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Thread: Teen walking in park with dad raped by group of men

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    Police to scrutinize phone video in Brooklyn gang rape case

    This Monday, Jan. 11, 2016 photo shows Osborn playground in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, N.Y., the site of an alleged gang rape. Four teenagers were in custody on Monday in connection with the incident, and a fifth was being sought. (Bebeto Matthews/Associated Press)

    By Tom Hays | AP
    January 13 at 10:36 PM

    NEW YORK — Police on Wednesday were examining three cellphones recovered from some teenage boys accused of raping a young woman in a playground after defense lawyers said at least one of the boys shot video of the woman smiling and laughing during the encounter.

    It was unclear whether the short video clip would help or hurt the case against the five boys, who have been charged with assaulting the 18-year-old woman after finding her drunk in the park in the company of her father.

    A police spokesman, Deputy Chief Edward Mullen, said police had obtained search warrants for the cellphones seized following the boys’ arrests. He said the phones were being examined, but he had no information about their content.

    Investigators have said two of the boys have claimed that when they entered the Brooklyn park on the night of Jan. 7 they found the woman having some type of sexual contact with an older man, later identified as her father.

    Police said the father was driven off by the boys, then returned and was ordered out of the park a second time by a boy who pulled a gun. The father later flagged down a police car for help. The woman told police that before officers arrived she was raped by the boys.

    Lawyers for the boys said the cellphone video clip showed the woman smiling, with her clothes partially removed, but it remained unclear when during the encounter that video was taken or what happened after the camera was turned off.

    “I think the video casts more doubt on what exactly happened in this case,” said one of the lawyers, Abdula Greene.

    The defense also has seized on the fact that a handgun has not been recovered.

    Four of the defendants — Onandi Brown, 17, Denzel Murray, 14, and Shaquell Cooper and Ethan Phillip, both 15 — appeared in court on Tuesday to face rape, criminal sex act, sexual abuse and other charges. Attorneys for each of them said they denied the allegations.

    The fifth suspect, Travis Beckford, 17, was arraigned Wednesday night on similar charges. He was held on $2,500 bail.

    At Beckford’s court hearing, prosecutor Lisa Nugent asked for $25,000 bail, down from the $500,000 she had sought for the other defendants a night earlier, when they ended up being held on bails ranging from $10,000 to $50,000.

    Defense attorney Debbie Silverman argued that the dramatic difference was a tacit admission the case was “getting weaker and weaker.” Silverman said her client, like the other defendants, wasn’t picked out of lineup, and she repeated arguments of other defense attorneys that the emergence of the cellphone video clip damaged the credibility of the woman and her father.

    Nugent told the judge that authorities are continuing to “fully investigate the case tirelessly.”

    In court papers, authorities said Murray and Phillip claimed that Cooper had intercourse with the woman and that Brown and Beckford had the woman perform oral sex. Murray and Philip were the first to turn themselves in. The teens say all of the sex acts were consensual.

    Police also were awaiting the results of DNA tests. Those won’t be available for about a week.

    Police have not sought DNA from the father and say he’s not facing any charges.


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    No charges in Brooklyn ‘gang rape,’ DA says woman had sex with dad

    By Emily Saul

    February 24, 2016 | 6:45pm

    DA stalls for time as Brooklyn gang rape case crumbles

    The Brooklyn district attorney has dropped all charges against five teens accused of gang-raping an 18-year-old girl — who had just had sex with her own father — in a Brownsville playground in January, citing her inconsistent accounts of the evening and unwillingness to cooperate with authorities.

    The allegations against Denzel Murray, Ethan Phillip, Onandi Brown, Shaquell Cooper and Travis Beckford were marred by incongruous statements from the start, and further watered down by the discovery later that the young woman and her boozed-up biological father had been having sex in the park before they arrived.

    “That night, this young woman’s father and the five young men engaged in conduct that was reprehensible and wrong, but because of the lack of reliable evidence, criminal charges simply cannot be sustained,” DA Ken Thompson said in a statement.

    “She also refuses to cooperate with any prosecution against her father, who was engaging in sexual conduct with her,” the DA said. The woman had only recently reconnected with her father through Facebook.

    Thompson also noted the complainant had recanted her allegations of forced sexual assault, as well as her initial statements that the boys had been carrying a gun. He added that she no longer wishes to pursue criminal charges against any of the defendants.

    Osborn Playground in BrownsvillePhoto: Matthew McDermott

    An investigation found that she did not have injuries consistent with being raped, but DNA from two of the defendants was found by a rape kit, sources said.

    The slew of charges — including rape, sexual abuse and criminal sex acts — will be dismissed with prejudice.

    “It is an overwhelming feeling to be facing these charges, and it is an overwhelming feeling to be exonerated of them,” Denzel Murray’s defense attorney,Ken Montgomery, told The Post.

    “Onandi and his family are thrilled and relieved by the news,” added Brown’s attorney, Spencer Leeds. “He’s going to do his best to try and put this incident behind him.”

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    I don't know what the law is in N.Y., but in N.C. you don't need a victims testimony or collaboration to prosecute a case. In other words a victim complaint is not required in North Carolina, however, the victim can be forced to testify in court. If the laws were similar in N.Y., seems they have enough evidence to prosecute without the victim.

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    Wow, never saw this story going that way! Insane.

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