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    Hi there Irembr911! Greetings from another web-footed Oregonian

    Yes, that's a good question. I wish there were a good, simple answer - but I don't know of one...

    A good first step, is to research their past records on the subject: (created/sponsored by NumbersUSA)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irembr911
    How can we pick a candidate when they are all lying, How do we know they will do what they say, Like Bush, he promised us a fence and to get the boarders closed, he has done nothing, I want to pick a president that will do what the majority of the country is demanding, not their own agenda.
    A good way to start finding a decent candidate, is to make sure they do not belong, and never did belong, or have relatives and friends who have been members of the CFR, the Bilderberg Group, or the Trialateral Commission.
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