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Thread: Hispanic Trump Supporter Wonders Why Should ďOur Tax Dollars Support Illegal Immigran

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    Hispanic Trump Supporter Wonders Why Should ďOur Tax Dollars Support Illegal Immigran

    Hispanic Trump Supporter Wonders Why Should ďOur Tax Dollars Support Illegal Immigrants?Ē

    Posted on September 5, 2015 by Onan Coca ó

    Hispanic women took over CNN for a few minutes on Thursday to argue about Donald Trumpís positions on illegal immigration and the Latino community.

    Katrina Campins is a former Apprentice contestant and an employee at Trump International Realty, and she appeared on CNN to defend her boss from the attacks of Democrats, Republicans and the mediaÖ and she did a very good job. As a conservative Latino man, I concur with most of her arguments here, and I donít hear many good arguments against her from the left.

    Katrina Campins:

    I think the whole anti-Hispanic idea that Trump is universally against Hispanics, the root of that really started with immigration. And the root of that started because people misinterpreted what he was saying about immigration. So all of a sudden people think that Trump is anti-Hispanics, and he is not.

    But all of this back and forth has caused Hispanics to really truly believe that. And I get a lot of support from Hispanics that tell me we understand, Katrina. We support Trump because we understand that that was not what he meant to say, that was misconstrued by the media and then there are other Hispanics who believe everything they hear and see in the media.

    And Iím telling you as a Hispanic woman, who has known Donald Trump since 2004, he is not anti-Hispanic. And I am so proud of my culture. Iím so proud. Iím a Cuban-American. My parents came here at a very young age and I want legal immigration to work the right way. I donít want to pay for illegal immigrants. I donít want to pay tax dollars so that they can get better health care than I can as an American. Thatís the point Donald Trump is trying to make. All of this anti-Hispanic stuff is just [false]Ö

    Letís talk about the other immigrants because my husbandís actually going through immigration right now and so I am very familiar with the topic and he is doing it the legal way and it is costing him a lot of money and itís a long process. So why should he have to do it the legal way and then people come into this country illegally and we as Americans are paying because they canít afford to be here? Thatís all Donald Trump is saying. Do you want your tax dollars to go to support illegal immigrants when our health insurance is bloody mess? We donít even have jobs for Americans in this country.

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    Way to go, Katrina! And thank you so much for speaking up and out.
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