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    Quote Originally Posted by mkfarnam
    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Patrioticpatti[/b]][quote:3t5yrqax]mkfarnam wrote:
    rebart wrote:
    "This is over the top. Diaz gave her forged papers. Whitman got Diaz from an employment agency with all the "correct" papers. Whitman has a copy of those papers. Whitman was the victim, not the perpetrator.

    Jerry Brown is a career politician who has fed at the public trough all his life. He even got an allowance from his parents until he was in his 50s. He has gone around from Sacramento to Oakland and anywhere he can to get a political job. In the sixties we called him "Governor Moonbeam" or "Jerry the Fairy", or other good nicknames.

    Your ill-thought campaign to prosecute an innocent Whitman could give Jerry the governorship, and CA can't take that. STOP before you do something stupid because you let political mudslinging influence you.

    It looks like the race for California Governor is a no-win situation.........either way.
    It doesn't surprise me one bit.

    No, it is not a no win situation either way. Whitman has much better ideas for California than Arnold ever did and of course has better ideas than Brown. Whitman isn't my lesser of two evil candidates.

    I don't appreciate people who don't live in California trying to help Brown win over something they clearly do not have all of the information on to be making such a ridiculous demand for her arrest.

    I can see the headlines now - ALIPAC supports Brown, demanding Whitman's arrest.

    I can also see ALIPAC going bye bye within about six months due to membership drop after this."

    [quote:3t5yrqax]It HAS to be the lesser of two evils because that is usually the only choices we are given! It does MORE harm to pre-determine Meg's guilt when Jerry Brown is the only one who will benefit. William, if you want to press this issue on principle, you will be doing more harm than good. YOU don't know that she is guilty so leave it alone! Which is worse? Jerry Brown, or Meg Whitman, who might be guilty. I don't think you would have many legal Californians on your side. Should we have every RINO arrested because they might have a skeleton in their closet, thereby giving the Democraps the election?

    I was hoping that the Tea Party would actually form a new party. Instead, they want to take the Republican party over, but to do this they say we will have to vote for some RINOS who are the only ones running against a Democrap. I would have preferred a NEW party. I was out-voted because they said it would give the Democraps the election. Every poli-tic says what they think will get them elected. Including Meg, who is reaching out to Latinos, but she isn't a Democrap!

    If we listen to all political mud-slinging we wouldn't vote at all! By the time they are done with each other we feel we have no one to vote FOR, only to vote AGAINST. This is the case here.

    Patrioticpatti, would you mind having my name removed from your last post..........I never posted that.

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    The idea of arresting Meg Whitman is beyond absurd and as far as I'm concerned isn't even worthy of discussion. Oh, and by the way, I plan to vote for her tomorrow.
    Open Borders And Mass Amnesty

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