responded by using appropriate fire extinguishers (formulated for fuels) to douse the flames, then cooled off the roof with buckets of water.

    When an interviewer asked “What did you plan to do with [the semi-automatic rifles some Oath Keepers carried]?” Andrews replied:
    “Well, in Missouri you’re allowed to use lethal force for three reasons; to prevent a murder, to prevent a sexual assault or a rape, or to prevent an arson – and a lot of people get confused about that last one, arson. It’s not about protecting the building with arson, it’s about protecting the people inside the building, and we just happen to have apartments… on the second floor with people sleeping inside.”

    Andrews said they’ve received warm responses from locals, after some initial suspicion from locals. Early on, some residents alleged that Oath Keepers were KKK or police (neither is true). He said that one person, described as “Michael Brown’s relative,” approached an Oath Keeper and accused him of being with the KKK. The Oath Keeper removed his face mask, revealing a non-white face (native American and Filipino), and asked, “Really? Do you think they expanded their membership opportunities?”

    What kind of government do we have, when it orders peaceful volunteer guardians to leave private property for no good reason? And is that what we want? Is that what our Founders intended?

    It was later reported that Oath Keepers returned to their posts without further incident:
    [Andrews] said the Oath Keepers active in Ferguson include former or off-duty police officers, as well as people with extensive military experience. He said all are unpaid for the work they are doing above a strip of stores and apartments two blocks from the Ferguson police and fire departments.
    ‘This is not America,’ he said. ‘We don’t tax volunteers.’

    - See more at:

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