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Thread: Sarah Palin Calls Out Trump's Carrier Deal, Warns Against 'Crony Capitalism'

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    Actually, I think her love of the camera has been well documented, as to the 'keeping herself relevant' - it was an opinion, a speculation, yes. For what other reason would she criticize PE Trump for doing something that is helping a lot of people keep their jobs? It is an opinion based on her action in the past.

    If not for jumping into this political fray, what would she be doing?

    For all those who think so well of this lady - what exactly has she done to get this support? That's a real question. I have admitted others probably know more about her than I do.

    She has always just seemed to me a nothing, but someone who craves the spotlight. She was governor of Alaska - that just wouldn't seem to be enough to engender the sort of support she gets.

    Everyone has a right to their opinion, and I'm not insulting anyone for having a good opinion of her - I just wonder why.

    Did she do something really great as governor?

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    Well, what's even funnier is of the $7 million, $1 million is state training funds, $1 million is infrastructure improvements, and $5 million are income tax credits over a ten year period, about $500,000 a year, and are incentives Indiana had already given them some years back but recalled when Carrier announced they were going to Mexico. In return for the $2 million in training and infrastructure, which is the only new money involved, Carrier is investing $16 million in the plant which means, Indiana taxpayers just made a $9 million windfall out the gate.

    There's a reason Democrats and "fiscal conservatives" have produced a $20 trillion national debt. They don't know a good deal when they see one, don't know how to make a deal to begin with, and are probably living themselves off a government grant, government check, tax-exempt 501 C 3 payroll, writing books about such, or work in the "media" talking about such. They don't understand business, productivity, how to make money making things, or keep a company alive and functioning. As a result they don't know how to keep people employed and self-sufficient. Consequently, they are responsible for our growing mammoth welfare state and dire mess.
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    I do wish we would at least give him a chance - let him get in office before we decide he's not going to do anything. He may not. I have to tell you, though, we simply had no other choice - the alternative was truly frightening.

    I don't care if he threatened them. What some consider a threat, I consider a promise.
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    I agree that Palin's timing is off on this. Trump did not expect nor instigate any of what Carrier did. He was completely surprised. Palin really needs to sit back and at least wait for the guy to get into office. I am not a huge Palin fan, but I'd say reacting so strongly to Palin is equally a little ahead of the game.
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    Actually, reacting strongly to Palin is something I have been doing since she appeared on the scene as McCain's running mate. I haven't changed my opinion of her.

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