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illegal immigration articles written by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is considered the world's largest archives of illegal immigration articles, blogs, reports, releases, videos, facts, and statistics. Our articles and activism are so influential that the Library of Congress chronicles many of our accomplishments and efforts!

If you are concerned about illegal immigration, the problems caused by illegal immigrants, and the negative impacts of illegal immigrants, then please read and help distribute some of our most popular illegal immigration articles below.

Our most important Illegal Immigration Articles

GOP Establishment Trying To Throw Race to Hillary Clinton November 2, 2016
Secure America's Ballots From Illegal Voters & Violence at the Polls October 10, 2016
Pulse Terrorist Attacker paid by tax funded illegal alien importing company June 13, 2016
Donald Trump's Perfect Storm Is About To Take Remaining States May 3, 2016
Child F-Bomb Video attacking Trump Backfiring on Gay & Illegal Alien groups November 5, 2015
Top 10 Ways to Make Mexico Pay America to build a border wall August 18, 2015
More Gang Rapes Show Why Immigration & Border Law Enforcement Needed August 11, 2015
Proven: Boehner In Bed With Pelosi on Amnesty & Illegals given guns & badges March 23, 2015
Grand Theft Nation and the Controlled Demolition of America March 16, 2015
Red Dawn USA: Socialist Final Solution Plans Revealed March 12, 2015
Pacific Partnership Will Further Damage America's Borders, Constitution, and Citizens April 7, 2015
American Citizens Are Required To Stop Obama's Unconstitutional Amnesty Plot February 15, 2015
Largest Wave Of Illegal Immigration In American History Inbound January 28, 2015
24 Leaders sign Open Letter Calling for Obama, McConnell, and Boehner to be Removed From Power December 9, 2014
All Out Political Revolution and war is upon America December 15, 2013
ALIPAC Calls for the Impeachment of President Barack Obama June 28, 2011
National Organization Warns of Illegal Immigrant Voters November 1, 2010
84 leaders of Immigration Enforcement Groups Rebuke Gilchrist Endorsement of Huckabee December 12, 2007
Why the illegals must go! April 19, 2007
How to Reverse Illegal Immigration in America March 16, 2006
Not so Free Republic: The Shot Heard Around the Net February 11, 2005

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