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    Lord have mercy on us all for lying politicians!!!
    Thank God that this was shown to us before we started sending him money!

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    Lou Dobbs

    Dobbs has definitely wimped out. Would I vote for him? HELL NO! He's just another sleazy politician now.

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    I've watched Lou Dobbs for years and was glad to see him finally leave CNN. I am not happy with his answer for how to solve our problem with illegal aliens though. A path towards becoming a citizen is a reward for the law breaker which is not right. There are millions of people who have been waiting in line to come here legally and no one who has snuck into our country in violation of our laws should be put at the front of the line ahead of them. They also should not be allowed to stay here until their number comes up so to speak for them to become a legal immigrant.

    Telemundo did a hatchet job with this interview and Lou did a pretty good job of over all answering the ladies questions.

    I would not vote for Lou Dobbs for any office unless he changed his stance on a path towards becoming legal for illegal aliens. The only way for them to become legal is for them to go back to their native country and to get in line like everyone else.

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    It sounds like he has been threatened. Who is behind the curtain?

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    Something's wierd here. I wish we could ask him to explain himself.

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    I would like to say I am a little disappointed, instead I am GREATLY disappointed in Lou Dobbes comments on Telemundo. He seems more like most politicians and he has sold himself out! He must be taking cues from the John McCain camp and what not to do to get elected.

    Too bad, now it seems like he will fall into the party as just another mediocre politician, instead of one standing behind his beliefs.

    Well maybe now, he is standing behind his beliefs and not just a paid TV anchor, maybe the time he was on CNN, his controversy was created to generate ratings? If thats the case, then way leave?

    A stunt to get into politics ? To generate support?

    If thats the case Lou, go back to CNN, because you are never going to get the conservative vote, with you preaching amnesty.

    Good thing this was discovered early, the real Lou Dobbs.

    Greatly disappointed
    America <div>Home of the free</div><div>Home of the brave</div><div>Home of 20 million illegal*alien villagers*and counting!*</div>

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    Lou Dobbs on Telemundo...

    I am a bit shocked though I understand one has to walk on eggshells to not offend the host. However, I was surprised to his almost apologetic responses.

    This certainly has shed a new light on my opinion of him. I thought he was for real before and now he just sounds like any other politically correct politician.

    I couldn't believe he didn't stand up for Sheriff Joe for just doing his job. If I am not mistaken....Illegal still means illegal. They have no constitutional rights....Period. Until that is changed, heaven forbid, this is the law. We are expected to follow law as LEGAL citizens and if they want to become one...then should be expected to do so according to the rules.

    If not....go back to Mexico and make their own country more like the US if that is the lifestyle they want.

    We fought for our freedoms for many years and are not willing to give them up to anyone...even the current admisistration and powers in DC.

    Throw them all out in 2010!!! We need American Patriots representing us....not elitists!! Sounds like a logical idea to me!!!!

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    There is no need for anyone to 2nd guess having displayed their support for Dobbs in the past. His show was on target constantly and represented the illegal immigration issue quite effectively.

    Unfortunately, a credible explanation for what Dobbs said during this interview cannot be offered and the anti-illegal immigration community must divert its effort from legislative affairs to destroy his standing and once proud Pro-American reputation. Otherwise he will be used as a propaganda tool by those who support illegal aliens, amnesty and open borders.

    This is not the type of effort anyone likes to be part of put we must all reach out wherever we are able to and attempt to reach everyone possible and spread the word about Dobbs.

    The movement is bigger than and will endure the loss of one man. The Dobbs affair is really sad. However, that sadness pales in comparison to what this nation faces every day. A 17.5% + un/underemployment, unsecure borders in a post 9-11 world, a crushing social services and spending burden placed on taxpayers by illegal aliens, increased levels of crime as well as cultural balkanization. Amnesty or any pathway to legalization for illegal aliens that does not begin at the back of the line in an aliens mother country will not even begin to contribute to solving any of the aforementioned problems. Not even Tyson Foods would think so!

    Fight on....

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    I think he decided there was no money in this game and is moving on to a bigger picture....

    this interview is BS: Maria Celeste was hyper about digging up a bunch of old and perhaps questionable reports on Lou's show.... Lou should have been prepared for that and referred to some of the "Hispanic" news orgs mistakes..... Lou should have quoted the latest PEW RESEARCH to the effect that IMMIGRATION is NOT on top of the list of concerns for LATINOS and others; in fact it rates as #6 priority for Latinos (31% saying it is "extremely inportant", though among McCain voters it is 7th but 62% saying it's important, and even fewer Obama voters (11th priority, 39% saying its important). SO ACTUALLY Latinos consider IMMIGRATION LESS IMPORTANT than do their leaders like LA RAZA and certainly less than the WHITE ESTABLISHMENT...

    Lou looked really tentative over the past few months, especially since the BIRTHER thing came up... I think he's done! where is our next champion? HANNITY and maybe to a lesser degree O'Reilly...
    No soy de los que se dicen 'la raza'... Am not one of those racists of "The Race"

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    I'm shocked but I will wait until Lou makes a clarifying statement to an English news program about this interview before I pass judgment. It doesn't feel right.
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