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Thread: Eric Trump: My dads immigration plan includes amnesty after deportation

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    Judy wrote:

    So, it's a very very small number of people who would even meet those general requirements. So, to claim that Trump is mirroring the 2007 "touchback" deal is just simply untrue or to claim he's bringing them all back is untrue or claim he's giving them amnesty is untrue. It's just untrue.
    I understand why you want to take everything Trump says as the gospel. Well, so do I, but unfortunately we've been down this path too many times before. His plan, the way he spoke on it, sounds just like the old touchback policy pushed by Pence. If you believe everything Trump says, it isn't a far stretch to say his deportation plans don't differ much from some of his competitors. Yes, Trump has promised to deport all illegals, but on the flip side he says he will expedite the return of the good ones, of which there are many. You can't deny that he said that, nor can you deny that his son has said as much. Allowing illegal aliens to return in an expedited manner is amnesty. As for returning all of them, no one to my knowledge has made such a claim. Just like Obama, he wants to get the bad ones out and figure out a way for the so-called good ones to be here. Sure, Trump words things differently, but wording things differently doesn't necessarily mean his plan is that much stronger than someone else's.

    Trump talks a great game and I want to believe him, I truly do. however, the many things he has flipped on and his prior support of many Democrats and their policies make me very cautious. Being a "great deal maker" could also mean being a great concession maker.
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    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

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    Just remember Trump Surrogate Ben Carson stated a few days ago that there were 5 people whose names were on the list for VP who were not on the list for VP. Some surrogates get it wrong.
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