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    McCain's friend, Juan?

    I'm horrified to think that any presidential candidate would pick Juan to be on his staff! I've seen Juan many times on TV and he is one of the smoothest talkers out there. But, any American that listens to his words will also realize that he is a pure 'open borders' guy that absolutely doesn't care about USA law or it's legal citizens. For McCain to chose him only clarifies his stance on this issue.

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    Each time I hear Juan Hernandez say "My friend!" I check to see if my wallet is still in my back pocket!

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    Get ready folks....

    ...this is all part of "their" plan..... Check it out at:

    The blending of Canada, US and Mexico has long been in the works, and they have even minted and printed the new Amero money (which, btw, the website showing the photos, etc. has been taken down....hhhhmmmm, weird how that happens, isn't it?

    We were instructed to not curse, but, man, is it ever difficult to refrain after seeing this guy! In fact, the first one I watched, I kept thinking "this HAS to be a Saturday Night Live spoof"....the jerk looked so much like he should be from a skit.

    As one reader said, McCain deserves him.....but, WE don't and please get this website sent out to everyone one you know!

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    IMO, Juan Hernandez should not be allowed to remain in the country. He is clearly working for the interests of the Mexican people.

    How many times is he going to mention that is was "Americans who invited illegal immigrants into our country? How many times is he going to says it is good for "our economy" to have them here? How many times do I have to him see him proclaim on one video to the next saying that 76% of the American people were saddened that we didn't pass the Amnesty plan? Where does he get the 76% from? A poll taken in Mexico?

    This man is evil. The more I watched him, the less I could even look at him.

    I would really like to see him thrown out of America!
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    Melissa wrote:

    Juan Hernandez gives me the creeps! He's like a cheap, creepy used car dealer - he smiles at you the whole time he's feeding you a bunch of crap and thinks that if says his pro-Mexican message with a smile then its okay. Whenever he comes on TV I have to change the channel because he's so creepy!

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    Our family will not vote for McCane the LIAR. If he is elected as the Republican party candidate we will skip voting. McCane disgusts us. He will be the end of AMERICA. ROMNEY is the best choice. I pray God will save our country, even if it takes a Mormon to help.

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    Watched the videos and my comment is that McCains friend absolutely resembles the devil. Illegal immigration is killing our country and Americans. 15 Americans are killed each day due to illegal immigration. Now Bush wants to call it forgiveness instead of amnesty. Isn't it interesting that the people who want amnesty are never touched by illegal immigration. They own back homes guarded by the government because the are presidents, ex presidents, senators and congressional peole. Most of them are very rich such as Ted Kennedy. We the people however are losing jobs, children are getting cheated in education, and we are all getting cheated in healthcare. The price is too high for Americans and it is time to build the fence and stop the drug problem, the crimes of murder, rape etal by illegal immigrants. Lets send all the illegal prisoners back to their country and all those who are living off this country. I've read where there are people trying to come in this country by the front door, waiting years. Lets get the legal people in and illegals out. McCain is not fit to be president. Romney will be the best choice with no garbage like McCain who happens to be the best friend of the Clintons and the Kennedys.

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    American-Born "Dual Citizen?" Please!

    As soon as he accepted MEXICAN citizenship, his US citizenship became null and void. He can no longer claim to be an "American" with a straight face. But, this kind of crap is Business-as-Usual for Juan McAmnesty. He tells you he's going to "secure the border" while a foreign agent participates in his campaign. Anybody out there still drinking the McAmnesty Kool-Aid? Shame on you!
    Viva La Migra! [Hooray for the Border Patrol!] Viva Ramos! Viva Campean!* Good Riddance to El Presidente Jorge Boosh!

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    Juan Hernandez

    Whenever a people cross our border illegally, refuse to obey our laws, refuse to speak our language. Change the words to our National Anthem to say " It's flag floated yesterday. We are going into fierce combat. Asians blacks and whites keep making mean laws against us. They better not start a war with us. " Whenever people raise a foreign flag over the American flag in time of peace. These are all acts of outright war with the United States. These illegal aliens do not want to be part of America, they want to take America for communism. If we do not wake up, we will have no country, no nation, no language, no constituttion, no freedom

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    Hernandez, Villaraigosa, Fabian Nunez, etc., these are all agents for the Mexican government being stratigically placed within our government or close to our government officials to influence all levels of politics in our country in a big way.

    As I have said all along, this is not just illegal immigration we have been talking about for some years now. This is an all out invasion, occupation and take over of the USA by foreign entities such as China and Mexico, but especially Mexico. Due to Mexico's proximity to the USA, they were able to send their "troops" of destruction into this country under the guise of "starving, helpless peasants who only want a better life."

    Well, they've played that drama to the hilt and our Federal government and most of the people in other parts of the country not directly affected by this invasion for some time, ate their drama card right up! Now it's no longer just the border states feeling the pain of financial crisis, environmental degradation, social decline, rising crime rates, gang invasion, over crowded schools, etc. directly due to the influx of MILLIONS of people who have no respect for OUR authority or the laws of this country and are eating away at the foundations of our very system like termites eating away at the inside structure of a giant mansion. Everything may look okay from the outside, but too many are not aware of the damage that is being done to the frame of the structure by the termites eating away at what holds that structure upright and it's all going on quietly and vigorously behind the walls of the structure!

    Hernandez has been placed in a position to lean heavily on McCain to do what's in the best interest of Mexico and it's MILLIONS of ILLEGAL citizens who have forced their way into our country and embedded themselves like ticks into our social services systems that were originally put into place for CITIZENS ONLY, sucking the very life out of those systems weakening our economy, our cohesiveness as a nation and our resolve to expell these parasites from our midst!

    Any politician that is being "coached" by duplicitous people such as Hernandez should NOT even be considered as a legitimate Presidential Candidate! These "people" who have succesfully infiltrated American politics, with the best interests of the Mexican government and it's ILLEGAL CITIZENS here in the USA at heart, are NOT to be trusted even though they are obviously "coaching" McCain as Hillary Clinton is being coached by Villaraigosa and Nunez and Governor Schwarzenegger has been and is STILL being "coached" by Nunez and Villaraigosa!

    Hernandez is a smooth talking, underhanded agent of Mexico and as long as McCain gives him the power to negatively influence him as to what's best for this nation and it's people, McCain should b e written off as an agent and advocate for Mexico and not a suitable representative of the United States of America and her people!
    I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.
    ~Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826)

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